Revenge of the Fallen Jolt Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: October 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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JOLT loves to cause trouble. More than one group of DECEPTICONS has watched in confusion as JOLT, all alone, raced around them in circles, taunting them. They’re not used to AUTOBOTS acting crazy. Little do they know that it really is just an act – part of a plan to lure his enemies in close where he can delivery a crippling blow with his electro-whips.

Get ready to roll out with this AUTOBOT ally! This advanced conversion figure features a flip-out electro-whip in robot mode and converts to a super-cool Volt in vehicle mode! Recreate exciting movie scenes or get rolling with your own adventures. Whatever you decide, the battle is on – are you ready?

Pictures of Jolt leaked online months before the release of "Revenge of the Fallen" and I was rather curious about the character since he was one of the few Autobots joining Optimus' forces who wasn't based on some previous G1 character. While he did indeed appear in the movie, he sort of just popped in and out here and there. His biggest contribution to the film was helping Optimus Prime and Jetfire combine at the film's climax. I'm sort of hoping he gets a bit more "air time" either in the third movie or in future comic books based on the movie universe, but in the interim I'm happy to see that he has a deluxe based figure adding a much welcome original sculpt to the deluxe line up of "Revenge of the Fallen" figures.

Vehicle Mode:
As part of its cross promotion with car maker Chevrolet, the Chevrolet Volt was chosen as Jolt's alternate form. The Volt is a hybrid vehicle that boasts the ability to drive up to 40 miles gas free and is seen as one of Chevrolet's major steps forward in developing gas free vehicles. Considering the character's primary abilities seem to center around electricity, this is quite an appropriate vehicle mode for him to take on.

As part of the effort to make the vehicle look futuristic, Chevrolet created several details that are sleek and quite different from other cars on the market. Many of these features have found their way into the sculpt for Jolt's vehicle mode. These include:

  • Headlights set in thin strips that wrap around the edge of the car from the front.
  • Lights underneath the headlights that have an "L" shape that wraps around the corner of the car.
  • The side view mirrors are thin and angle at the part where they connect to the rest of the vehicle.
  • The rear of the vehicle is set very high compared to most vehicles, and instead of the traditional trunk section sticking out the back, the rear window curves all the way down to meet the spoiler.
  • similar to the lights in the front, the rear lights are strips that wrap around the corner of the car.
  • The Chevrolet logo can be found sculpted on both the front and back of the car.
  • The wheels have the same five spoke design found on the real life Volt.

It's no real surprise to me that the designers were able to properly replicate the design of the Volt. They did so with the earlier release of Jolt in Fast Action Battler form. However this version matches the proportions of the real life vehicle, looking less squat and longer instead. This results in a much more sleek appearance than the Fast Action Battler in this form.

Jolt is mostly cast in metallic blue plastic along with translucent blue and black plastic. The metallic blue makes up most of the car, with the windows cast in translucent blue. The black plastic is used for the four wheels. Paint applications are done in silver, gold, black and red. Silver is the color you'll see the most, used on the front grille, headlights, side view mirrors, wheel covers and the word "Volt" on the back of the vehicle. Gold is used for the Chevrolet symbol on the front (but curiously not the one on the back). Black is used for the horizontal sections on the sides of the car where the window meets the door panels and wrapping around the back of the vehicle. Red is used for the rear lights. The color scheme looks good and matches the movie a lot, but one thing that really bothers me is that the word "Volt" rubbed off the back of my vehicle a bit after two transformations. Oddly the rest of the text has stayed intact through several other transformations, but it is still a bummer. Among my favorite details are the red strips on the back and the way the headlights are painted in the front with a bit of white, giving some of that "L" shape the real life vehicle has even though the sculpt does not have it.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the doors out slightly.
  2. Split the rear section of the car.
  3. Swing the parts attached to the rear wheels down.
  4. Split the top of the cabin section in half and swing each half out.
  5. Swing out the halves of the vehicle mode grille section.
  6. Swing the hood cover forward.
  7. Swing the grille sections from the car back together.
  8. Swing the section with the front of the car down.
  9. Turn the rear halves of the vehicle so they are vertical to form the robot feet.
  10. Straighten out the robot arms.

There's a bit of debate bopping about with regards to the transformation of the feet. The official instructions have the feet turned up, however if you do that the connecting peg on the right leg makes one foot go higher than the other, giving him a tipped back appearance. My photos represent the feet remaining sideways which allow him to stand more evenly.

Robot Mode:
Most designs from the Transformers mythos utilize many parts of the vehicle mode in the robot form. One of the most common ways to do this is slap parts of the front of the car onto the robot's chest and wings on his back formed from car doors and be done with it. Bumblebee is a perfect example of this. Jolt is different in that most of his upper body has little indication of what his vehicle mode is. His designs seem to center around triangular shapes. His head has a high central crest and two antennae on the side of his head that sweep up from several angled features including smaller shapes under his ehes and on the side of the head. His head suclpt reminds me a lot of a bird, with the center section leading to a chin piece resembling a beak. It's a unique looking head design that is complex, but avoids the somewhat overused "insectoid" look that so many heads have used in the movie line.

The triangular theme continues on the central body. His chest piece angles downward to a triangular waist/hip section. Extending out in the center of the upper body are beveled sections coming out in a pointed shape. This section has a lot of details including circles on his chest and lines angling in horizontal and vertical directions.

Jolt's unique design continues on his arms, whic are highly detailed but end in claws instead of regular hands. The claws are nicely detailed, with hinges sculpted into each claw even though they don't turn. On the bottom of each forearm are piston like details that one can imagine moving as the claws move. His legs are also interesting looking, with two tires on top of each other on each of his thighs. It really is an interesting design element as it shows just how complex the transformations of the movie universe characters can be when tires from the side of the vehicle can actually wind up separated on the thighs. Among my favorite details on this figure are found on the inside of the door panels. There you'll see a complex set of wires, curves, vents and panels with bolts that really enhance the appearance of the robot mode.

The metalic blue color from the vehicle mode carries over into this form, making up parts such as the waist and panels on the back and legs. Translucent blue takes center stage more including panels on his arms and the front cover of the torso. Silver plastic is seen here on the back of his head, his upper arms and lower legs. Black is seen on the wheels, but also on the forearms. The brightest of the newly introduced colors in this form is electric blue. Several parts are cast in electric blue including his shoulder joints, several hinges, hip joints, foot joints and his whip weapons.

Silver paint is the primary color used in this form. You'll find it used mostly on his head, decorating parts of the robot face. He also has a red Autobot symbol on his chest. The official photos show that he was meant to have a red deco on his waist as well, but that did not make it into the final product. That's a shame because there is a distinct lack of deco that just makes this figure look awfully plain. I'm half expecting a redeco that will be more "movie accurate" like 2007's "Premium" series.

Jolt has eighteen points of articulation in this form. While some of these are great, including ball joints on his shoulders and hips, two are obstructed. His head is attached to a vertical piece that only allows the head to move a tiny bit up and down and to the sides. I stress tiny, to the point where you wonder "Why'd you even bother?". Another point which disappointed me a lot were the swivel joints on the knees. His knees can bend, and they look like they were designed to swivel in and out, but because there is a small piece of plastic in the way at the knees, the swivel joint is essentially useless. Considering how experienced the designers are with articulation points nowadays, this is a deep disappointment.

Jolt has two action features. First is his "Mech Alive" feature. If you turn his waist, a gear turns inside the chest. You have to look really hard to see it through the translucent plastic that forms his chest. I really had to stare quite a few times as I turned the waist to see this. It helps if you're in super bright light. On each arm you'll see a dial. Turn it and you'll swing his whip weapons forward. Each is sculpted with segments and end in a spear shaped point. They're not particularly long, and I found myself wishing the piece was thinner and had been made in two halves, with one half extending outward on a center hinge.

Final Thoughts:
Jolt was a last minute addition to "Revenge of the Fallen", and as much as he was treated like an afterthought in the movie, his action figure seems to have received a similar treatment overall. There is so much potential in this figure, and I really wanted to love it, and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some beautiful sculpting here. However, that's not enough to compensate for a relatively weak set of action figures, almost non-existent robot mode deco and odd choices on articulation points. Had his deco been better, I would have perhaps put him as mildly recommended, but at this point I would list him as not recommended unless you really want to round out your movie cast in your collection.