"Timelines" Ramjet Toy Review

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Ramjet General Information:
Release Date: June 2016
Price Point: $40 (Cost of membership to the Transformers Collector's Club)
Retailer: Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive
Accessories: Missiles x 2, Swords x 2

Each year members of the Transformers Collector's Club would receive a complimentary action figure. In 2016 the figure was an updated version of a character from the early 2000's. Back in 2003 the "Armada" Starscream sculpt was retooled into Skywarp who would then go on to me repainted and released as "Universe" Ramjet. This base "Seeker" sculpt would serve as the inspiration for the 2014 "Generations" Armada Starscream figure. In one of the earliest TFCC stories, the "Universe" Ramjet was turned into a Herald of Unicron and now he appears again as the Club exclusive membership figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. Reference links of related figures are listed below:

Vehicle Mode:
Normally when a figure gets a new head sculpt it doesn't really show in vehicle mode. However this time out it definitely shows. The new head sculpt features a high crest on the top of the head that sticks out in the vehicle mode behind the cockpit section. The original "Universe" Ramjet had the same feature so it's great to see it appear in this version of the figure. Other than that the sculpt on this figure is the same as "Armada" Starscream's including the wings that curve back at a nice angle, two huge air intakes/engines on top and horizontal fins on both the front and back.

All of Starscream's colors have been replaced on this figure. The main plastic color is white, which makes up most of the jet. The cockpit is translucent yellow, though it looks a bit green in some light. The back of the air intakes are a smokey translucent color. You can see some red plastic peeking out where the robot head's crest sticks out and in the back of the vehicle. If you flip the vehicle over you'll see some silver plastic. These colors serve as a nice base for the figure, matching up well with the "Universe" Ramjet.

There is a lot of paint on this figure. The paint colors include silver, blue and red. Silver is used very heavily on the wings. It paints the front edges of the wings going all the way to the sides. It's even used for the Decepticon symbol on each wing. The crest sticking out at the base of the cockpit section is also painted silver. Red is used on the rear horizontal fins. Blue is perhaps the most heavily used color overall. You'll find it on the cockpit/nosecone section, the front of the air intake engines on top and on the back of the wings and the rear of the vehicle. This blue is a darker shade than the one used on "Universe" Ramjet, but it looks great and contrasts nicely against the white and silver. Red paint is used on the rear horizontal fins. Overall the deco looks great and really does a nice job of following the general pattern laid out in the original version of the character.

Unfortunately due to the way the figure was packaged, some of the blue paint on the top of the air intake rubbed off onto the underside of flap that made up the top of the box the figure arrived in. You can actually see the blue paint on the inside of the box where it rubbed off. Sadly that leaves two spots where white plastic sticks out where there should blue paint. This is not unique to my copy of the figure. Several of my friends received their figure in the same condition so be warned if you are buying this on the secondary market.

Functionally Ramjet retains all of Starscream's features. The air intakes/engines double as missile launchers. Push the back of the air intakes and the pressure builds until the missile inside fires! Also, each of the air intakes/engines have Mini-Con compatible pegs on top, so you can take Mini-Cons from the Unicron Trilogy era and attach them to the top of the vehicle. Now, this figure is significantly smaller than the original "Universe" Ramjet, so not all Mini-Cons may sit side by side perfectly but it can be done depending on which Mini-Cons you choose.

Trasformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Flip the vehicle over and separate the robot arms from the wings and swing them up.
  2. On each robot arm, swing out the fists.
  3. Swing the lower legs out to the sides and down.
  4. Rotate each robot leg so the rear fins face up.
  5. Push each rear fin into the lower legs.
  6. Push the feet up and swing out the heels.
  7. Swing the central piece the legs are connected to up.
  8. Swing down the white panel in the middle (under the front half of the vehicle) down.
  9. Swing down the cockpit/nosecone section.
  10. Push the robot head up.
  11. Rotate the wings so the ends point up.
  12. You can leave the air intakes/engines up or swing them against the back.
  13. Behind each wing is a sword you can detach. Swing out the blades and place them in the hands.

Robot Mode:
Ramjet features a new head sculpt based on the one originally created for "Armada" Skywarp and "Universe" Ramjet. Instead of a modern take on the classic "Seeker" head design from G1, this head sculpt features an evil looking face with thin eyes, a mouthplate with a series of horizontal lines sculpted into it and a high crest on the top of the head. The sculpt looks great. It looks like a slightly stylized version of the head sculpt used for "Armada" Skywarp and "Universe" Ramjet and it looks great.

In this mode Ramjet mostly shows off white plastic with silver used on parts like this upper arms and thighs. Since his transformation is similar to the "Universe" version of the character, a lot of the color layouts match up very cleanly with the previous version. Most of the paint color in this form is blue. You'll find it on the head, the wings, shoulders, forearms, torso and lower legs. Most of these patterns match up very nicely with "Universe" Ramjet including the blue on the top edge of the wings, the blue on the curved part of the forearms and in a distinct pattern around the front of the lower legs. Silver is seen on the wings, head and chest. The face is painted black with yellow eyes. It's a really nicely done paint job and I'm really happy with how much it matches the original.

Given that this sculpt has not been used a lot the joints are all still nice and tight. Like the previous version of the figure Ramjet's primary weapons are swords hidden in the wings. These are cast in clear plastic. I did have one issue however. When swinging the blade out, the halves had a tendency to pop apart. They snap back together without a problem with no stress marks. I did this about six times during the course of my review so I'm not too worried about it, but it's something to keep your eye on if you have this figure.

Final Thoughts:
Ramjet is a fantastic homage and update. The new head sculpt looks great and the deco is fantastic. Be warned this will probably cost you about $35-40 on the aftermarket but for the hardcore collector I think it's well worth it.