Revenge of the Fallen Rampage Redeco Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: February 2010
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


Text from packaging:
RAMPAGE lives for fights like this one. As he and BUMBLEBEE circle each other, scanning for any advantage, he grins at the thought of the violence to come. He's heard stories of the AUTOBOT warrior's skill, and he looks forward to testing himself against it. Already, he can imagine his whips tearing his enemy's armor to pieces.

The Constructicons were introduced into the movie universe in "Revenge of the Fallen", but unlike their G1 counterparts, they really didn't get a lot of time to be seen as very distinct characters. Adding to that confusion is that each Constructicon seemed to be a member of a "model" unit. For isntance, Long Haul was seen in the battle with the humans in Egypt, but at the same time another "Long Haul" was combined with Devastator.

Rampage was a character who fought Bumblebee in the movie in a spectacular fight scene, but on screen he was a robot with red as his primary color. However, when Rampage was first released early on in the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line, the figure was mostly yellow. A "yellow Rampage" was indeed seen in the film, forming part of Devastator. This release of Rampage represents the actual Rampage who confronted Bumblebee in the film. This review will focus on the changes made to the original figure for this release. For more details on Rampage (and his two distinct robot modes and the mechanics behind them), check out the first Rampage review.

Vehicle Mode:
The color swaps for Rampage in this iteration are quite simple. The yellow plastic has been replaced with red. The silver plastic has been replaced with a darker, gunmetal color. His treads are now gunmetal as well instead of solid black. The translucent red plastic from the first Rampage has been replaced with translucent purple. The paint pattern is the same as the first release. Orange is used on the rear lights while black is used for a Decepticon symbol on the back and the cabin cover. Silver paint is used in the same places as the first release, most notably on the front grille of the vehicle and the edge of the shovel in the front. The color choices definitely make sense. Red was Rampage's primary color in the film, and several of his parts showed as a combination of silver and gunmetal colors. I also find the red color much more bold than the yellow, so it definitely catches the eye.

When I first saw red Rampage's vehicle mode, something felt "wrong", as if the vehicle mode was too simple color-wise. A look at the vehicle from the movie shows that is indeed the case. Most notably, there are two huge details that are not taken into account in this redeco. The first is the shovel itself, which has a grid on it in the movie, but is flat here with almost no details. The other involves the tubes that connect the treads with the rest of the vehicle. In the movie, they have yellow coloring on them, but on this figure they are not painted at all. This is quite disappointing, but to be fair I won't go so far as to say that it's a bad deco. It looks good and quite different from its predecessor (despite using the same color pattern).

Transformation to "Jackhammer" Mode:

  1. Detach the bars on the sides attached to the treads and swing them up.
  2. Swing the shovel forward.
  3. On the top of the vehicle, swing the two panels with smokestacks on them out to the sides.
  4. Swing the cabin panel up.
  5. Swing the treads out.
  6. Disconnect the long tread halves on the sides and pull the long section out.
  7. Swing the smaller wheel with the small tread piece on it down.
  8. Swing the two claws on the tread/arms together.
  9. Swing the outer halves of the shovel into the center, then swing the entire piece back onto the top of the vehicle, attaching the small slits in the shovel to the clips on the cabin section of the vehicle mode.
  10. Swing out the rectangular pieces on the shovel section and swing out the claw-like pieces.
  11. Swing the robot legs out, keeping them together. Bend them slightly at the knees.
  12. Swing the piston pieces down, and connect the ends to the thighs.
  13. Swing the claws on the back up against the back.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Disconnect the T shaped piece from the legs and attach them to the silver section of his chest.
  2. Split the robot legs apart.
  3. Swing the sides of the shovel on the back out at angles and swing down the claw like pieces on the back.

Robot Mode:
In both his robot modes, Rampage's color replacements are the same as the vehicle mode. Red replaces yellow, black is replaced by gunmetal, translucent red is replaced with translucent purple and silver paint is used in all the same places. The paint applications are done nicely, very tight and neat. and I guess, that's part of why I think this figure could have been a lot better. Check out this screen capture of the robot mode in the film and you'll see that he has a lot of scraped up parts and silver detailing on the red. I really wish the designers had taken this opportunity to give him some more detailing, using the gunmetal color or the silver.

All of Rampage's joints are still tight. He still suffers from the same mold issues as his predecessor due to last minute design changes on the figure, but he's every bit as functional as yellow Rampage.

On another note, I'm now picking up much better on the potential "Beast Wars" connection with this figure and character. His head has a very 'crab like' look to it, and with his "four legged" mode and claws, Rampage seems to be connected (at least in spirit) to Beast Wars Rampage, who was a crab in beast mode and had crab like features on his robot head.

Final Thoughts:
This version of Rampage has all the strengths and weaknesses of the first figure. Its greatest strength is the red color, which is more in line with the look of the character in the movie. Still, I'm very disappointed that the designers did not take this opportunity to do more with the deco. At the very least they could have tried to use a different deco pattern. While I am disappointed, I'd be lying if I said this was a bad figure, it's just not a really good redeco. If you're a hardcore collector, I would recommend you try to pick up the Japanese exclusive Rampage redeco, which features many of the redeco patterns I wish had been applied to this figure. Be warned however that at the cheapest it will probably cost you about $30 or so. Otherwise, pick this up if you did not get the first Rampage, otherwise you can skip it.