Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Megatron Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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MEGATRON is power. He has fought too long to be terminated by a single gesture of a human worm. His devoted DECEPTICONS know this, and searched long and hard to find him, and bring him back. Once again, he lives, and hungers for revenge against the puny creatures that thought to destroy him and hid his chassis at the bottom of the sea.

Recreate exciting movie scenes with this awesomely detailed figure – or just add him to your collection! For play or display, this fierce-looking figure is a must-have for AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON fans alike!

Fully posable figure is movie-accurate to the finest detail! Figure does not convert.

The strength of the "Robot Replicas" line is its ability to create a well sculpted figure free from the constraints of transformation. One character that benefits a lot from this is Megatron. I should note that I'm writing this review right after writing the review for the Legends Class Megatron figure, so my disappointment with that figure might skew my thoughts on this figure justa bit.

While he is resurrected with a new alternate form, Megatron is mostly rebuilt from his core body in "Revenge of the Fallen", so his appearance has not changed too dramatically between the first "Transformers" movie and this one. His basic form resembles a warrior in curved and jagged armor that seems to have taken bits of human musculature and bone structure as its inspiration in design. For the most part, Megatron is designed to look like death incarnate, and this figure reflects that very well.

What makes Megatron ideal for the "Replicas" treatment is his very human like shape, and here his proportions reflect the asymmetrical design of the CGI model from the movie. This time out, Megatron's right side has extra armor on the shoulder and his right arm is much larger than the left as it contains most of his weaponry. His legs are a lot bulkier this time as well. Since his alternate mode is a tank, a good portion of his lower legs and knee area are made up of the treads from his alternate form (an idea reminscent of past Transformers such as Beast Machines Tankor). The left arm looks more like the arm he had from the last movie complete with spindly looking fingers. Interestingly, when casting this figure there are plastic bits filling in the areas between his fingers. Each individual finger is there and sculpted rather well. Had they not kept the extra bits of plastic, it would look more CGI model accurate, but at the same time I think they would have risked people tearing the fingers off while extracting the figure from the package. Someone with a skilled enough hand could probably use a sharp knife and carve those parts away, but I don't recommend doing it unless you're either a) Supervised by someone who knows what they're doing or b) Just that good.

Megatron's sculpt is fantastic. I can honestly say that I was blown away by how awesome and evil this sculpt looks. The head has the now-familiar Decepticon symbol shaped helmet with beady, creepy eyes. His mouth is open in a toothy snarl which I love. The main body is a visual buffet of raised edges, angled parts, sharp looking points and jagged edges. My favorite sculpted piece is his right arm. The armor on the shoulder is reminscent of ancient Earth armor and his lower arm is set in the "transformed" position of a cannon with two blades. Unlike the "Robot Replicas" Optimus Prime figure, the designers did not skimp here. The blade is actually so long that it goes past the feet if you straighten it out. It's sculpted beautifully with lethal looking curves and a fluid base that looks mechanical and liquid at the same time. I dig how the larger blade has a scope on it, almost as if it allows Megatron to more accurately target his enemy's weak points and stab them just right (which happens in the film at least once).

My next favorite details are found on the back. Along the center of the back are several raised, rectangular bits that look like parts of a spinal column leading up to his head piece. He also has holes at the back on each shoulder blade indicating the spot where his rocket boosters seen used in the movie would be. The shoulder armor extends back, covering those holes slightly, enhancing the appearance of rocket boosters he can use in robot mode.

I also really dig the leg design. They're choc full of detail including boosters on the back of his thighs and intricately sculpted treads on the lower legs. I really enjoy how one detail flows into each other. For instance, he has curved parts on the top of his thighs, which then blend right into his knee armor which follows a similar curve. They look almost seamless until you bend the leg at the knee which looks awesome.

Megatron has eighteen points of articulation. This year's Robot Replicas did away with the Revoltech joint type system and instead focused on the use of ball and ratchet joints for articulation. Megatron has the same interesting chest articulation as Optimus Prime where the halves of the chest are on ball joints, allowing the chest to look as if it were pushing out and giving the arms a bit of extra articulation. Each leg has four points of articulation and he can turn at the waist as well. What's funny is that I almost ignored the waist articulation in my count since the sculpted bits make the waist and upper body look like one solid piece, but it does indeed turn and it's a testament to the sculpt that my eyes just glossed over this detail initially.

Megatron is cast in metallic blue-silver plastic. Black, orange and red paint are used for detailing, mostly on the head and cannon. His face is painted black with red used on the eyes, creating a particularly demonic effect. Orange is used for the scopes and the ends of the cannon on his right arm. Black is used to fill in the tread details, but it is also used as a wash all over the figure, giving it visual texture. The slightly dirty/gritty look enhances the appearance of the figure by making it look like a real machine that has seen action on the field and it looks fantastic.

Final Thoughts:
While I still mourn the loss of accessories and extra bits to attach to "Robot Replicas" figures, Megatron's sculpt is just too awesome not to love. It also helps that this particular iteration of the character has not been represented in this way before. I still say the price tag is a bit steep, so while I do highly recommend this figure, I still think it's aimed towards the higher end collector and not your average kid who just wants a transformable figure to knock around.