Revenge of the Fallen "Fury of Fearswoop" Three Pack Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: November 2009
Price Point: $24.00
Retailer: Wal-Mart Exclusive
Accessories: Missiles x 2


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Create some of your favorite movie action or stage your own Autobot versus Decepticon battles with the Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen The Fury Of Fearswoop robot-to-vehicle figures. Convert Autobot Sideswipe and Mudflap figures from robot to concept-car vehicle mode and back again! The Decepticon Fearswoop figure changes from a robot with two launching missiles, to fighter jet mode.

Fourth quarter of 2009 saw the release of a ton of exclusive Transformers items in various stores including Wal-Mart. One of these exclusives is a three pack of two Legends Class figures and one Deluxe Class figure. The deluxe figure is Fearswoop, a redeco of Dreadwing and Overcast from the 2007 movie. The other two are Sideswipe and Mudflap. Check out those previous reviews for a detailed look at the figures, this review will focus on the changes made to the figures for this release.

Mudflap Review


Robot Mode:
The colors and deco pattern for Mudflap are the same as the mass release of this figure. However, several new details have been added in the form of scratches supposedly inflicted on the Autobot by Fearswoop. These scratches are found on the door panels on his shoulders, the back of his head and the left arm. The scratches are painted in silver. Each door has three scratches on it. The ones on the right are horizontal and the ones on the left are set at an angle. On the back of his head are two scratches and on the arm are three long scratches. This is definitely a nice "battle damaged" look for the character that fits in with the design of Fearswoop's claw hands.

All of Mudflap's joints are tight. Considering the sculpt has only been used a couple of times so far this isn't a surprise but it is still nice to see.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the robot head down.
  2. Swing each robot arm back.
  3. Rotate the arms up and connect them together to form the top of the vehicle.
  4. Swing the robot legs up and connect the two feet together.

Vehicle Mode:
All of the details consolidate in this form. The scratches from the left arm become a lot more prominent and are found on the top of the vehicle. The scratches from the back of the head and chest match up to form two scratches on the hood of the car. The other scratches are found on the sides of the vehicle. I like the way the scratches are visible in robot mode, but come together to form larger damage marks in this form.

Sideswipe Review


Robot Mode:
Like Mudflap, this figure retains the same basic deco as the original version. The "scratch" details in this form are a lot less obvious than those on Mudflap when looking at it from the front. Here you can only find two scratches on the sides of each arm and three on his back. These details are painted in dark silver. It's a bit disappointing. I was hoping to see more of the scratches in this mode, perhaps on his chest or waist.

Not only are Sideswipe's joints as tight as the first version of the figure. In fact, I think the legs are tighter on this version of the figure than my first release Legends Class figure.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push in each heel piece.
  2. Move each robot leg up and out to the sides so the wheel details are facing you.
  3. Swing the legs down at the knees and connect the two halves together.
  4. Rotate the robot arms so they are pointing backwards.
  5. Swing the robot chest section up.
  6. Push the doors back and in against the body of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
In vehicle mode the scratches all become a lot more visible, and we get to see a few that weren't visible in robot mode. On the top of the vehicle are three curved scratches of different sizes. The hood has six scratches, all from the inside of the lower legs. The right side has curved scratches near the windshield while the other three are on the left near the headlight. The scratches from the arms are now on the doors, which pretty much makes Sideswipe just as beat up looking as Mudflap. I have to say I like the way Sideswipe looks in this mode a lot more than the robot mode. There's something about having such a sleek looking vehicle with "battle damage" that really reinforces the idea that the character has been in a fight!

Fearswoop Review


Fearswoop is a name taken from the later days of Generation One, around the time the line transitioned to Generation 2. He was originally a member of a team of Transformers known as the Trakkons. His deco however is based on a character from Generation 2 known as Hooligan. Hasbro was not able to trademark the name Hooligan, so they went with Fearswoop instead.

Robot Mode:
There are three base plastic colors here: orange, black and translucent yellow. Orange is the primary color, just as it was on Hooligan. Black makes up smaller parts such as the upper arms, waist, parts of the claws and feet. The translucent yellow plastic can be found in the center of the figure and his eyes. His accessories are also cast in translucent yellow. These three colors work well together and they pay proper homage to the Generation 2 Hooligan. The only color that figure had that is missing here is red, but somehow I don't find myself missing it.

Paint decos are done in black, silver and orange. The black colors are the most prominent, used to color the "tiger stripe" details inspired by similar details on Hooligan. These stripes are mostly focused on the torso and arms. Silver is found mostly on his arms, where they are used to color the mechanical details on the upper arms and parts of the wrist and claws. The orange paint is used on the translucent yellow missiles, giving them a wonderfully nuanced look. A final (and nice) touch are two Decepticon symbols on the sides of his head painted in purple.

All of Fearswoop's joints are tight, which was nice to see considering that the sculpt has been used twice already and it's a couple of years old. The missile launchers work very well too, firing almost a foot away when I tested it out.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Eject the missiles to keep them from flying all over the place during transformation.
  2. Rotate the stabilizer fins on the sides of the arms so the vertical ones point upwards.
  3. Make sure the claws are pushed down.
  4. Swing the wings on the back forward.
  5. Swing the waist back.
  6. Swing the robot arms down and then back.
  7. Swing the robot head up.
  8. Push in the chest halves together.
  9. Collapse the lower legs into the upper legs.
  10. Rotate the waist piece around and swing in the black foot pieces. Swing down the round knee armor pieces.

Vehicle Mode:
The vehicle mode is where all the details of this figure really come together with this new deco. The black tiger stripes are all over this form, from the front of the vehicle all the way to the fins in the back. The black paint is also used heavily on the insides of the vertical stabilizers in the back. A really nice touch are white decos on the edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers in the back. This really adds to the whole "tiger" theme of the color scheme. I appreciate the fact that this was not a color inspired from Hooligan, but rather an original touch that actually takes the "tiger" theme one step further. Silver paint is found on the thrusters and orange paint is used on the edges of the cockpit cover. Simply put, this deco is awesome by itself and as a homage.

Final Thoughts:
I really like this three pack a lot. I think over time my perception of the Dreadwing sculpt has gone over to the more positive side, and of all the decos it's been given so far I'd say this is the best. It manages to take a homage and improve upon it. The Legends figures are more of a bonus than anything else, but the scratches are a great touch to tie them with the Deluxe figure. I also like the use of a story to explain the size differences between the characters, although in reality the proportions would work out even without the "enlarged Decepticon" story. The only reservation I have about this is the price. $24 is a bit more expensive than a Deluxe and two Legends Class figures should be, especially when all three are redecos and there's no retooling. I do recommend this set, but be warned it's hardly a bargain. I'd say this is more for hardcore collectors than anyone else.