Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Tankor Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: August 2009
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Roll out against AUTOBOT forces as you stage your own battles with this TANKOR figure. Engage with the good guys in robot mode, then quickly maneuver for robot-to-vehicle conversion and try to crush them in tank mode! Add this fierce fighter to your collection and decide the fate of the Universe!

DECEPTICON villain figure converts from robot mode to tank mode and back again!

The name Tankor is a pretty significant one in Transformers history, though it does not bear the same weight as names such as Starscream or Bumblebee. First introduced in 1999 as part of the Beast Machines toy line, Tankor was a giant engine of destruction, one of the powerful Vehicon Generals who led Megatron's Vehicon drone tank hordes. The name would pop up again now and then in the Transformers toy line, including a Universe iteration as an alternate universe version of the character. When it came time to redeco the Legends Brawl sculpt from the 2007 movie line, the character of Tankor was natural inspiration.

Robot Mode:
Tankor is a redeco of the Decepticon Brawl Legends Class sculpt, and it's important to keep that in mind as you look over the figure. Not only am I judging it by its resemblance to the movie Brawl, but also how appropriate it is to use as a base for a Tankor redeco. Being a Legends Class figure, I would not expect him to have all the extra equipment larger versions have had including his shoulder cannons and extra guns mounted on his arms etc. That said, the designers did manage to recreate Brawl's general features. The front of the tank treads wind up near his shoulders on his upper body, the front of the tank forms his chest and the back of the tank forms his legs. His arms are formed from the tank turret, so much of the detailing from those sections wind up on his arm including the turret of his tank cannon. The missile launchers sculpted into the tank turret also wind up on his arms, making him a rather heavily armed Legends Class figure!

Smaller details of Brawl's base design are incorporated into this form as well. On the chest, you'll see the five raised lines representing the sweepers mounted onto the front of the tank. His head design is rectangular in shape with sculpted lines giving him narrow eyes and an unusual mouth with a raised, rectangular section in the center and parts angling downward from that section. Instead of regular four or five fingered hands that you see on most Transformers, Brawl has claws, and in that sense Tankor is a great character choice here since the character did not have hands but simple claws. The leg details also borrow movie design elements, most notably layers of armor set in sharp looking angles. It's great to see this much detail in a Legends Class figure, especially of a character that is rather complex in appearance. Between the head design, claw hands and having one big cannon, it also becomes obvious why he was a great choice to make into Tankor since that character had very similar features.

Tankor is cast in light blue plastic. What surprised me is that he only has one base plastic color, even for his small wheels. I believe this was partly due to the desire for more paint detail than the average Legends Class figure. Tankor's paint colors are metallic red, gunmetal, yellow, silver and blue. His eyes are painted red, and on the left side of his chest you'll find a red X painted in front of the tank tread near his shoulder. Both of these details are direct carry overs from Beast Machines Tankor. You'll even note his eyes are painted in a horizontal line going across the head, similar to Beast Machines' Tankor's eyes. Gunmetal is used for the tank treads, most visible in this form on his upper body. Yellow is used for hazard line details found on both his chest and the sides of his lower legs. Silver is used on the robot head as a backdrop for the red eyes and on the legs where it is used to paint the armor panel details. On top of the silver on his chest is a blue Decepticon symbol that is rather large and bold looking. Overall, the deco on this figure is impressive for both a Legends Class figure and as a homage to Beast Machines Tankor. I love how they captured a lot of the main details from that character such as the hazard lines and the red X in a size class that generally doesn't have a lot of paint detail.

Tankor has four points of articulation in this form, one for each arm and leg. Each of these is a ball joint, allowing for a wide range of movement.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the feet up into the lower legs.
  2. Connect the two legs together.
  3. Swing the arms back and extend the tank barrel on the right arm.
  4. Swing the legs and waist section back.
  5. Swing each arm up and connect them together.

Vehicle Mode:
Brawl's vehicle mode was a modified Abrams tank, and while the robot mode managed to take only a couple of the character's primary features from the CGI model and incorporate them into the toy, the tank mode actually has almost all the crucial details. Among the biggest details are those on the turret. The turret has its central cannon as well as smaller guns mounted on the top. In addition to those guns are missile launchers on the sides towards the back of the turret. However, instead of four missiles per launcher, there are only two. On the lower portion of the tank, you'll find the wheels of the treads sculpted into the sides along with the beveled details on the sides of the vehicle. He also has smaller details such as the diamond shaped armor panel on the front of the tank and small rectangular headlights in the same area. Beast Machines Tankor was a Cybertronian tank design, and in vehicle form his primary weapon was one cannon. This version of Tankor is more heavily armed but keeps within the spirit of the character.

Silver and yellow paint take center stage in this form. Silver is found on the front end and the yellow hazard stripes from the robot legs now appear on the sides of the vehicle towards the back. His treads are painted gunmetal grey, giving them the look of being made up of real working machinery which the light blue color would not have done on its own. The color scheme is simple in this form, but it still conveys the homage to Beast Machines Tankor very well.

Due to the way he transforms, Tankor does not have the ability to turn his turret. He rolls on small wheels attached to the underside of the vehicle.

Final Thoughts:
Tankor is a fantastic redeco of a Legends Class figure. I was very surprised by how many deco patterns it has. The sculpt was a perfect choice for a Tankor homage not only because of the vehicle mode, but because of features like his robot head design and claw hands. Recommended!