Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battler Cannon Blast Megatron Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $10.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Missile


With the second Transformers film being called "Revenge of the Fallen", many speculated that "Fallen" referred to those Decepticons who were destroyed in the first film. However, when it was revealed that "The Fallen" is actually an existing character all his own, many began to wonder if Megatron would return. What kind of Transformers film doesn't have a Megatron or Galvatron as a villain anyhow? Well, months later the speculation can end as it has been revealed that Megatron is indeed returning. He has appeared in the trailer and there is even a wallpaper of him on Hasbro's web site. Megatron is definitely back, and in the toy world one of his first appearance will be as a Fast Action Battler!

Robot Mode:
Megatron is a form that took getting used to in the first movie. Aside from his cannon arm, some head design bits and being silver, he had little to no resemblance to his G1 namesake (unlike Optimus Prime, who is instantly identifiable). His form was largely defined by jagged edges, sharp bits of armor and metal and his skull-like face made him look like death itself walking the Earth (which I'm sure was part of the point). In his new incarnation, Megatron takes these elements and works them into a new form altogether.

The jagged armor look that so defined the first Megatron is still present. No parts exemplify this more than his torso, which is just layer upon layer of sharply defined armor pieces layered on top of another. There is almost a chaotic look to it until you look carefully and realize everything is indeed symmetrical. His head design now resembles a heavily modified version of the Decepticon symbol, complete with a high crest in the center and the triangular point below his chin. The new Megatron has an asymetrical arm design. His left arm is the smaller one, consisting of a large shoulder armor piece over a smaller and thinner forearm. The right arm is the larger arm, complete with a large armor piece over the shoulder and his weaponry including a missile launcher and blade. It's no surprise the right arm was chosen for this as many versions of Megatron (and Galvatron) have traditionally used the right arm as the arm they carry their primary weapons on. I like seeing this tiny bit of continuity between the G1 character and the movie version.

There's a lot more detail on this than jagged looking bits on his torso. His left hand has sculpted fingers that look long and almost like surgical equipment. The right has some layers of detail at the elbow area that look almost like the segments of a spine leading up to his large "cannon hand" with large claws and a missile barrel at the end. His back has several horizontal, raised details that look like bones surrounding a rib cage, continuing the theme of a Megatron that looks like death itself. These bone-like details have other details mixed in including tubes and circles which look really nice. The final details which really differentiate Megatron from his previous form are his legs, which give away his alternate mode. The upper legs are very standard looking armor pieces but his lower legs are mostly treads from a tank. The sides have some really awesome detail work including wires, tubes and gears. I'm a sucker for such detail, especially when it appears on a figure meant more for kids than collectors. It really shows the designers taking pride in their work and wanting to make the figure look as good as it can.

Megatron is cast in silver and grey plastic. The silver is used on parts like his head and lower arms with grey making up the rest. There's a metallic shine to some of the parts such as the panel that makes up his back. Paint applications are done in silver, red, black and blue. Silver is used to color most of his torso, the sides of his legs and his right arm. His robot face is painted a darker metallic silver, which contrasts nicely against the red eyes! Red is also used on his blade weapon mounted onto the right arm. Black is used on his legs, filling out the color for his treads.

Simply judging by the wallpaper on Hasbro's site, this figure is very accurate to the CGI model. His torso has armor raised high to the sides of his head, one arm has larger armor than the other and the treads look very integrated into his legs. Some details are a bit different. For instance, on the CGI model it looks like the armor on the side of his head protrudes up more (looking even more like the Decepticon symbol). Also, on this figure the armor on the sides of his head seem to curve forwards from his back, but on the CGI model they seem to curve up and then come down, forming more of a half circle on either side of his head. These differences are minor however and I am really impressed by how awesome this figure looks.

Megatron has eleven points of articulation in this form. This includes his waist and legs, but be warned, some of his articulation is limited. His head can turn, but only a little bit since he has the armor on either side. His knees can bend, but not all the way back and his left forearm only swings back, not forward as part of the transformation.

The primary weapons in this form are located on the right arm. The arm itself is a missile launcher. Press the silver button and his missile fires out at the end. You can also swing his blade out and then pull the arm up and let go for a spring loaded "slashing" action. The blade looks excellent and will make an interesting counterpoint to Optimus Prime's blades if it appears in the movie. I love the bit of red paint used on the blade, which gives it the look as if it were glowing with energy.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Fold the left forearm back against the upper arm.
  2. Push the robot head down which swings the robot arms back automatically.
  3. Snap the two arms together to form the tank barrel.
  4. Swing the robot waist down and connect the legs to the torso section using the pegs on the legs and holes on the chest.

Vehicle Mode:
As his robot mode practically gave away, Megatron's new vehicle mode is a Cybertronian tank. It is cool to see that Megatron has taken on a form that the character has been given since Generation 2. I think it was a great idea to represent Megatron's firepower using an alternate form that is mentally associated with powerful firepower in popular culture.

What is cool is that this is not an Earth based tank. Just as Megatron's vehicle mode in the first Transformers movie was a Cybertronian aircraft, this tank is clearly based on the same design principles. He has a lot of pointed and angled parts, all of which were visible in robot mode, but come together in a very interesting fashion here. I love how his arms come together and look like a regular tank barrel with a rounded base and a cannon barrel. The way the details work overall they seem to flow into each other rather than being segmented portions as you will find in most real life tanks. Here you'll see how the tread details from the upper legs in robot mode become the front treads and the treads on the lower legs become the top portion of the treads, which looks really cool.

There are no color surprises here. The combination of silvers and greys remain, with the Decepticon symbol on the turret being slightly more prominant in this form than in the robot mode.

Pressing the button on the side of the barrel fires the missile. You can flip out the blade too if you want to imagine Megatron ramming an enemy to slice them up in this form. The only shame is that the turret cannot turn since it is formed by having the two arms lock together. Megatron doesn't roll on his treads, instead he has four small wheels on the underside of the vehicle that he rolls on instead. It's a small problem since the figure looks awesome and is fun to boot.

Final Thoughts: