Transformers Timelines Rodimus Toy Review

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General Information:
Release Date: 2008
Price Point: $295 (Part of original registration package boxed set)
Retailer: Botcon 2008 Exclusive
Accessories: Missile launcher, Missile


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RodimusIn almost every incarnation of the Transformers, Hot Rod a.k.a. Rodimus is a young, enthusiastic and sleek character who embodies the type of hero that many kids wish they could be (or so the marketing folks hope). This archetype is present in many Transformers series including the Unicron Trilogy, where the character of Hot Shot took on the role. The Classics Rodimus figure was a wonderful homage and redesign of the Hot Rod character, and that made it a natural choice to be turned "evil" in the "Shattered Glass" universe. There has actually been a version of an "evil" Rodimus released before. Back in 2001 when the original Hot Rod figure was reissued in Japan, there was an exclusive figure that represented an "evil" Hot Rod. He was mostly black with some silver coloring, and it was that figure which served as the inspiration for "Shattered Glass" Rodimus.

"Shattered Glass" Rodimus is a redeco of Classics Rodimus. Check out that review for a more detailed look at this figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
If there is one color you can use to scream "Eeeeevil!" it is black. Just as the regular Rodimus' red color signifies fire and youth along with heroism, black signifies the absence of mercy and destructive capabilities. For this figure, we replaced the red on Classics Rodimus with a metallic flake black color. This color is beautiful, and if you hold it under certain types of light, the metallic bits glisten wonderfully. The orange color used on the spoiler is replaced with metallic grey, which looks like a flat grey until you hold it up to some light and see the silver flakes reflecting the light beautifully. The wheels and weapon are cast in black while the translucent blue plastic on Classics Rodimus has been replaced with dark, translucent red. I'm a huge fan of the red/black combination of colors, but using a metallic black with a translucent red just raises the visual appeal to a whole new level.

Details are done in both paint and tampographs. There are four "flame shape" tampographs. One on the hood, one on each door and one on the top of the cabin cover. Each one is purple with white outlines. In the center of the one on the hood is an Autobot symbol also in purple. Towards the back of the vehicle is another tampographed Autobot symbol in purple with white outlines. What's great about these tampograph flames is that they are not the same pattern as Classics Rodimus' stickers. Instead, they are original designs created for this figure.

Silver paint is used for details such as the exhaust pipes, the sides of the wheels, parts of the engine and the end of the exhaust port on the back. Silver is also found on the top of the vehicle in the trapezoid shaped section on the top of the cabin cover and on a row of rectangles on the back near the spoiler. Flat black paint is used for the parts of the engine on the hood that are not colored silver.

Rodimus rolls on his wheels just fine. I did have to do a bit of adjusting to line up his exhaust pipe details on the side of the vehicle, but the tool seems to be holding up well so far.

Robot Mode:
In the original "Star Trek" series, the episode "Mirror, Mirror" introduced fans to an alternate universe where the crew of the Starship Enterprise was evil, part of an Empire instead of the Federation. This iconic episode introduced alternate versions of key characters including a Mr. Spock whose distinguishing characteristics were a mustache and beard. This created a running joke among science fiction fans that if you want to make a character "evil", you give him a mustache and beard. We decidd to take this one extra step and actually apply this iconic scifi image to a Transformer and thus one of the most distinctive aspects of "Shattered Glass" Rodimus' robot mode deco was born. With a simple paint application of black lines on the face, Rodimus has a mustache and beard, giving him a dangerous look that is somehow amusing all at the same time.

Most of the parts on this figure are the same metallic black color seen in the vehicle mode. The metallic grey color is used for his uper legs. Purple and silver paint provide most of the detailed deco in this form. On the head, purple is used for small details on his helmet section. His waist also has purple lines with silver paint in the middle. On the legs, the trapezoid shapes on top are colored silver while the three distinctive arrows on his lower legs are colored purple. His shoulder details are painted silver as are the curved portions above his wrists. On top of the silver details on his shoulders are purple details, creating a very nice combination of colors with a pattern that accentuates sculpted details on the shoulders.

Rodimus' weapon fires its missile quite far. All his joints are still tight so there aren't any tooling issues I can find.

Final Thoughts:
While he is a very predictable black/purple/silver combination, I really love the paint job on this figure. It takes things a level beyond the figure it's based on, and it manages to be cool and have a sense of humor at the same time. This is easily one of my favorite figures in this set. Highly recommended!