Revenge of the Fallen Strike Mission Sideswipe Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: February 2010
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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SIDESWIPE is used to working alone, but he’s enough of a team player to recognize that younger AUTOBOTS can benefit from his experience. What MUDFLAP thinks is a simple race is actually a training exercise. SIDESWIPE intends to put the young warrior thought his paces, teaching him everything there is to know about offensive driving.

Recreate exciting movie scenes or stage your own living room battles with this AUTOBOT hero! In robot mode, this fierce fighter features deployable blade accessories and MECH ALIVE gearing that activates his shifting battle “armor”. When you’re ready to send your STRIKE MISSION SIDESWIPE figure chasing after his enemies, convert him to Corvette StingRay concept car vehicle mode and send him tearing through the “streets”! N.E.S.T. ALLIANCE PRODUCT

As the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line continues, several characters from the first waves of figures are being given new decos as part of their work with the N.E.S.T. team. Sideswipe is one of these characters, now taking on the monicker of "Strike Mission Sideswipe", which certainly sounds impressive, but as this review shows, a name does not necesarily make a cool figure. This figure is a redeco of the first release of Sideswipe, check out that review for a more detailed look at the figure. This review will focus on changes made to the figure for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
I took the first release of Sideswipe and put it right next to Strike Mission Sideswipe on my desk and stared for quite a bit before I began typing this review. I turned the two cars around, compared them from the sides, back, front etc. I think part of my brain was kind of in denial but nope, there's no denying it - Strike Mission Sideswipe has the exact same base silver color as the first release of Sideswipe. The only plastic color replaced are the windows, which are now red instead of blue. There are dark silver stripes added onto the car, one painted from the hood running down the center of the vehicle to the top of the cabin section. Dark silver is also used on the sides, painting the top half of the doors on the sides. Behind the front wheel wells are N.E.S.T. symbols in silver. The rear lights are still painted red and well, that's it. If none of this sounds particularly impressive well, it's because it's not.

I guess I'm kind of surprised. This is the third mass release of this sculpt in the U.S., the second having been the dramatically different Swerve. To go back to almost the same colors as the previous review just seems to lack imagination. Considering other iterations of Sideswipe have him using a "blue steel" theme, I'm surprised the designers didn't go for a metallic blue type of color scheme. Or how about a yellow based car that would have evoked Sunstreaker? While I understand the desire to use more realistic colors to keep the figure in line with the rest of "Revenge of the Fallen", different colors can help differentiate a figure enough to make it a highly sought after item instead of what feels like a rehash of an existing figure. Plus, I do feel ike there was a missed opportunity to create a "Revenge of the Fallen" Sunstreaker themed figure that could have gone along with the Sideswipe from before.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Separate the door pieces from the main body of the car.
  2. Push down on the rear wheels to slide the robot arms out from under the body of the car.
  3. Swing out the robot hands on each arm.
  4. Push down on each front portion of the headlights to separate the robot feet from the main body.
  5. Swing the right side hood panel down a bit, then out to split the hood into two halves.
  6. Swing the rear, center panel of the car (with the rear, translucent blue windows) up.
  7. Swing the robot waist section down and then up against the piece where the robot arms are hinged on. Pushing the tab into place will push the robot head up.
  8. Swing the hood panels down to form wing-like structures on the back.
  9. Fold the panel with the exhaust pipes down and point the exhaust pipes forward.
  10. On each foot, swing the round inner panels down, and then rotate the silver panels out of the way so you can swing the wheels down to connect to the inner panels.
  11. Swing the front silver panels on the feet to the sides.
  12. Swing the panels with the sideview mirrors back, then swing up the door panel on its hinges so it's vertical against his back overlapping the panel with the sideview mirrors.
  13. The blade/panels on each arm can be swung forward to form his sword weapons.

Robot Mode:
Disappointingly, in robot mode Strike Mission Sideswipe is no more impressive than his vehicle mode. The parts that were blue on the first release are now red. You can see in this form that his windows were cast in translucent red, but painted so they look opaque in vehicle mode. On the top of his chest, near his robot head is a silver Autobot symbol and well, really that's about it. He still uses silver and gunmetal/dark silver as his primary colors in this form and on his arm blades you can see the dark silver color from the sides of the vehicle mode.

All of Sideswipe's joints are tight, so despite being a third release I see no problems with it from a tooling standpoint. Heck, his blade weapons are actually tighter than those on my Swerve figure!

Final Thoughts:
I won't say Strike Mission Sideswipe is a bad figure, because he's not. He's actually a very cool figure that looks fantastic. What he does represent however is a bad redeco. If you're going to make someone spend $13 or so on another figure, at least make it different from what they already have spent $13 on only about half a year ago (and potentially another $13 less than a half year ago). Basically, Strike Mission Sideswipe feels more like a second chance at getting Sideswipe and a missed opportunity instead of a cool redeco. Recommended only if you missed him the first time around or really want to complete your N.E.S.T. set of figures.