Energon Toy Reviews: Omega Supreme

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General Information:
Release Year: July 2004
Retailer: General Release (Toys 'R' Us, Kay Bee, Wal-Mart etc.)
Price: $49.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Transformation Difficulty Level: 4
Accessories: Missiles x 2, Head/Figure
Omega Supreme Gallery


TV Show Images:

There are certain names in Transformers history that inspire awe and good memories. Omega Supreme is most definitely one such name. Energon is a line full of homages to classic characters, and it is quite appropriate that one of the biggest toys to come out of this line is a homage to the classic titan known as Omega Supreme.

Omega was packaged in robot mode, so that's the mode I'll begin the review in, with his combination with Prime covered in the latter half of the review.

Omega Supreme (Head)

One of the most interest aspects of this new Omega Supreme toy is the use of an old Transformers gimmick, last seen in Armada: the Headmaster gimmick. Though we fans may see the small robot/head as the "Headmaster" and the body just as a suit of armor, Hasbro never quite took it that far. They always saw the entire combined form as "Omega Supreme" with no distinction between the head and body.

Head Mode:
Omega Supreme's head mode is a nod to the head design used in the G1 animated series (see screen captures above). The original toy did not have the two eyes/nose/mouth design. But it did have the face shield. The television show gave the character features to help the animation model emote. In this case, the critical elements of Omega's head are there. He has the face under a "shield" (yellow/orangish in color like the original too!) and around the lower part of his head is a rebreather looking device. Also, on this toy there is a gray shielding piece which can slide over the face that helps give the face a more oval shape, something the original had as well.

The colors used here are meant to evoke the original Omega Supreme but also give this figure its own identity. The gray face shield piece and the orange/reddish face are definite homages to the original Omega, but the blue and black pieces clearly are meant to match up with colors found on the body of this giant. The antannae are dark blue and the rebreather is black.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Flip the gray piece down.
  2. Swing the robot legs (on the back of the head) down.
  3. Move the arms as desired.

Robot Mode:
There is obviously a designer at Takara and/or Hasbro who is very, very much on the ball with homages. The robot mode of Omega Supreme's head features direct design lifts from Omega Spreem, the 1991 European exclusive Action Master version of Omega Supreme!

From the head to the waist, the entire upper body section mirrors the design elements on Omega Spreem, some of which do not appear on G1 Omega Supreme at all. The head design is much more squared off than the rounder, oval G1 original head. This is the same as the Action Master version. The body shares details of the Spreem version of the character as well, including the lines on the "chest" side pieces, cylinders on the hips and circles on his waist. details are pretty much replicated exactly, and it's a joy to see. Even the fact that his arms have these pointy lasers mounted on them reflects Omega Spreem's ability to turn his arms into pointy lasers. Brilliant sculpting work.

Thanks in part to his transform, Omega Supreme's head has six points of articulation. The arms are mounted on ball joints, allowing a wide range of movement. The upper legs are on ball joints with a knee joint that allows you to move them back and forth. Overall, pretty neat for what is, essentially a Headmaster.

The central body piece is red, with dark blue on the arms and upper legs and black on the lower legs. The only paint app is metallic blue on the "face shield".

Omega Supreme

Robot Mode:
While Omega does indeed have features which serve as a homage to his G1 namesake, for the most part this form is a completely new design. Only a couple elements really serve as "homage material":

  • As mentioned above, the head is very much based on the G1 animated series Omega Supreme head.
  • Omega's right "hand" is actually three claws, much like his G1 incarnation.
  • The sides of the chest have cylinders which could be cannons, an allusion perhaps to the cannons that Omega was
    sometimes seen using in the animated series mounted on his chest.

For the most part, Omega is an original creation, the combination of two very different vehicles. The main body is uniform around the chest area, but below that the mid body kind of splits off into designs that are asymetrical, but look good. Then the waist becomes uniform again.

The right side of Omega is made from the construction vehicle, and is mostly yellow and black with some gray tossed in for good measure. Where the parts match up with the left side you'll find red, gold and blue as well. The details on this side are a bit more angled than the other. It also has several layers of details including his mid body section which angles back a bit. I particularly like the cross hatch designs found on the chest and right under the chest on this side. A nice touch.

Omega's right side has his crane/claw device from the vehicle mode acting as the arm, and the front of the vehicle mode serving as his right leg. The shoulder has a compartment that you can actually have the Omega head robot sit in, but more on that later. This arm also features his "claw arm" which can thrust forward when you slide the black tab on the lower arm. This is a neat effect and works very well with the claws, giving him a cool attack feature. He also has two Mini-Con Powerlinx pegs on his shoulder, one in the front and the other in the back. On an interesting note, all the screw holes on his lower arm can fit Energon weapons, albeit a bit tight.

The right leg looks nice mostly because of the cylindrical nature of the front of the vehicle formed by that side of the robot. The front of the vehicle becoming the foot looks nice as it has a nice, oval shape with some nicely sculpted details. I really like the window design for the cockpit, quite intricate.

And that's another aspect to note, though the bright colors kind of hide them (again I ask for wash or spray ops), there are some really nice details on this half. They go from tubes and sculpted hydraulic details on the arm to the nice tech detail on the front of the lower leg. Very nice looking pieces.

The left side of Omega is a warship in vehicle mode, and it shows. This is the side that has most of his firepower, consisting of a dual missile launcher and dual barreled cannon on his shoulder, a dual barreled cannon on his lower arm and another on his leg! The left side body section of this vehicle matches up in color scheme with the right. However, its sculpt is a bit different in the mid-section. This part comes out a bit more than the other side, but looks
no less interesting with many angled sections and details that manage to give a bulky robot a futuristic appearance.

While Omega's right arm is a crane/claw mechanism, the left is the front of the warship. Specifically, it looks like the front of an aircraft carrier, shades of the Robotech SDF-1 abound here. While that huge piece of mecha had a left arm that was an aircraft carrier, so does Omega. There's some real nicely done detailing on this arm, with the shoulder filled with tubes and other tech details (reminscent of Unicron's shoulders). The two turrets on his shoulder move in unison, which is really neat. This feature also comes into play in the vehicle mode.

The lower arm has cool layers with lots of line detail in the sculpt. He has two holes on this lower arm allowing you to attach Energon weapons. Another nice feature involves the turret on his arm. There is a above the silver piece on his arm that you can turn. Turn the turret all the way in either direction and it activates a "firing" sound effect. Pushing the black button on this arm activates a "torpedo launching" sound effect and lights at the end of the arm which glow nicely thanks to translucent orange plastic used at the tip of the arm.

The leg piece is nice, but not as sleek as the right leg. Still, with a turret on his knee and some fine detailing, it's still a well sculpted piece of this robot. What's nice is that the "foot piece" can be turned, helping to balance the robot in this form.

Omega's halves are a play in contrast. While the right side is a bright yellow for the most part, the left relies mostly on dark blue for its coloring. However, with its yellow missiles, turrets and painted details, it doesn't clash with the other side, it works with it. The use of other colors such as red and silver to help add detail keeps the toy from looking plain.

Omega Supreme has nineteen points of articulation in robot mode, not including the ability for his weapon turrets to turn. That's actually a lot more than I expected based on initial pictures of this guy. And these points are useful including the ability for both arms and legs to rotate, knee articulation and upper leg articulation.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:
Omega Supreme is what I call a "half-former". Each half of his body becomes a different vehicle. However, in order to begin the transformation, detach the head first, then lift the neck piece slightly. Now, you can split the robot body in half down the middle by pulling each side from the other. After that, do the following.

Left Side Vehicle (Warship) Transformation:

  1. Straighten out the lower arm, then swing it up.
  2. Swing the arm up at the shoulder and then straighten it out.
  3. Swing in the upper leg portions into the gap behind the missile launching turret.
  4. Flip the black tower at the back up, then rotate that section around and snap it into place on the red piece behind the missile launcher.
  5. Rotate the tower so the metallic blue windows face forward.
  6. At the top of the main tower, flip up the two small rectangular pieces (these become radar dishes).

Right Side Vehicle (Crane) Transformation:

  1. Straighten out the arm and leg.
  2. Rotate the lower leg around so the wheels on the leg align with the ones at the rear of the vehicle.
  3. Flip the foot down.
  4. Fold in the yellow piece with the neck on it.
  5. On the lower leg portion, move all three claws up.

Vehicle Modes:
Omega Supreme's two vehicle modes are very different entities. One can be used as a tool of construction, the other a tool of destruction. Their physical forms contrast heavily too, making their unique (as of now) combination a welcome change in the Energon line.

Construction Vehicle:
When I first saw pictures of the front of the construction vehicle, I honestly thought it was some type of futuristic super train. But the rear of course tells a different story, with Omega Supreme's claw arm acting as a crane like device. I love this clash of two such contrasting design styles in one vehicle. While the front is super sleek with cool tech details (especially in the silver portion), the rear is more blocky with cross hatches and other such details that firmly solidify it as a construction rig.

Play factor is critical with toys this size, and this vehicle offers that up. The claw arm can turn side to side, and by sliding the button on the side back, the claw arm reaches forward. The translucent orange panel in the back opens up and you can place the small Omega Supreme figure inside. On the front is a small platform with three claws on it. Each claw can move independent of the other, and the whole platform can turn. It's an odd yet fitting little detail. I can imagine the claws fending off boarders or helping with a construction project.

The construction vehicle is (appropriately) mostly yellow with black, silver, gold, metallic blue, red and dark blue all lending detail. My favorite parts are the metallic blue windows and the silver portion of the cylinder behind the driver's area. It just brings out the sculpted detail there so well it looks awesome.

The rear sides of this vehicle mode have one Mini-Con Powerlinx peg on each side, allowing you to augment Omega with extra power. Also, on the crane arm the gray panel flips up and can accomodate any of Optimus Prime's OP units.

Warship Vehicle:
The warship vehicle offers a sharp contrast to the construction vehicle. This vehicle is built for war, armed with a large dual missile launcher and three dual barreled turrets that can turn in unison when you turn the dial on the side of the vehicle. Turn them enough and firing sound effects activate. Press the button on the side and a torpedo launching sound activates, also lighting up the front edge where Omega's "fingers" are translucent orange.

The detail level on this guy is awesome. From the front where there are lots of tech details on the sides to the back where the thrusters on the sides and rear of the vehicle all are done with care. A lot of the tech detail mentioned from the robot mode is visible in this form, of course. These fantastic details range from tubes to machinery patterns.

The Warship has two Mini-Con Powerlins points towards the front with two holes for Energon weapons with pegs. This lets you seriously augment your ship's defensive and offensive capabilities.

If the head portion of the robot wants to join along, it can do so by taking over the tower section of the warship. Flip the top of the tower back, and the flaps on the side should face out. Then basically have the head figure attach face down onto that section with its arms outstretched. An interesting way to add in the head figure for sure.

The warship is mostly dark blue, with orange and yllow offering stark contrast to the dark colors of this side. In many ways, it seems the purpose of coloring the ship like this was to make it as distinct from its partner vehicle as possible, something which, in this case, works very well.

The warship is designed to look like an aircraft carrier, but the only spot you can really put any type of plane or jet is the back, where there aren't turrets. It's kind of a cool non-intended feature.

Weapon Emplacements:
Each of Omega Supreme's body halves can transform into weapon emplacements, adding a whole different level of play.

Construction Vehicle Transformation (starting from vehicle mode):

  1. Turn the arm upside down and then extend out the claw arm.
  2. Flip the foot/front of the vehicle up.
  3. Bend the knee section and swing it back.
  4. Twist the lower leg so the foot points the same way the arm does.
  5. Flip out the handlebars on the sides.

Warship Vehicle Transformation (starting from vehicle mode):

  1. Swivel the black tower section to the back.
  2. Swing the rear of the vehicle down.
  3. Twist the lower leg section around so the top of the tower points in the same direction as the front of the warship.
  4. Bend the "knee" joint down.
  5. Flip out the handlebars on both sides.

Construction Vehicle Crane:
At first, I was going to call this a turret, but that's not really accurate at all. What this is is actually a construction tool, a crane arm emplacement. Aside from swatting enemies or grabbing them, it really wouldn't do much in a fight, but it can help out in a construction situation, which is cool as the other vehicle does become a turret. You can still use the claw extension gimmick here, but it's best to hold on to the back of the crane since it can easily tip over.

The handlebars are pretty big, so you can't get most Energon figures to get the fists all around it. Mostly figures can just hold the edge, but that's not really a huge deal at all since the handlebars are just for show.

You can Powerlink Energon weapons or Mini-Cons to the sides of the crane (where the robot mode shoulder piece is) and if you wish, flip up the panel on the crane arm and attach one of Prime's OP units.

Warship Vehicle Turret:
If Autobots are going to build something, they need to defend it against Terrorcons! And that's where the warship turret comes in. Bristling with firepower, this is clearly a piece meant for battle. The sound effects and gimmicks still work here, including being able to Powerlink Energon weapons or Mini-Cons.

The handlebars are the same size here as they are on the Construction vehicle, so you can't easily get an Energon figure's hands completely around them, but again, they really are for show more than anything else so it's no huge deal.

Transformation to Powerlinx Omega Supreme:

  1. Transform the Energon Optimus Prime cab into vehicle mode, but leave the robot head up with its "helmet" on.
  2. Split Omega in half, and flip out each side's back panels.
  3. On the right side of Omega's body, flip up the yellow panel which doubles as a missile launcher (non functional).
  4. Lean one half of Omega to the side, and then place the cab in it, then attach the halves together again.
  5. On Omega's right shoulder and arm, flip up the gray panels.
  6. On each of Omega's legs, flip up the gray and red panels.
  7. Each panel allows one of Optimus Prime's OP units to attach, you can use any combination you wish.
  8. Optimus Prime's rifle may be placed in the peg holes on Omega Supreme's arms.
  9. Omega's head can be folded up into head mode, with the gray panel hiding the face and placed in the
    compartment on the right shoulder.

Powerlinx Omega Supreme:
For the most part, this mode is Omega Supreme's robot mode with parts slapped on and a different head. I have to admit, at first I had a lot of reservations about this. For the most part, I felt at first like the designers had cheated, that Prime's parts really didn't do much to add to the figure. But when you have it in front of you, it really does add a lot. Basically, while the form is called "Powerlinx Omega Supreme", it's more like "Powerlinx Prime in Armor". And that I totally dig.

My favorite configuration is having OP1 on the shoulder since he has a dual barrelled cannon, he's like additional firepower. I like have OP3 on his arm as a arm mounted drill/offensive weapon, and the other OP units look nice as extra armor on the legs. But you can find your favorite combo of course!

I was also pleasantly surprised by having the yellow "joining piece" double as a missile launcher (non functional). It's a sleek looking piece that you wouldn't expect to find on such a giant, lumbering type robot.

While it is odd to have the rear of Prime's cab mode sticking out the back, I like to think of it as an additional place for an Energon weapon. Just attach any gun or weapon onto the post that you would normally put Prime's rifle on and he now has back defense!

To me, this is just another suit of armor for Prime more than another "identity" for Omega Supreme. In that respect it works very well.

Final Thoughts:
Whew! You can tell by the length of this review that there is a lot of toy here. Being one of the highest priced Transformers in the line, I would expect nothing less however. With various possible transforms, the ability to combine with Prime and great nods to the original G1 toys named Omega, this toy earns itself a high recommendation. Add this guy to your collection!