Transformers Timelines Runamuck Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Date: March 2012
Price Point: $40 (Included with Collector Club membership)
Retailer: Official Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive
Accessories: Blaster, Exhaust pipes/blasters



    Every year the Transformers Collector's Club offers a figure that is included with the cost of being a member. In early 2012, a Decepticon joined the ranks of these figures: Runamuck. Introduced in 1986 as a simple figure that could be pulled back and transform automatically via a spring loaded mechanism, he and his fellow "Battle Charger" Runabout made quite an impact in both the comic books and television show despite their rather brief appearances. The name "Runamuck" was repurposed years later in the "Cybertron" series for a character who actually had the deco of Runabout (the name was probably easier to trademark). More recently the name appeared again in the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line as a Legends Class redeco of Legends Class Jazz. This is the first time however that a Runamuck toy is indeed based on the Runamuck figure from Generation One.

    Runamuck is a retool/redeco of the Generations Wheeljack figure (which itself was a retool/redeco of Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks). I recommend checking out those two reviews briefly before reading this one. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

    Runamuck is shipped in a standard mailer box. The figure itself is tucked inside the box with a plastic baggie containing the instructions and tech specs card. This has been the standard for all the complimentary club figures thus far so it's no surprise. While glossy packaging is nice, there's something almost charming about getting a box like this with an action figure inside of it. It recalls the days of mail away figures that were so popular in the 1980's. The instructions included are not a simple reuse of previous booklets. Instead, it is a slightly Photoshopped version with Runamuck pictured and the illustrations use Wheeljack's picture (seemingly minus his "ears").

    Vehicle Mode:
    In Generation One, Runamuck transformed into a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am sports car (a variant of the vehicle was made famous by the 80's series Knight Rider). This pretty much makes almost any sporty looking vehicle game for being an alternate mode for an update on Runamuck. With its low profile, sleek lines and two door design, Generations Wheeljack's alternate mode is definitely a good fit. Sometimes with redecos you have to mentally tilt your head and squint a bit to "see" how the redeco fits the character. In the case of Runamuck, I had no problem instantly buying this vehicle mode as an update on Runamuck.

    While Wheeljack was cast in a very bright, white plastic, Runamuck is a more cream colored, even toned white color. Inspired by his G1 counterpart, his windows are a dark tinted "smokey grey" while his wheels are cast in black plastic. Unlike his G1 predecessor, the windows are translucent, not solid black and his color is lighter than the light grey used on G1 Runamuck. Still, the tone and intent is there and definitely has a more modern sensability in terms of design and color choice. The paint decos on this figure are quite extensive, some mirroring those on the G1 Runamuck figure and some unique to this version of the character. The most heavily used deco color is gold. Nowadays you don't see tons of cars using this particular color, but in the 80's it was not uncommon to see cars with gold trim, and G1 Runamuck was among them. Here, the gold can be found in several place: the front grille, stripes running along the sides of the vehicle and on the spoiler. These placements evoke the stickers used on G1 Runamuck, who had gold lines on the front and sides of his vehicle mode. In addition, there are metallic grey decos on the rear windows of the vehicle in an attempt to match them up with the translucent smokey grey color. This same color is found on the rear of the vehicle on a series of horizontal lines in between the rear lights. I was very pleased to see the use of white, not only on the translucent parts, but also on the sides of the wheels. In recent time, wheel decos have become more and more rare on Transformers, and it's nice to see the Collector's Club provide that additional deco. Red, silver and orange round out the paint applications, found on the back and front of the car. The orange in particular is a nice note as it alludes to a color that is heavily featured in the robot mode (just flip the car over to see some of it).

    In addition to his spectacular paint deco, Runamuck has two more details that really solidify his connection to G1 Runamuck. On the center of the hood is a large purple Decepticon symbol outlined in silver. These are the classic colors used for Decepticon symbols in the 80's and G1 Runamuck had a sticker of similar design (albeit much smaller) on his hood. I like the bold use of this symbol which seems to have been marginalizd a bit to smaller, silver logos on more recent figures instead of bold, colorful ones such as this. In addition, there is a "Reveal the Shield" style heat sensitive sticker on the top of the vehicle. These two symbol locations match up with the locations of similar details on the original G1 Runamuck, adding a brilliant final touch to the deco on this vehicle mode.

    Transformation to Flight Mode:

    1. Detach the exhaust pipes/weapons.
    2. Swing the back half of the vehicle down.
    3. Swing each door out to the sides.
    4. Swing the doors out flat, and pull them out to extend them a bit.
    5. Swing out the ends of the wings formed by the doors.
    6. Swing the back piece back into place.
    7. Attach the exhaust pipes/weapons to the rods on the hinge of each wing.
    8. The rear wheels can be swung down for a more "Generation One" style "flying car" mode.

    G1 Runamuck didn't have a "flight mode", but since the root character/sculpt here is Tracks the mode comes as a bonus. This also gives you a bit of a preview from the robot mode in the form of the "wings". Each has gold deco on the inside and the wing tips. You also get a better look at the exhaust pipe/blasters which are cast in black with orange "C clip" ends. It's a fun mode and if you really wanted to you can add more weaponry by attaching a standard 5mm post weapon to the underside in the center between the two wheels.

    Transformation to Robot Mode:

    1. Detach the exhaust pipes from the sides of the vehicle and set them aside for now.
    2. Swing the back panel of the vehicle mode out.
    3. Remove the blaster weapon and swing the front barrel out, and set it aside for now.
    4. Pull the doors out to the sides.
    5. Swing each door out to form the wings, and extend out the ends of the wings.
    6. Swing the wings up on the hinges so they are set at angles on the back.
    7. Swing the front section with the grille and headlights down.
    8. Swing the rear wheels around and then swing the robot arms down.
    9. Push the cabin section up, which will raise the robot head up and extend the arms out to the sides.
    10. Pull the front half of the vehicle down to extend the robot legs.
    11. Move the robot feet down.
    12. Swing the panel inside the back of the vehicle out, then move it forward and clip the two tabs into the notches on the back of the robot's back.
    13. Attach the missiles onto the panel behind the head.
    14. Attach the gun to one of the hands.

    Robot Mode:
    I've always felt that with the right deco, you can take almost any sculpt and make it look almost like a completely different design. Runamuck's deco carries over to the robot mode, using the primary colors of white, black and translucent grey. However, a whole new splash of color gets added on by the aforementioned orange. G1 Runamuck's robot mode also featured this color and here it appears on the legs and waist as well as joints such as the shoulders and elbows. You'll also find orange on the panels under his head and behind it. Black plastic is used for his forearms and panels on the sides of the lower legs. These colors are well distributed and provides an instant visual callback to G1 Runamuck.

    Most of the paint decos from the vehicle mode carry over here. The newly revealed deco is found on the upper portion of the robot. On either side of his chest are oval shaped sections painted gold. The robot head is painted silver around the eyes and his eyes are painted orange, which was a bit surprising as Decepticons usually get red eyes. The color fits the character however and looks nice against the silver. There's also a tiny bit of gold on the vents on either side of Runamuck's mouthplate.

    From a sculpt standpoint, Runamuck sports a brand new head sculpt based on G1 Runamuck's head. Specifically, this head is based on his animated and comic book appearance complete with a central crest, a mouthplate with a small chin piece and vents on either side of the mouthplate. It's a fantastic head sculpt that looks perfectly natural on the body. Even better? The way the design of the figure works out is very similar in layout to the original Runamuck. His torso is formed by the cabin section of the car, the rear of the vehicle winds up on his back and the front of the vehicle becomes his lower legs and feet. Indeed, he even winds up with wheels on the back of his legs, similar to the G1 figure who had wheels on his legs. The way all this works out is spectacular and in concert with the head sculpt makes a figure that fits the character perfectly.

    All of Runamuck's joints are nice and tight and his weaponry attaches without any problems (both behind his head and in his hands). Don't forget that his weapons all have clips on the end that allow them to attach to the rods behind his back as well as being able to fit into his hands via the 5mm pegs.

    Final Thoughts:
    The Transformers Collector's Club has offered many exclusives over the years but I have to say this is one of their most spectacular offerings to date. From the deco to the chosen sculpt to the new head this figure doesn't miss one beat. It's a fantastic piece of work and worthy of the highest praise.