Armada Toy Reviews: Night Attack Team

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General Information:
Price Point: Mini-Con
Retailer: General (K-Mart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart etc.)
Release Date: February 2003
Transformation Difficulty Level: 2 (Intermediate)
Accessories: Missiles x 4

While Takara goes wild with redecos of Mini-Cons, the rest of the world will be getting their own redecos in early 2003. One of these teams is the Night Attack Team, a redeco of the Land Military Team. This review will focus on the changes made to the toys for this release. For a more detailed review of the toys themselves, please read the Land Military Team review.

Broadside is a redeco of Knock Out. Instead of the brighter brown color of Knock Out, this toy is mostly a dark shade of blue, white and black. The windows of the vehicle are painted silver while the trigger for the missile launcher is gray. In robot mode, the robot head is black except for the visor eyes which are painted yellow. His shoulder joints, waist and upper legs are white. It is worth noting that for some reason or another, Broadside's upper legs and knees bend a lot easier than Knock Out's, allowing for limited posing without using too much force. This color scheme is simple, but it looks great on the toy.

Fetch is a redeco of Wreckage. He is mostly the same dark blue as Broadside. His windows are painted silver and his launcher arms are gray. In robot mode, his chest, waist and robot head are painted white. His eyes are now a light green. The missiles in his arms are off white, almost looking like they glow in the dark (they don't). In another interesting "not sure why this is" note, Fetch's legs can move apart more than Wreckage's, allowing his legs to look like
individual legs instead of just the front portion of the vehicle mode stuck together. This actually improves the look of a toy that was already quite cool
to begin with.

Scattor is a redeco of Bonecrusher. Of the three Land Military Team members, he is probably the least changed. Most of his plastic is still black. His launcher arm is still gray. However, his upper legs are now white, as is his missile. The same dark blue the other team members has is applied to bits mostly for detailing. The gold portions on Bonecrusher have been replaced with silver. Of the three, this is probably the least exciting redeco.

Whether or not you purchase this set will depend on how much of a completist you are. If you love redecos, then get this set, it's a nice one that contrasts greatly with the set it is based on. If you must have one of each character, this is also a good set for you to get as it does technically feature three new characters. However, for a more finicky collector, these may not be worth your time. Let your eyes be your guide.