Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Starscream Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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There are many among the DECEPTICONS who believe that STARSCREAM is every bit as dangerous as MEGATRON, and with good reason. The DECEPTICON ace has been with MEGATRON from the very beginning, and lists just as many famous and powerful AUTOBOTS among his defeated opponents. No robot, no matter how powerful, can hope to beat him in the air. Even on the ground his power is legendary. His armored face shelters eyes that constantly scan for any advantage, and a mind that is always plotting.

Recreate exciting movie scenes with this awesomely detailed figure – or just add him to your collection! For play or display, this skilled soldier is a must-have for AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON fans alike!

Fully poseable figure is movie-accurate to the finest detail! Figure does not convert.

It would be hard to imagine a Transformers movie based on some G1 characters to not feature Starscream. The character has been a staple of the Transformers line through several iterations of the franchise. In the first movie, Starscream was one of the few Decepticons to escape at the end of the movie, and he's back this time in the same form, but this time covered in Cybertronian "tatoos" no doubt influenced by his servitude to the powerful "Fallen" character.

The hardest part of creating a figure of Starscream is that the character is very thin. Having been based on an F-22 raptor jet, this is hardly surprising. When you create jets that transform into robots, one of the consequences is "undercarriage junk", where several parts of the jet wind up taking space on the bottom of the jet mode, taking away some of its sleek design. This isn't true for all cases, but for the Starscream figure from the first movie it definitely applied. Since this figure doesn't transform, we end up with a relatively thin figure that looks very much like the on screen CGI model.

Despite being thin, Starscream hardly looks weak. His torso design is very wide, particularly on the chest section which has a bit of bulk in the form of armor panels and machinery sticking out a bit. What I find interesting is that his arms are relatively thin, but also wide, giving another impression of strength. Several of the jet parts stick out, alluding to Starscream's alternate form while giving him a sleek appearance. These include wing fins and panels sticking out on his shoulders as well as the thin cockpit section on the center of his torso. Turn the figure around and more power gets conveyed by boosters sculpted onto the back panel. There are also a lot of panels and bits of machinery that stick out from the main body without being too obtrusive including boosters on his back, raised machinery on his chest and armor panels on his back.

When I look at this figure, I keep thinking "Does he actually have this much detail in the CGI model?". I'm only half kidding as I look at a ton of tech detail on the chest including wires, circles, tubes and machinery all within the triangular chest sections. His head sculpt has the mandibles from the CGI model and the rounded helmet shape split into sections. His forearms also have a lot of detail due in part to his weapons being built into those sections. The left arm has wiring and machinery leading to hints of his claws holding onto a missile launcher with wings on either side. His right arm shows his full claw arm with a machine gun mounted on the top of the forearm. I love the fact that the designers made it a point to put different weapons on each arm since Starscream was shown using both arms differently in the movies.

Starscream is cast in two shades of grey plastic, one dark and another even darker. The darker grey is used on his waist section and feet while the rest of the figure is the lighter shade. Silver is used for a lot of the larger patches of detail including the wires and machinery in his chest and the front armor on his waist. Gold is used on smaller parts that appear to be part of the machinery including tubes on either side of the waist armor panels and wires towards the top of the chest section. Gold is also used for small bits of detail on the robot head. Metallic blue is found scattered on the body including the boosters and the robot head. Red paint is used for the robot eyes and parts of the elbow joints. Starscream's aforementioned tattoos appear in grey paint all over his body. What's neat is that the tats are not all symmetrical. On his wings and waist the patterns are the inverse of each other, but on his legs and back wings they aren't.

Starscream has twenty two points of articulation. This includes four points of articulation in each arm and five in each leg, allowing Starscream's legs to assume the bent "chicken walker" like position the CGI model uses. I did notice his head was very tight on its ball joint and I had to use a bit of strength to budge it before it would move smoothly.

Final Thoughts:
Starscream is a fantastic looking figure. While the current Voyager Class version is a big improvement over the Starscream from two years ago, this figure really represents what you see on the big screen. The sculpt is highly detailed and the paint job looks fantastic. Highly recommended!