Energon Toy Reviews Six Shot

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General Information:
Release Year: January 2005
Retailer: General Release (Toys 'R' Us, Kay Bee, Wal-Mart etc.)
Price: $19.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Transformation Difficulty Level: 3
Accessories: Missile x 1


Towards the end of the run of Energon toys, Hasbro unleashed a virtual torrent of redecos on the market. One of these was a redeco of Shockblast (aka Superlink Laserwave), the Energon homage to G1 Shockwave. While its new deco was not a homage to any G1 character, its name comes directly from the original era of the Transformers. Six Shot (or just one word: Sixshot as he was known in G1) was the first Transformer to be able to transform into six modes. This new Decepticon Six Shot doesn't quite apply the name so literally.

This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. Please read the Laserwave review for a detailed look at the toy and its mechanics.

Vehicle Mode:
Six Shot's vehicle mode is a tank. Armed with one large central cannon and two smaller back up cannons, Six Shot does not exactly have six guns, but if you add on a weapon-based Mini-Con and some Energon weapons to the side he would fit the name quite well.

The base color of this figure is an extremely light shade of olive green. This makes up most of the cannon barrel and the lower section of the vehicle. The mid section, front and bits of the connecting joints are sculpted in a dark purple color. The dual barreled cannon on the top of the vehicles rear section is cast in black plastic, but the top part between the barrels has been painted the same light olive green as the cannon. The parts which were translucent green on Laserwave are now translucent red.

The deco pattern on this figure is different than Laserwave's, which is always a relief to see. While it is easy to just do a one to one color replacement on a sculpt, doing so often smacks of laziness on the part of the designers. Most prominant on this sculpt are metallic purple camo patterns painted on the cannon sections. This metallic purple can also be seen in the front section under the primary barrel. This same purple is used for the Decepticon symbol on the right side of the vehicle. Metallic red is used sparingly but effectively on sections such as the top of the rear treads. Gold also makes an appearance on the sides of the main cannon and on the treads, a detail that was left unpainted on Laserwave. This helps bring out the detail in the treads more and looks really nice.

Functionally Six Shot is fine, there has been no mold degradation issues. You can still fire the missile by pushing the tab on the cannon barrel. Doing so activates the same sound effects as Laserwave.

Satellite Mode:
Being a simple variant on the vehicle mode, the satellite mode needed little redeco work. This mode opens up to reveal several solar panels and missile banks. On Laserwave these are all painted gold. All these parts have been painted metallic red in this form. On the translucent red panels at the very front of the cannon, the grid lines have been painted black. The metallic red color gets its widest exposure in this form, and it is truly a fantastic color to use, and a bit surprising against an olive green backdrop. Nicely done.

Robot Mode:
The sculptors who designed Laserwave/Shockblast's sculpt did a superior job of creating a sculpt that would evoke the G1 character Shockwave. So much so that I dare say it doesn't matter what deco you place on this figure, it is always going to look like Shockwave in some way, shape or form. This is not a criticism, more of an observation that despite a heavy cosmetic makeover, at the end of the day people will still recognize this as a "Shockwave-esque" figure rather than a figure with its own individual identity.

That said, the color changes are very significant. Most of the parts that make up the robot mode are readily visible in vehicle mode, so there aren't many surprises. The right arm, mid section and the front of the robot legs are the most "revealed" parts. The base color is still very much light olive green. The inside sections of the lower legs have been painted metallic purple. Detail points on the waist are metallic red. The right arm is cast in black plastic. The head is made up of three colors. It is cast in black and light olive green. His single eye is translucent red, and the details on the sides of his head leading to the top are metallic red.

I did not notice it at first, but the translucent "V" shaped chest plate also has metallic red on it, a small strip towards the lower portion of the chest. While it does not change the appearance of the piece significantly, it does show a particular attention to detail when the designers came up with Six Shot's color scheme.

Final Thoughts:
Six Shot is a good repaint in the sense that the deco scheme differs from the original and is very different than the typical Transformers color palette. The use of metallic colors is always welcome, and the camo was a nice touch. Although not superior to the first version of this figure, it is a worthwhile purchase if you cannot get Shockblast or if you just want a different take on the sculpt. Recommended.