"The Last Knight" Premier Edition Deluxe Cogman Toy Review

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The Last Knight

Cogman General Information:
Release Date: September 2017
Price Point: $19.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: Headmaster mini-figure, Sword

Official images above and text in italics below are from the Official Hasbro Web Site:
Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Deluxe figures feature articulation with movie-inspired detail. This Premier Edition features some iconic characters from Transformers: The Last Knight. This Deluxe Cogman figure includes a detachable Titan Master head that works with other Titans Returns figures (sold separately).

In the explosive Transformers: The Last Knight movie, new heroes rise to forge a future for all. Cogman might look like a welcoming butler, but if a Decepticon attacks those he protects, the calculating Autobot will strike back with colossal retaliation.

Figure Specs:
Premier Edition Deluxe Cogman figure
Modes: robot, sports car
16-step conversion

  • Includes Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Deluxe Cogman figure, 1 accessory, and instructions.
  • Premier Edition Deluxe Cogman figure
  • The Premier Edition lineup features Transformers: The Last Knight detailing
  • Converts between robot and sports car modes
  • Converts in 16 steps
  • Features 1 sword accessory and detachable Titan Master head
  • Figure scale: 5.5 inches
  • Ages 8 and up

Cogman is packaged in a Deluxe Class "Premier Edition" style box. The "Premier Edition" label separates this sub-line from the other parts of the series such as the Knight Armor Turbo Changers. This also meant the price point for the Deluxes went up for this line, averaging $19.99 at most retailers (though there was word Walmart dropped the price temporarily to around $16 when the figures were first released). The packaging was one of the methods Hasbro used to make the figure look like a premium item.

Instead of being carded, Cogman is in a plastic tray inside a box. The figure is packaged in robot mode. The box itself basically wraps around the tray. On the right hand side (if you are facing the box) is the vertical "Transformers" logo. Above that is the "Premier Edition" logo. On the left is Cogman's package art, which actually wraps around to the side of the package. The top has artwork of Optimus, Bumblebee and Drift. The back shows the figure in both modes touting an 16 step transformation. There is also a callout for the Headmaster mini-figure. On the left is a cosell for Voyager Class Nitro, hinting at the functionality between the two figures.

Cogman's weapon is a sword, but not just any sword. In the final battle of "The Last Knight", Cade's talisman transformed into the legendary Excalibur sword from Arthurian Legend. Like the on-screen prop, this sword has a T shaped handle and hilt with a circular symbol in the middle. The sword blade has a groove in the center that goes up almost to the top. The weapon is cast in silver with the handle painted black. Given that it was Cogman who recruited Cade into the fight it makes sense to include the sword with this character.

Headmaster/Titan Master:
When Edmund Burton was explaining the history of the Transformers on Earth to Cade and Viviane in "The Last Knight", he quickly mentions that Cogman is a Headmaster. However aside from explaining that he is "rare", Sir Burton offers no explanation as to what that means in the context of the movie universe. However, during the Paramount Super Fan Day in March 2017 Michael Bay described a scene to us fans involving Cogman ripping the head off a Decepticon (likely Nitro) and then taking over his body. Frankly the scene sounded amazing and we were very excited to see it. Of course, this scene never actually happened (nor was it a "deleted scene" on the home release). However, it would appear that at some point the planning of this scene and the toy line were in lockstep as Cogman was made into a Headmaster and Nitro's head can be removed to attach Cogman's in its place. Having this functionality with this figure was a fantastic idea.

This Headmaster figure is called a "Titan Master" in the official description above, but since Sir Burton described him as a Headmaster in the movie I am using that term for him instead. However the style of this figure is indeed like the Titan Master figures from "Titans Return". It is a small figure, about one inch tall and has the same basic design including having the knees and legs bend at the same time as well as a square-ish shaped head that can attach to any "Titans Return" body or mini-beast (or vehicle). The way I see it, this mini-figure is Cogman himself while his vehicle/body acts as the Transtectors like those from "Masterforce".

Head Mode:
In head mode, Cogman's design is based on the head design seen in the movie. This includes an oval shaped head, round eyes, a mouth piece that sort of resembles Bumblebee's and raised sections on the sides of the head leading to the jaw. This is a very detailed sculpt. Aside from the main features there are tiny details such as an intricate network of grooves above the eyes and on the sides of the mouth as well as circles on the sides of the head. I am very impressed with this sculpt.

There are three different shades of metallic silver used to make up this figure. The face plate is mostly gunmetal grey, the back has a mixture of two shades of metallic silver. Gold paint is used for several of the details on the face and the eyes are painted a bright blue. These colors all reflect the appearance of the appearance of the character in the movie. I think it was a great idea to use the three different metallic silver colors. It keeps consistent with the look of the character in the movie and also keeps him from looking dull.

Transformation to Robot Mode
Swing the back of the head down and straighten it out. Rotate the head around if necessary. The arms can move up and down from the sides.

Robot Mode:
Cogman's robot mode is based on the CG model used in the film. His head has the distinct design of the CG model from the film including the round helmet and eyes. The torso and the legs also have designs that are clearly influenced by the CG model from the movie, including vertical and curved line panels. Perhaps the most amusing design aspect is that the screw that holds the face plate to the torso is in the same place as the circle on Cogman's body! This screw is a part of the basic Titan Master figure design and I love how coincidence makes it appropriate for Cogman.

In this mode the lighter silver makes up most of the robot, with the arms cast in a slightly darker metallic silver. While it is not great to see unpainted parts on this figure this is pretty standard for the "Generations" Titan Master figures so I am not surprised. Also, the character was mostly silver to begin with so the colors work.

All the joints on this mini-figure are nice and tight. When connecting the head to the body, it is best to have Cogman's faces both facing the same direction.

Robot Mode:
Cogman's design in "The Last Knight" is intended to look like an antique robot, with some elements modeled after old style clocks. The result is a robot who looks like he has a suit of armor on with complicated gears and cogs underneath. Several of the key elements from the movie design carry over to this figure including:

  • The shoulders are curved with several curved lines that look like overlapping armor pieces.
  • The shape of the chest panels look like three overlapping layers of armor. one vertical, one horizontal and one under the horizontal strip.
  • The mid-body section has a circular section with a ton of tiny little details inside of it. This was one of the most distinctive design elements on Cogman in the film.
  • There is a distinct cuff-like piece near the elbows complete with tiny details in the middle.
  • The forearms look like they are covered in armor with angled pieces sweeping upward.
  • The legs have several pieces of curved armor on them, including a distinctive set of lines curving downward on the thighs.
  • the feet come to a distinct point in front.

Like the Headmaster figure, this figure is mostly made up of silver plastic with the wheels cast in black. You can see some clear plastic from the vehicle mode on the back. What is extraordinary however is the paint job on this figure. Black, gunmetal grey and gold are used to paint the figure. What is gorgeous is the way these colors are applied. Instead of just being painted on in thick layers, many of the colors are applied to look like weathering and staining. The details look absolutely amazing, especially on parts like the chest, waist and lower legs. Black is used on some sections for outlining such as the edges of the forearms and knee armor. To balance out all the silver, black and gunmetal colors, several parts are painted gold such as some of the curved lines on the lower legs, the shoulders and the circular section in the middle of the body. I absolutely love this deco. There are only has two weak points: the thighs and the inner forearms, both of which are unpainted.

There are fourteen points of articulation on this figure. That does not sound like a lot, but consider that four of those points (the shoulders and hips) are ball joints, giving Cogman a good range of articulation. He does lack waist articulation, but most of the other major points such as the elbows, knees and head are all able to move. Each of Cogman's fists has a 5mm port, allowing him to hold his sword or weapons from other figures in the line. Of course, the most fun action feature on this figure is the Headmaster gimmick. Not only can you use Cogman's head on Nitro's body (by popping off Nitro's head) but you can also attach his head to bodies from "Titans Return" including figures like Highbrow and Skullsmasher.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the Headmaster figure, transform it into robot mode and set it aside for now.
  2. Detach the sword and set it aside.
  3. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  4. Swing the fists up into the forearms.
  5. On each forearm, flip out the panel under the forearm and connect it to the sides of the shoulder armor.
  6. Swing the back of each ankle out slightly and swing out the panel.
  7. Rotate the ankle/foot pieces around so the feet are pointing at each other.
  8. Push the feet up.
  9. Swing the panel on the back down.
  10. Pull the hood piece up and rotate it around, then push it down. Swing the front grille piece down.
  11. Swing the arms up and connect it to the hood and grille pieces to form the front of the vehicle.
  12. Connect the panels from the foot sections to the arm sections.
  13. Swing the top of the cabin section forward, then push it down, connecting the tabs on the windshield to the corresponding openings on the hood piece.
  14. Press the rear side windows down.
  15. Flip the car over. Swing up the chest panel and swing the middle of the hip section down.
  16. The sword can attach to the tab on the back of the vehicle. The sword blade winds up sitting in the opening created by folding the middle panel down.

Vehicle Mode:
During an exciting chase scene in "The Last Knight", Cogman drives an Aston Martin DB11. This made the Aston Martin the perfect vehicle to serve as Cogman's "Transtector". In a very pleasant surprise, the vehicle mode is a licensed Aston Martin. After Barricade's vehicle mode was changed to be a non-licensed pseudo-Ford Mustang, I was worried this car would just be an approximation of a DB11. I like the look of this car in real life so it's neat to have a Transformers figure that can become this vehicle.

The designers made sure to include many of the key details from the real life vehicle. These include:

  • The grille has a distinct, wide design that curves downward on the sides. The middle has long, horizontal grille lines.
  • The hood has the distinctive, triangular Aston Martin symbol on it.
  • The top of the front half of the vehicle has four strips with cross hatch patterns on them.
  • The headlights are thin and curved inward with two "lights" sculpted inside.
  • The sides of the wheels have distinct looking "spokes" that form a design that looks almost star-shaped.
  • The rear lights have a thin "J" shape, with the shorter curve on top and the longer one on the bottom.
  • There are two exhaust pipes on the back, each located behind the rear wheel wells.
  • The triangular Aston Martin symbol can be found in the middle of the trunk door.
  • The interior of the vehicle has a dashboard sculpted into it. The center has a large circle flanked by smaller circles that is taken directly from the design of the actual DB11 interior.

Overall, this sculpt is a fantastic and represents part of the reason I really love the use of licensed vehicles in the Transformers toy line. Having the character turn into a real life vehicle adds to the fantasy of "robots in disguise" in "our" world.

This vehicle is mostly silver plastic. The wheels are cast in black. The cabin section cover and headlights are clear plastic. Black paint is used on the lower edge of the front end. It is also used to color the top of the cabin section cover. Solid grey is used for a curved line of detail on the sides of the cabin cover. The sides of the wheels are painted silver and the rear lights are painted red. All these color details are based on color patterns from the real life Aston Martin and they look great.

With Cogman being a Headmaster, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Headmaster figure can sit inside the vehicle. Lift up the cabin section and you will reveal two seats designed for Headmasters! Cogman can sit in one and you can have any Titan Master head/figure sit inside. This feature also calls back to the film where Cogman was driving Sir Burton around.

Final Thoughts:
Cogman is one of the coolest figures to come out of "The Last Knight". He looks great and he's fun to play with. As a warning, he is not the easiest figure to get at retail price due to being one of the last figures in the line (which traditionally get shorted). I wound up purchasing an entire case to guarantee I would get one (and his casemates of course). If you can get him at a reasonable price, I highly recommend it!


  • Cogman being a Headmaster ties into an "unfilmed" scene in the movie.
  • The Headmaster feature adds cool play value.
  • The sculpt on both the Headmaster figure and the Transtector are fantastic.
  • The deco looks great, especially the details that look like "staining".
  • Having the accessory tie in to Excalibur was a great idea.
  • Very cool (and licensed) vehicle form.


  • Could use a few more paint applications.