Armada Toy Reviews: Thrust (Powerlinx)

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General Information:
Release Year: August 2003
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Kay Bee, Wal-Mart etc.)
Price Point: Supercon (Approximately $9.99 depending on retailer)
Accessories: Inferno Mini-Con figure, Missiles x 3

Those who enjoyed the redeco of Starscream as Thundercracker are about to get a whole lot
more redecos to consider. As part of the late summer wave of redecos for Armada, Thrust has been given a new deco and renamed "Powerlinx Thrust". In essence, this is supposed to
represent a "powered up" version of Thrust, similar to the "Super" versions of the Car Robot brothers which were just redecos of the original three molds. This review will cover the changes made to this toy for this release. For a more detailed review of the toy itself, please read Thrust's review.


Inferno's original scheme was very dark, looking almost like a night time or jungle fighting vehicle/robot. Now Inferno is mostly white, with dark gray parts (the robot arms and missile launcher) and some blue (the missile and the hinges the robot arms swing up on in vehicle mode). The windows of the truck are painted black.

While transforming Inferno, I did find that the legs (the front of the truck) are a bit looser on mine than my original Thrust's. Also, the hole on his left arm that allows you to hook up the missile launcher seems a bit wide. The missile launcher just hangs in there loosely instead of holding in securely (as my other Inferno does). The right arm is good however.

In this form, Inferno is still mostly white. His Powerlinx point is blue. Under the Powerlinx point is a trapezoid type shape which is also colored blue. His upper legs and waist are molded in blue plastic, and his eyes and beak-like mouth are painted blue.

Inferno's new color scheme makes him look a lot more like a vehicle intended for combat in an icy/snowy environment, which is cool. Having the two Mini-Con color schemes be that distinctive is a good thing, keeping the mold from becoming redundant.

Powerlinx Thrust

Vehicle Mode:
Unlike Inferno, Thrust is anything but winter like. His primary colors are a gold/tan, dark gray, and blue. If you've looked at the pictures above, his color scheme may ring a bell with some Generation One fans. Thrust's color scheme is very loosely based upon the colors of the G1 Decepticon Dirge, who was a blue, black and gold jet. This was no mistake, in fact, if you look at the way Thrust is photographed on the back of the packaging, you'll see there he has a red and black scheme, which were the original colors for Powerlinx Thrust. Those colors
evoked thoughts of the original Thrust from Generation One, who was primarily black and red.
Note that even the sticker included with Powerlinx Thrust has him in a more red oriented color scheme.

Silver is used for detailing such as the edges of the wings and the fan at the center of the vehicle. The cockpit is dark metallic orange. The blue comes into play with the missile launchers mounted on the sides of the vehicle. Although this is not as much blue as G1 Dirge had, it is still prominant enough to really contrast nicely with the other darker colors. The Decepticon symbol on the right wing has been painted purple. What's nice to see is that the paint wasn't just slapped on to cover the area up. The "eyes" on the Decepticon symbol still
show the gold underneath the purple.

What I do miss are the really nice spray ops on the first Armada Thrust. Such deco is rare on Transformers, but in this case I have to be honest and admit that the deco wouldn't really work here. The lines and deco patterns on this toy are meant to be clean cut and straight.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Powerlinx Thrust shows off a lot more dark gray (bordering on black) and blue. His main body (except for the center strip), lower arms, head and feet are all molded in dark gray. On top of the lower arms are of course the rear tailfins which are gold. The robot eyes are yellow and the W shaped area around them is white. Note that on the top of his head, the "cone" has its false cockpit piece painted dark metallic orange to match the actual cockpit piece. The strip down the center of the upper body and the waist and the upper legs are blue (the same blue as the missile launchers on his legs). On his lower legs black details can be found at his knees and on the side. For some sharp contrast, his shoulders are white, and the Decepticon symbols on them are painted purple. Finer detail is found on his chest where a section with a gear like shape is painted silver and the circle under it is orange.

While the jet mode somewhat reminds you of G1 Dirge, the robot mode really solidifies the association. The extra blue and dark gray in this form contrast nicely with the hold, offering a similar mix of colors between Dirge and Armada Thrust. Of course, being a conehead also helps that association!

For those curious, all of Thrust's Powerlinx ports work fine. Also, his spinning shield action still works fine as well. The only functional difference I noticed is that his legs are a tiny bit looser than the original. He stands and poses fine, but you can feel the difference.

Powerlinx Thrust is not "better" or "worse" than the first Armada Thrust. Quite simply, he's different. I don't really recommend one over the other since their color schemes are so different. If you're looking for a darker, more gritty color scheme, go with the original. If you want something a bit brighter, yet subdued, go with this one.