Revenge of the Fallen Armorhide Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: September 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Gun


Text from
Things have been slow lately, so the discovery of a DECEPTICON hiding right under his nose was like a dream come true for ARMORHIDE. He’s enjoying working alongside BUMBLEBEE, since his damaged vocal processor means the other AUTOBOT can’t complain about his methods. Recreate exciting movie scenes or stage your own living room battles with this AUTOBOT hero! In robot mode, this fierce fighter is a force to be reckoned with. When you’re ready to chase down his enemies, convert your ARMORHIDE figure to dune buggy vehicle mode, ready his pulse rifle accessories and send him and his working shocks careering across the “terrain”! N.E.S.T. ALLIANCE PRODUCT

Armorhide is a character who was first introduced in the 2007 Movie toy line. Based on the whole line about "the other AUTOBOT can't complain about his methods", it would seem this is the same fierce warrior portrayed in the Target exclusive toy. This is the second release of this sculpt, which was first seen in the 2007 toy line as "Landmine". I never got to review Landmine when it first came out, so I will be treating this review as my initial review of this sculpt. You may also want to check out Dune Runner's review as he has a very similar vehicle mode. You can also see photos of the real life Chenowth dune buggy in that review.

Vehicle Mode:
When it came time for the final battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the 2007 Transformers movie, the human military forces rolled out in several vehicles including the Chenowth Desert Patrol dune buggies. These vehicles had guns mounted on top and provided a speedy way for troops to get to their destination. This figure uses the Chenowth as its base design. Like so many of the vehicles in the deluxe scale based on real life vehicles, this one does an excellent job of reproducing the real thing. Armorhide has the correct overall shape with the front end starting wide at the windshield and narrowing to the center towards the front. The sides angle out and then curve to the back wher ethe rear section is raised high. Like the prop used in the film, the gun is mounted on the right side, over the passenger side on the top of the vehicle. Armorhide doesn't just utilize the overall shape of the Chenowthy however, it also uses many of the smaller details including:

  • Armor panels are found over the top of the windshield and on the sides of the vehicle's front end.
  • A sensor pod with an antennae next to it are mounted in the front, just like the real life prop.
  • The center of the hood has a raised, rectangular piece with small groove lines sculpted onto the top.
  • Along the length of the windshield is a frame with small, raised circles representing bolts.
  • The shape of the gun is based off the real life weapon, complete with a cannon, scope on top and artillery hanging off the right side.
  • Twin rails run along the lower half of the vehicle's sides.
  • The rear section has two canisters in the back along with angled exhaust pipes.
  • The lights in the front and back are mounted onto frames that also appear to act as bumpers on the front and back.
  • In between the angled exhaust pipes on the back is a circle design with lines running horizontally inside of it. This same design appears on the Chenowth prop from the movie.

For a deluxe, Armorhide is one highly detailed figure. Some touches are rather large, such as those mentioned in the bullet point list above. Others are a bit less obvious at first. For instance, if you look inside the cabin, there are two seats inside. Later, we'll go on to discover these actually form the robot hands. I'm also very fond of smaller details such as the segmented parts of the scope on his weapon, the horizontal line details on his front lights and a series of tubes sculpted into the rear of the vehicle representing parts of the vehicle's frame. If the intention was to create a "realistic" looking Transformer based on a real life vehicle, this certainly fits the bill!

Armorhide is cast in several plastic colors including dark green, black, light grey, camouflage green and gunmetal. The dark green makes up most of the vehicle mode while the black makes up smaller parts including his wheels and the rails running along the sides. Light grey is used for parts such as the seats, the canisters on the back and the handle of the gun mounted on the top of the vehicle. Speaking of the gun, that is where you will find a concentration of the camouflage green mentioned earlier. Gunmetal is found on the front and back, in the form of the frame pieces that his front and rear lights are mounted on.

Paint applications are done in up in gold, silver, yellow and red. Silver is most heavily used color, making up most of the details on the vehicle. This includes the words "Defense" on either side of his hood and a large Autobot symbol in the center. Silver is also used for the date "10-22-80" printed on the right side armor panel over the windshield. The number "50" is painted over the left side. On the part that angles back on the front end, you'll find a US flag along with the number "50" (clearly meant to symbolize the states) on the top. Talk about a patriotic Transformer! The gold and red colors are found on the front and rear lights, where they are used to give some brightness to the dark front and rear sections of the vehicle. Yellow is used for the round portion of the sensor pod on the front of the vehicle. In terms of color scheme, I would say Armorhide is much closer in color to the dark tones of the Chenowth used in the film. The colors aren't exact of course, but they come rather close. I also find the color combination of the dark green with the camouflage green reminscent of G1 Onslaught, who also sported colors in that range of the colors. On each side, the panels have the N.E.S.T. symbols tampographed onto them with a lightning pattern shield around it.

Armorhide's gun is mounted on an articulated handle, so you can raise it up as well as turning it around in a full circle. Push down on the vehicle and you'll notice it has suspension which pushes it right back up. This is thanks to springs built into each section leading to a wheel, giving it a fun play feature as well an added touch of realism.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the gun from the top of the vehicle.
  2. Swing out the panels on the side along with the seats inside.
  3. Swing the side sections back.
  4. Move the sections with the seats out and back to straighten out the robot arms.
  5. Swing out the claw pieces on the seats to form the hands.
  6. Swing the rear half of the vehicle back and down to form the robot legs. Split the legs apart.
  7. On the back of each lower leg, push in the vehicle mode wheel and swing it down to act as a heel piece.
  8. Swing the canister pieces down to form the front of the feet.
  9. Swing up the raised rectangular piece on the vehicle hood.
  10. Swing down the front of the vehicle to form the robot chest.
  11. Attach the gun to the hole on the back or place it in the either hand.

A word of warning about the transformation. His front and rear fender pieces tend to pop off rather easily, so be careful or you may lose one.

Robot Mode:
I find it funny that both versions of this sculpt so far have been Autobots, because Armorhide (and Landmine before him) are two scary looking robots. At first you look at him and think "Oh, standard car front on chest, two arms, two legs design", but then you look at him more closely and realize he has, what looks like a creepy hockey mask type face with four beady eyes just kind of glare at you from behind the mask. Add to that his fingers which end in claws and you have a pretty scary looking Autobot. Of course, given Armorhide's personality, the look actually fits the character quite well. It also keeps in line with the movie aesthetic of using alien looking design elements. The head for instance has a wireframe that ends in a mouthpiece in th emiddle, leading up to more tubes on the sides and middle of his head. ThisHe also has a lot of the movie aesthetic on his arms, where several armor parts are set at angles on top of machinery parts.

Other parts on this figure are downright traditional in appearance, including the chest, which takes the traditional "car front as robot chest" design and just adds some angles and his legs, which are clearly composed of the back part of the vehicle. His thighs do incorporate some angled design elements from the movies, but not so much that it's overdone. I do like the way his sensor pod and antenna wind up on the center of his chest, looking like he has extra instrumentation to track his enemies in robot mode.

I'm a total sucker for highly detailed figures (then again, who isn't?) and Armorhide definitely delivers. The aforementioned angular armor pieces all have nicely sculpted overlapping details. His hands have raised lines that match up to the location of each of his claws on his hands and look on the legs for details including tubes and, circles, armor panels and more. What's nice is that a lot of the details are found on the inside of his lower legs, a spot most people wouldn't normally look. Having the springs on his ankles from the vehicle mode adds a bit of machinery detail that looks cool as well.

All the colors from the vehicle mode carry over here, but now the camouflage green and light grey are much more prominant! The green can be found on segments including the head, forearms and thighs. The silver makes up the alternate segments including the upper arms, shoulders, feet and hands. A bit of soft, black plastic is used on the hands to make the claws. I like the use of soft plastic here (which I'm not normally a big fan of) since it allows the claws to be "sharp" looking while not dangerous to kids. The most prominant deco colors are black, red and silver. The black is found on his waist, with silver on top of that and on the robot head. Red is u sed for his eyes, neck and small details on his arms and legs. The red really stands out nicely against the dark colors, looking almost like energy glowing from his body. The silver Autobot symbol from the vehicle mode's front section is now prominantly displayed on his chest, right in the center. The color scheme looks great and I think it works very well.

Armorhide has a whopping twenty six points of articulation. This easily makes him one of the most articulated figures in the entire "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line. This includes eight points of articulation in each arm, due in part to each hand having joints at the base and fingers. He also has waist articulation and ankle articulation. I also love the fact that this figure has several ball joints, allowing for a good range of motion.

Final Thoughts:
Armorhide is one awesome Transformer. Truth be told, I was going to "ding" him for the fender pieces that come off, but there is simply so much awesomeness on top of that I can't do it. This guy is highly recommended all the way.