Hunt for the Decepticons Jetblade Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: June 2010
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Missile launchers x 2, Missiles x 2


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JETBLADE has been hiding out for years among human fighter planes. It was only recently that he hooked up with TERRADIVE, and the two became instant friends, vowing to remain hidden until the time was right. Even so, the temptation to catch the slow-moving TOMAHAWK out in the open was too much for the two dangerous DECEPTICONS.

Gear up for an intense robot battle with this JETBLADE figure! This warrior is ready to face down his toughest opponents with his spinning thruster accessories. Convert him to fighter jet vehicle mode so he can tear down through the “skies” in hot pursuit of any fleeing adversaries and deploy his launching “missiles”!

Awesome robot-to-vehicle warrior converts from robot mode with spinning thruster accessories to fighter jet vehicle mode with launching “missiles” — and back again! Ages 5 and up.

The "Hunt for the Decepticons" campaign starts off with a series of figures that feature both new and previously releaesd sculpts. One of my favorite sculpts from last year's "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line is Dirge, a Decepticon jet that incorporated many elements of the Generation One Seeker "Conehead" (so named for their tube shaped heads) jets. Now Dirge has a fellow "Conehead" to partner with as he attacks Autobot enemies: Jetblade! This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release. For a more detailed review of the sculpt, take a look at Dirge's review.

Vehicle Mode:
When creating a redeco, it's very important to make it distinctive from the base sculpt. Some of the worst redecos are those that barely change a thing from the original. If you're going to have an audience spend extra money on a toy they essentially own already, you need to provide the proper incentive. One of the ways to do this is make the new deco shockingly different than its predecessor. This is the route that the designers went for Jetblade. While Dirge had many dark color tones borrowed from his G1 namesake, Jetblade is mostly light grey plastic. This color takes up almost the entire mode, and what's shocking about this (well, at least to me) is how this manages to not look boring. This is due in part to the other colors used on this figure. The cockpit is cast in translucent purple plastic while other parts are cast in light blue. The nosecone is cast in soft, black plastic. Interestingly, the nosecone on Jetblade is a softer plastic than Dirge's. At first I thought maybe the plastic had softened due to temperature but even in an air conditioned room it's easily manipulated. His forward landing gear is cast in black plastic while the rear landing wheels are light blue. The light blue and translucent blue are so striking against the light grey that it really works well together.

The paint applications on this figure are pretty much shades of existing plastic colors. On the edges of air intakes on the front and the edges of his wings are light blue paint applications. The wings each have a medium sized Decepticon symbol painted in black . The numbers "04-654" are also painted in black on either side of the nosecone. His missile launchers are quite heavily painted. Cast in light blue plastic, the middle section is painted silver while the edge in the front is purple.

This is not a common color scheme for a Transformer. Some color combinations simply show up more than others, but this one has only appeared a few times before in Transformers history. An example of a G1 Transformer who had a very similar color scheme is Dreadwind. That Decepticon was a Powermaster who was introduced in 1988. This character was later used as a Botcon exclusive character in 2007. I really dig this scheme due in part to how seldom it is used. The light grey is a fantastic color to act as a canvas for the other ones, and in the packaging it really separates itself from the other, darker figures in this wave of figures.

Functionally speaking, the missile launchers on this figure still fire very well and the front landing gear is still quite stiff. However, the left side rear landing gear piece on my Jetblade figure is slightly more loose than the one on the right. It's not a big deal and does not dramatically effect the functionality of the figure in any way.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the missile launchers and set them aside for now.
  2. Pull the wings down to the sides.
  3. Pull the air vent sections out to the sides.
  4. Swing the side pieces down and connect the halves of the waist piece on the underside of the jet.
  5. Pull the vent sections down and rotate them around to form the robot feet.
  6. Swing each wing down on the black hinges and swing the wings forward.
  7. Pull the tail section back to lift up the panel in the center of the vehicle.
  8. Separate the tail section from the central panel.
  9. Swing the center part of the vehicle forward.
  10. Rotate the chest piece around so the silver details face front.
  11. Collapse the panel on the left arm against the forearm.
  12. Rotate the left arm around so the red details on the shoulder face forward.
  13. Rotate the right arm around so the red details on the shoulder face forward.
  14. Lift the cockpit cover up, rotate the light blue piece inside to reveal the robot fist and close the cover.
  15. Pull the right forearm down to form the right arm.
  16. Push the panel on the back of the torso piece up.
  17. Swing the side panels on the tail piece out to the sides, then clip them to the holes in the piece you just pushed up.
  18. Connect the two halves of the "cone head" together on the top of his head.
  19. Swing up the small oval shaped piece on the waist against the chest.
  20. Attach the weapons to his wings for storage or on the holes on his arms to use as weapons.

Robot Mode:
Jetblade's vehicle mode was mostly light grey, drawing the eye to any colors on him. In robot mode, he almost explodes with color. Light grey is still prominent, used for parts such as his legs, waist and parts of his back. However, light blue plastic comes into play in a big way, making up his shoulders, left forearm, right hand and armor panels on his thighs. Purple plastic is used for the torso and the robot head while black is used for his upper arms and several small joint pieces such as those on his hips. The purple and blue in particular work very well together, and the light grey offers a good contrast to them, keeping the figure from looking too loud visually.

Paint applications introduce a couple new colors into the mix. Metallic silver and red are heavily used on the torso and robot head. The face and part of the brow are painted silver, with blue right above the eyes. The silver is also used for the turbines in his chest. Several of th eline details on the protrusions by his head as well as the chest are red. He also has a bit of red on the front of the shoulder armor. The red color simply looks fantastic, especially when it is set on top of the darker purple color. The red looks like it represents energy glowing from Jetblade's body, and I really dig that effect. Other paint colors are used in smaller amounts. Light grey paint is used on the panel on his chest that looks like a small version of the cockpit and purple paint is used for the top of his shoulder armor. Of all the colors used in this mode, the combination of the red and purple are my favorite, though I am glad to see the silver color brought in as well since it grounds the figure a bit into the aesthetic of the movie robots (who emphasize a lot of metallic colors such as silver).

All of Jetblade's robot joints are still tight and his weapons fit into the slots on his arms tightly. His "Mech Alive" feature also works fine. Move his arms up and down and the turbines in his chest spin around.

Final Thoughts:
Jetblade is a fantastic redeco. I already loved this sculpt to begin with and while sometimes with redecos I'll say "It depends on how much you like repainted figures..." etc. this time around I'm just going to outright say even if you own Dirge, you should own this figure. Highly recommended!