Timelines: Transformers Collector's Club Slipstream Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Date: July 2013
Price Point: $47.00
Retailer: "Transformers Collector's Club" Subscription Exclusive
Accessories: Missile racks x 2


SlipstreamSlipstream is a character that was first introduced in the 2008 "Transformers Animated" series as a "clone" of Starscream. Other Seekers such as Skywarp and Thundercracker also came out of this, with each character representing a portion of that Starscream's personality (take that as you will). Later, Slipstream would be "grandfathered" into the Generation One related continuity that was featured in the "War for Cybertron" and "Fall of Cybertron" universe. It is that version of the character that serves as the inspiration for this figure.

Slipstream is the third figure from the "Transformers Collectors Club Subscription Service" after Depth Charge and Scourge. I received mine in late July 2013.

Slipstream is a redeco of First Edition Starscream. This sculpt was also used to make Dark Energon Starscream. Check out those reviews for my initial thoughts and look at the sculpt. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
When she first appeared on "Transformers Animated", Slipstream was shown with a color scheme that included purple, teal and black. These colors wound up carrying over to her future incarnations, including this iteration. The primary plastic color in this form is purple, with other parts sculpted in black and metallic teal (mostly seen on the bottom of the vehicle in this mode). The black color is used for smaller parts such as the thruster in the back and th nosecone (which is cas tin soft plastic for safety reasons). The missile racks included with the figure are also cast in the soft black plastic, which unfortunately means there is a chance they may come out a bit warped from the box if they were squished particular way.

The purple color that dominates this figure serves as a great canvas for the paint colors used. There are only two colors used here: metallic teal (matching the plastic color) and black. These two colors work very well together, with the black enhancing the teal. Careful attention was paid to make the layout of these colors different than those found on the Starscream sculpt. For instance, the teal color is used to paint large lines on each wing, quite different than Starscream's more subdued scheme. The teal also appears on the cockpit and the middle of the vehicle. Many of these details are outlined with black, helping them pop off the purple canvas. An example of this can be found on the cockpit, which really benefits from having the outline.

Two tampographed Decepticon symbols round out the deco. Each is set at an angle on the wings, layered on top of the teal paint. This final detail helps to round out what is a really nice looking vehicle mode that is quite different than its predecessors.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the missiles and set them aside.
  2. Flip the jet over and swing the legs down.
  3. Rotate the hip section around, then fit the two tabs on the hip section into the corresponding slots on the bottom of the nosecone.
  4. Push out both halves of each foot.
  5. Swing the wings down.
  6. Pull the rear thruster down.
  7. Split the rear section of the jet to begin forming the robot arms.
  8. Turn the rear section around so it aligns with the hip/legs section.
  9. Split the vertical stabilizer into halves and swing them out.
  10. Pull on the central hinged piece on by the thruster to reveal the robot head.
  11. Push the robot head up and fold in the hinged piece on the back.
  12. Rotate the thruster around.
  13. Push the wings back so they angle up and outwards behind the shoulders.
  14. Rotate the forearms around and pull them down.
  15. Push the horizontal stabilizers up into the forearms.
  16. Swing out each hand.
  17. Attach the missiles to each forearm.
  18. Swing up the silver knee armor pieces.
  19. Swing the pieces on the back of each lower leg up.
  20. On the robot head, pull the central crest forward slightly.

Robot Mode:
From his animated appearance to the figures previously released in the line, Starscream has been shown to have a very thin and lithe form, evoking a human runway model a bit more than a bulky warrior. The action figure is particularly thin since som eparts were widened ever so slightly on the CGI model to give him some added bulk in comparison to the toy. For Slipstream however, this thin "model-like" design works well, giving her a sleek looking form. Overall, the design of this sculpt works very well for Slipstream.

Slipstream is the first of the "subscription figures" to feature a brand new head sculpt. The design is based on the standard "Seeker" head sculpt but with most of the details compressed and curved, sweeping back in a more tightly defined shape. You can still see a crest on the top of the head and a tiny bit of the "vents" on the sides of the head foun don most Seekers, but for the most part the sculpt is unique to the character. The face has two relatively large eyes and a thin face with more full, rounded lips than you'd find on your typical Transformers figure. One look at the face and there's no doubt this is a "female" Decepticon.

In this form, purple is still the primary plastic color but it is balanced out with black, silver and metallic teal plastic. The black is found on the head and feet. The silver plastic is used on some of the joints and smaller sections like the upper arms and hands. The teal color on the legs is perfect ooking. The teal isn't flat, it's made out of metallic flake plastic, giving it wonderful extra "machine-like" quality.

The paint colors from the vehicle mode carry over here, creating a teal design in the center of the torso that is outlined by thick black lines. Other parts on the torso are painted black as well, but the way they're done de-emphasizes the "face on my chest" appearance of Starscream and instead looks more like a series of armored panels. The face is painted silver with red eyes and the colors on the wings face front here, adding a splash of color to the robot mode. Overall, the colors work very well together and Slipstream looks great!

All of Slipstream's joints are nice and tight. Most critical are the knees, hips and feet which need to be tight to support the thin frame of this figure, not because it's heavy but because you need to pose it carefully otherwise she'll just tip over. The missiles attach nice and snug to the arms, so you'll have no problems there either.

Final Thoughts:
Slipstream is a fantastic redeco/retool of the "Transformers Prime" Starscream sculpt. I think it's super cool to finally have this character represented in the toy line and the new head sculpt is top notch. Expect to easily pay $85+ on the aftermarket for such a figure so be warned, this is aimed at hardcore collectors. Highly recommended!