Transformers Timelines Tigatron Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Year: September 2006
Retailer: Botcon 2006 Exclusive
Price: Free give away to convention attendees
Accessories: Gun/engine, Cyber Key/"Disc holder"


I remember during the course of developing the story for the Botcon 2006 set, the question was presented to me as to whether or not it was ever established that the characters Tigatron and Airazor had existed before the Beast Wars as fully functional characters, or were they always just Protoforms before the Beast Wars. When it was suggested we bring in the character of Tigatron, the solution became a matter of having Tigatron and Airazor "data dump" their Sparks into the Protoforms we saw in Beast Wars, but due to the trauma, they would not remember their "previous lives".

However, before these dramatic events, we wanted to show Tigatron and Airazor in action. Since the original Tigatron toy was a redeco of the original Cheetor, we felt it appropriate to take the Clocker sculpt (with new head) and use it for Tigatron as well. The result is a figure that represents the heroic Maximal before the Beast Wars. Check out Cheetor's review for a detailed look at this figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the toy for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
Just as we had done with Cheetor, we wanted Tigatron's vehicle mode to have the primary colors from the Beast Wars era, in this case: white, green and black. The particular arrangement of this sculpt also required we work in a translucent color for the wheels and the front portion of the car. The result is a figure primarily cast in translucent grey and white plastic. The front section and the wheels are all cast in translucent grey (clear enough to see through). The rest of the vehicle is cast in white plastic.

On top of these basic plastic colors are red, metallic green, black and metallic silver details. The front section is painted metallic green on parts such as the hood and the outer edges of the windshield. On top of the hood is a large red Maximal symbol, just like the one on Cheetor's hood. Metallic green also makes up details running along the sides of the vehicle as well as the sides of the engine/gun piece mounted on the back. Black detailing is used on the engine/gun piece as well, but of particular note is its use on the car seats. There you'll find black in a striped pattern, resembling tiger stripes. While this is an embelishment, the idea was to foreshadow his future form, and I think it works really well. Finally, the exhaust pipes on the sides of the vehicle are cast in white, but painted metallic silver. The metallic shades of green and silver really work well in this form. White is a tricky color to use on a figure because it always carries with it the potential to look really dull. It's the colors you put on top of it that matter, and these were a fantastic choice.

The Cyber Key gimmick on Tigatron actually works better on mine than the Clocker I have from "Cybertron". The weapons snap up really well and the gun barrels point forward without a problem.

Robot Mode:
Tigatron winds up being mostly white plastic in this form since the translucent plastic winds up on his back and the exhaust pipes are under his arms. The true charm of this figure comes in its color scheme.

The design concept behind Tigatron mirrors that of Cheetor's. Elements of his future beast mode were incorporated in. Since Cheetor and Tigatron essentially shared the same head design in the show, it was a no brainer to reuse Cheetor's head sculpt. We made sure to make the deco on the head distinctive so he would not look like a Cheetor clone. To this end the face is painted metallic green, the eyes are red (as they were in the TV show) and in the best touch, he has his trademark whiskers right above his upper lip.

Moving further down, you'll find the stripes on the car seats are now on his upper arms, and actually extend around to the front of the upper arms. His chest also has black stripes set in a curved pattern and ending in points, resulting in a pattern that resembles fangs or claws. The circles on his chest are colored bright green with a black line through the middle, alluding to the colors of his future beast mode's eyes. Metallic green paint is used on smaller details such as the angled pipes on his mid-body and the sections right near his shoulders on the top of his chest. the result is a very striking looking pattern and set of colors set against his white body.

The rest of the body is pretty much white except for the lower legs, w hich are painted metallic green. Black is used for the squared off sections (where the pegs to his weapon connect in vehicle mode). Off to the left side of his left leg is a small Maximal symbol tampographed onto it. The extra bit of detail is needed since his waist and upper legs are all just white with no paint applications. The result is an even distribution of colors that look really nice.

All of Tigatron's joints are tight. Despite this sculpt being used several times already, there are no issues with the tool deteriorating (so it seems). The weapon and his exhaust pipes connect to the holes in his hands just fine as well.

Final Thoughts:
Tigatron is the perfect example of what any redeco should be. He offers a retooled part, a color scheme that pays homage to the character's previous appearances and he's a fun toy to boot. The colors chosen are all bright and dynamic and the whiskers on his robot face are an amazing touch. Be warned, since this was only available as a give away at the convention it won't be cheap to get him (I don't even see any on ebay as I write this) but be warned you could wind up spending at least $40 or more on this guy. Highly recommended for more hardcore collectors.