Armada Toy Reviews: Terrorsaur

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General Information:
Price Point/Size: Supercon
Retailers: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kay Bee)
Release Date: May 2003
Accessories: Wing/weapons x 2, Ironhide Mini-Con


Last year's Robots in Disguise toy line took toys from previous years and gave them new decos, releasing them as supporting characters to the line, even though they did not appear in the television show. That tradition continues in Armada with the addition of Beast Wars molds to the line. Joining the Decepticons is Terrorsaur, not the original, but the Transmetal version. This is the third use of the this basic mold, the first two being the original Transmetal Terrorsaur and the more recent Terranotron. However, it should be noted that this Terrorsaur is a redeco and retooling of the original Transmetal terrorsaur, not Terranotron. This version has no Spark Crystal.My original review of this toy was rather short, so I'm going to do a regular old review here instead of the usual "he's a redeco...etc. etc."

Ironhide Review

Ironhide is a redeco of Dune Runner, a member of the Adventure Team. His primary color is copper with the robot arms painted light brown. The gun turret, seats, wheels and cage on the vehicle mode are all black. The mechanism that makes the gun move from side to side when you push the vehicle along is intact in this version of the Mini-Con.

In the process of giving the toy a new deco, the nice spray op around Dune Runner's leg area has not been duplicated here, which is a shame. In robot form, Ironhide's visor eyes are red, and his upper legs and gear in his chest are black. While this still looks nice, I prefer the original.

Terrorsaur Review

Terrorsaur was one of Beast Wars Megatron's cronies, a guy who wanted to take over leadership of the Predacons (which he succeeded in doing, for all of one episode). He was never featured as a Transmetal on the show, which is a shame as this is one of the cooler toys to come out of the Beast Wars line.

Beast Mode:
Terrorsaur is a techno-organic pterodactyl in beast mode. Unlike his fellow "Armada Beast Wars release" Rhinox, he has elements of tech and organics in this form. From above (or looking down at his back, which ever you prefer), he has a lot of mechanical parts. His rear section has something resembling a plane cockpit, his arms have turbines on them and the wings look metallic rather than organic. The beast mode head is also very mechanical looking. The organic bits come into play if you look at the beast mode from the front. On his legs, you'll find detailing that looks much more like leathery skin than mechanics, although the presence of thrusters under the feet sort of shows an integration of the two. Overall, it's a very nice looking sculpt that looks very cool.

Terrorsaur's color scheme makes him look a lot like Fractyl, a Botcon exclusive character. He is mostly light metallic green and a darker green. Orange offers a significant contrast to the green, and the turbines on his arms are colored silver. The name "Terrorsaur" is stamped on the right wing as it was when this toy was originally released. There are a couple nice spray ops offered here, particularly on the beak, where the color darkens towards the edge and the wings, where a light wite spray can be found on either wing. Around each of his Powerlinx points are lightning like decos, indicating the power of his fusion with a Mini-Con, a very nice detail.

Terrorsaur has been modified to include Powerlinx points to fit in with the Armada line. One is on the center of his back, and the others can be found on his wings. Unfortunately, in the process of reusing this mold, the ball joints which hold up each wing/arm have loosened a bit. Terrorsaur's arms tend to droop down a bit, which isn't horrible, but it was nicer when they could stay up completely. One suggestion is to remove the arms carefully from the ball joints,
paint some nail polish onto the ball joints and let it dry. Reattach the arms and they should hold up much better.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  • Flip open the covers on the turbines.
  • Fold the legs back and then rotate them so the holes on the knees fit into the pegs on the underside of the beast mode.
  • Flip open the engine coverings in the back.

Vehicle Mode:
Terrorsaur's vehicle mode is basically a more open version of the beast mode. The legs being tucked in and revealing thrusters in the back is great. I've always been a fan of the detail work on the rear engines, and I love how there are thrusters on the side engine covers. However, since there was little work that needed to be done on this toy (and very little r and d cost) it would have been nice to see some type of spray op or black wash on the engine to accentuate the great detail on it. As it stands now, it looks rather plain. The only unfortunate part of this transform is that you lose two of the Powerlinx points since the turbine covers are flipped open.

If you look at the engine at the rear, you'll see that Terrorsaur is based upon the original Transmetal Terrosaur mold and not the Beast Machines Terranotron mold (which featured a Spark crystal here). I was kind of disappointed in this, I was looking forward to seeing a Decepticon Spark Crystal (hey, Rhinox has an Autobot symbol!).

Overall the vehicle mode is a nice side-conversion, but not too big of a deal as a mode by itself.

Transformation to Robot Mode (starting from beast mode):

  • Swing down the legs and straighten them out to form the robot legs.
  • Detach the wing pieces/weapons from the arms.
  • Fold back the middle armor plate on the back of the beast mode (the one with the Powerlinx point on it)
  • Swing the beast mode head/shoulder/arms section forward. Flip back the robot head.
  • Straighten out the green piece on the beast mode head and then tuck it back into the chest, and flip down the beak.
  • Flip the orange sections of the wings up.
  • Open up the engine housings on the rear of the robot.
  • Place a wing weapon in each hand.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Terrorsaur pretty much stays consistant with the beast mode color-wise. The legs are stretched out more so you can see some etailing such as a brighter shade of orange within the orange of the upper legs. The robot head 'helmet' section is orange while his crest and face are green. The teeth are white and his eyes are neon orange.

Terrorsaur is one of the most dynamic looking sculpts from the Transmetal era. He features tons of angles combined with a wide upper body that give him a fantastic look. In terms of sculpt, he has great detailing such as his upper arms which show organic "skin" underneath "metal" armor. His forearms have mechanical muscles and tubes well defined while his legs show a combination of mechanical and organic parts. Being oversized and angular as well, his weapons look perfect in his hands.

All three of Terrorsaur's Powerlinx points can be used in this form. Certain Mini-Cons (such as Wreckage) can mount onto the Powerlinx point behind his head (flip up the panel) and aim their weapons forward as sort of a missile pack. The other Powerlinx points are on his upper arms, which is a great place to mount current Mini-Con releases like the Land Military Team or future ones like the Emergency Team for added firepower.

Terrorsaur has forteen points of articulation in this mode, including the ability for his legs to move to the side and bend at the knees.

A lot of people have complained that Hasbro is wasting time with these redecos and they should focus more on new toys, but I like the fact that Hasbro went so far as to make the "Beast Wars" Armada toys able to interact with Mini-Cons. If you don't like the whole redeco deal, then this guy's not for you. If you want a neat toy to add to your collection that looks great and fun to play with, then this is highly recommended.