Revenge of the Fallen Legends Sideswipe Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: June 2009
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Roll out against DECEPTICON forces as you stage your own battles with this SIDESWIPE figure. Engage with the bad guys in robot mode, then quickly maneuver for robot-to-vehicle conversion and race after them in concept car mode! Add this AUTOBOT ally to your collection and fight for the fate of the Universe!
AUTOBOT hero figure converts from robot mode to Corvette StingRay concept mode and back again!

Sideswipe is an interesting character. In "Revenge of the Fallen" he doesn't have a very high profile role compared to the likes of Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. Still, his ultra sleek vehicle mode and his dynamic appearance definitely strike a chord. I remember seeing my friend's jaw drop almost every time Sideswipe appeared on screen. He is an interesting looking character and it made him a natural character to get a figure on the Legends scale.

Robot Mode:
Sideswipe's robot mode is an interesting play on the classic Autobot design where the front of the car becomes the chest, the doors wind up on the arms and the rest of the car forms the legs. However, Sideswipe's design reverses this by making the back end of the vehicle the chest piece and by having the doors act as key design points as his weapons. The use of the rear of the vehicle mode as his chest makes sense since it is visually much more interesting with its triangular shaped lights and the sides angling up to the sides. Having his blade weapons on his doors is a fantastic move, making part of his vehicle mode a functional part of the robot mode. While I questioned the decision at first, the design of his legs being on wheels is very cool and works with the use of blade weapons by making him blindingly fast. It's great to see such a cool design represented at such a small scale.

Many of the details from the CGI model carry over here. First is the head design which has a rather unique helmet section with raised sections sweeping back dramatically on the top and sides. Rather than the traditional flat mouthplate, Sideswipe's face has a mouth/chin section that comes forward in a triangular shape to a point at the chin. His waist design features the layered look of the movie model along with the pieces on the sides that extend out and upwards right above the legs. The outside of his doors look just like the car doors, but look inside and you'll see the blade shapes of his arm weapons as well as three fingered hands. The legs have a good deal of detail on the lower legs near the "wheeled foot" sections including curved armor and a piston on the sides. Overall, there's quite a bit of detail on this lower guy.

Sideswipe is cast in silver and black plastic. Most of the body is silver with black used on parts such as his wheels and upper legs. Red, blue, metallic blue and black are used for his color details. The red is used for the vehicle's rear lights which show up here on the chest, offering a sharp color contrast with the silver color that makes up most of the character. Blue can be found on the robot head in the eyes, continuing the theme of blue-eyed Autobots. The metallic blue is found on his faceplate and mid-section. The Autobot symbol on his chest is painted in black. While it may not be CGI model accurate, I do like the way the Autobot symbol looks there. It's bold and leaves no question as to what side this guy is on.

There are six points of articulation on this figure. His arms can move up and down and his legs can move both at the hips and knees. While his feet are designed to look like the wheels shown in the CGI model, he has heel pieces that allow him to stand while not being visually obtrusive, a nice touch I appreciate.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push in each heel piece.
  2. Move each robot leg up and out to the sides so the wheel details are facing you.
  3. Swing the legs down at the knees and connect the two halves together.
  4. Rotate the robot arms so they are pointing backwards.
  5. Swing the robot chest section up.
  6. Push the doors back and in against the body of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Sideswipe has one of the most sleek vehicle modes out of all the Autobots, and that sleek look comes shining through in this vehicle mode. It features all the primary details of the Corvette concept including:

  • The raised wheel wells are all present with their smooth yet angled look.
  • The headlights are the same distinct "strip" designs as the real life Corvette concept.
  • The cabin section has the distinct "tear drop" shape of the real life vehicle where the windshield is wide and then comes to a point in the back.
  • The hood has the familiar checkered flag logo found on real life Corvettes.
  • The front grille has the aggressive looking grid design from the real life car.
  • The sideview mirrors are thin and rectangular set very close to the main body of the car.
  • While it is not obvious at first, look on the back end of the car and you'll see the "stingray" symbol sculpted into the back. Because of the scale it looks more like a circle with a tail, but it's no doubt it's meant to represent the animal the Corvette Stingray is named after.

Like the robot mode, this mode is mostly made up of silver and black plastic. Here, black is used for the wheels with the rest of the vehicle being silver. You can still see the details on the rear from the robot chest and his wheels. The headlights are metallic blue while the windshield is painted flat blue. Interestingly, the rear parts of the side windows are light blue, creating something of a fading effect from the windshield to the sides. The blue is very striking against the silver that makes up most of the car and looks fantastic.

Final Thoughts:
I really like Sideswipe's design and the vehicle mode is just pure awesomeness. This tiny representation of the character looks fantastic in both modes. He'd make a perfect figure to sit on your desk at work to fiddle with or for kids to put in their pocket and take to school. Highly recommended!