"Timelines" Botcon 2015 Exclusive Paralyzer with Buzzer Toy Review

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Paralyzer Drone with Buzzer General Information:
Release Date: June 18, 2015
Price Point: $169.00 (Four Pack with Mudfighter, Parasite and Storm Rider)
Retailer: Fun Publications
Accessories: Stinger/Blaster, Buzzer mini-figure

The theme of Botcon 2015 is "Cybertron's Most Wanted". This doesn't just refer to the story where the boxed set had a group of criminals in it, it also refers to toys that represent characters that fans have wanted for a long time - with a new spin of course. Parasite and Ripper were part of a four pack containing four separate redecos of the "Generations" Deluxe Waspinator and the mini Waspinator figure included in the Starscream and Waspinator two pack. You'll want to check out both those reviews for a more detailed look at those sculps. This review will focus on the changes made to the figures for this release.

While other figures released at Botcon 2015 call back to the pre-Transformers era of Diaclone toys, Paralyzer's inspiration is much more recent. His color scheme appears to be based on Bug Bite, the Botcon 2007 exclusive figure that was part of the boxed set! While Bug Bite was a vehicle to robot Transformer, his name does give a loose way to connect with an insect based beastformer.

The Waruders multi-pack is sealed in a large plastic bag. Each Waruder comes with tech specs and instructions and a mini figure. The Waruders are all in beast mode inside this package.

Buzzer is cast in yellow and grey plastic. The yellow is used for the limbs while grey is used on the main body. Silver is used to paint the wings and yellow paint is used on both the beast mode and robot eyes. This bright color against grey is reminiscent of the pre-G1 Diaclone pilots, which is appropriate since Buzzer is technically the "pilot" of the Paralyzer "exo-suit".

All the joints on this figure are still tight (and this sculpt has been redone several times already between the U.S. and Japan) and he can hold 3mm peg weapons. I was very pleased to see that this figure uses the same solid plastic as the first release. When it was released as Venin very soft, floppy plastic was used which was kind of sad. I'm really glad they didn't use the soft plastic on this figure.

On an interesting note, Buzzer's name is based off a G.I. Joe character, specifically a member of the Dreadnoks. Indeed, the other smaller figures included with the other Waruders all share names with Dreadnoks! This adds a level of homage to the figure that was unexpected.

Beast Mode:
Paralyzer is cast in white, black, lavender and translucent pink plastic. These colors are inspired by from Botcon 2007 Bug Bite, especially the black and white which were the main colors on that figure. The lavender plastic is inspired by the purple tampograph designs on Bug Bite. The orange plastic is inspired by orange deco from Bug Bite, and to be honest I had completely forgotten about the orange until I looked back at pictures of that figure. The orange is definitely unexpected but it adds a really interesting splash of color to the mix. The translucent wings look great against the white and black. This is an unusual color mix for a Transformers figure but it works.

The paint colors on this mode include pink, white and metallic black. The pink is used on the eyes and the white is used for the bands on the tail section. The metallic black is used on top of the head and it's a gorgeous color. It's a simple color scheme, but there's hardly a lack of variety of colors in this mode. Almost every section alternates between the plastic and paint colors on this figure and it never looks dull.

All the joints on this mode are tight, allowing the figure to stand on the insect legs very well. The mechanism that allows you to make the wings flap also works very well. You can atach Buzzer in his weapon mode to the hole on the right side of the tail section. It looks a tad awkward but it's a neat way to attach Buzzer in this form.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the stinger section on the tail, fold the stinger out and set it aside for now.
  2. Swing the sides of the beast mode out.
  3. Flip the beast mode over and swing the robot legs out.
  4. Push the tail section back.
  5. Rotate the robot hip piece around and push it down.
  6. Straighten out the robot legs.
  7. On each foot swing out the front and heel pieces.
  8. On the side of each leg, rotate the insect leg up.
  9. On the front section swing out each of the robot arms fully at the shoulders.
  10. Pull the halves of the beast mode head to the sides.
  11. Swing the beast mode head down and push it back.
  12. On each robot arm rotate the insect legs so they point up.
  13. Place the weapon in his hand.
  14. Buzzer can be placed in either hand in weapon mode.

Robot Mode:
Paralyzer's robot mode expands all the colors from the beast mode. Most of the white plastic is found on the head, chest and lower legs. The lavender and black parts are distributed to the rest of the figure. In this form the deco pattern is different from say, Parasite so Fun Publications didn't just take the same pattern and swap it out repeatedly. The head has a purple crest with beautiful metallic black outlines around the eyes. The chest has black details and pink on the chest where the insect eyes wind up. There are also orange paint applications used on the spikes on his lower legs. A bit of white detail is used on the forearms. The result is a very unusual, yet eye catching color scheme that immediately evokes Botcon 2007 Bug Bite.

In terms of stability most of the joints are tight except two of the most critical ones: the heels. Due to the way this figure is designed, it really needs the heels to be relatively strong, but the ones on mine do not hold firmly in place at all. With the insect's rear section and wings on his back, this makes the figure unstable and he winds up leaning back. He doesn't toally fall over thanks to his wings but that looks awkward. Fortunately there is a bit oof a solution. The robot legs can arch backward in a "chicken walker" like pose. If you do this it distributes the weight of the figure and adds enough stability that the figure can stand. This is really disappointing because functionally the rest of the figure has no issues at all.

Final Thoughts:
I found myself very let down by this figure. The heel pieces are its major downfall. Everything else is great and I want to emphasize that despite my final rating. I figure the average fan is going to wind up paying at least $30-50 for this one guy on the after market, and potentially $169 plus tax for the whole pack and for that you really expect something as basic as heel pieces to be stable.