Revenge of the Fallen Activators Ironhide Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: June 2010
Price Point: $9.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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IRONHIDE is almost as famous for his laser-proof armor as he is for his bad attitude. He's always looking for a fight, so he gets frustrated when there aren't any DECEPTICONS around to pound on. Lucky for him (and everyone else), there are plenty of the evil robots on Earth to send to the scrap heap.

Spring into action with this quick conversion vehicle-to-robot hero! With just the press of a button, this mighty IRONHIDE figure changes from Topkick vehicle mode to robot mode through super speedy spring-loaded action. Convert him back to vehicle mode and push the button to convert him to robot mode again and again as the robot battles rage on!

Robot hero figure converts from vehicle to robot at the push of a button with awesome spring-loaded action! Ages 4 and up.

It has become accepted over the past few years that Transformers need to be marketed to several age ranges, not just the standard "7-12 year old" crowed. Over the years, simplified Transformers have taken on many forms including the now defunct "Go-Go-Gobots" line as well as the Fast Action Battlers. This year introduces an old name with a new concept into the mix, aimed at a younger audience. Activators, a term used for simplified, but show accurate versions of characters from "Animated" now has been recycled for use as a sub-line of Movie based figures. Among the first of these releases is Ironhide, based upon his movie appearances.

This is a bit of a "catch up" review. I thought I had done this review ages ago and when I dug up this toy during a recent collection reorganization, I was surprised to see I hadn't! Interestingly however, this toy is still available for sale as of 2012 if you know where to look. Specifically, I recently saw this guy on shelves at my local Shoprite supermarket, case fresh!

Robot Mode:
Unlike their "Animated" counterparts, the new generation of Activators are larger and feature a different design aesthetic. Instead of being say, Scout Class versions of the larger figures, this figure is almost the size of a deluxe, standing at almost five inches and quite wide, almost dwarfing some of the "modern" Deluxes from "Transformers Prime". Despite the size however, the proportions of this figure are clearly meant to make it much more "kid friendly" looking, with some parts exaggerated in size while others are shrunken down.

Ironhide is instantly recognizable as a representation of his on screen counterpart. He has the distinctive "bull like" head design with a crest on the top of his head and a snout like mouth. Other major details are represented as well including the torso armor having elements of the vehicle's front end integrated into its design such as the headlights and grille. His arms each have his trademark cannons sculpted onto them instead of having them be separate accessories. His leg armor also has many elements from the CG model including the angled hip armor, cylinders near the knees and three "toes" on each foot.

Where Ironhide differs from his onscreen counterpart is the way his parts are proportioned. His head is pretty big while his chest piece has been shrunken down. Meanwhile, his waist armor and the lower legs have increased in size proportionally speaking. Another dramatic change are the arms, which are rather thin and his cannons are quite tiny now compared to their onscreen counterparts. Still, I have to give really high marks to this figure for the amazing amount of detail sculpted into it. From head to chest to arms to the legs every section has an enormous amount of detail to look at. This even includes the sides of his legs which are hidden in vehicle mode. These details range from layers of armor to two distinctive designs for the cannons and even fans on the underside of the back piece formed from the front of the vehicle mode!

Ironhide is cast in black and grey plastic, the two key colors that made up the character in the movies. His paint details don't stray too far from that color range. Ironhide uses silver, a very light shade of copper (under some lighting, it almost looks pink), grey and light blue. The paint is used mostly on the upper body, with silver on his face and the ends of each cannon. The grey is painted on most of the waist armor piece (now so big it's practically the chest armor too) and the light copper color fills in the rest of the details on his torso, fists and waist. Light blue is (you guessed it), used for his eyes to match his on screen appearance, but it's also found on two dots on the insides of his lower legs, a rather random but welcome detail. Overall, I'm very happy with the paint job on this figure.

There are eleven points of articulation on this figure. This includes head articulation and three points in each leg. There is no "action feature" exclusive to this mode, rather Ironhide is meant to be more of a bare bones representation of the character without the need for tons of gimmicks and accessories. I think he works perfectly in that sense and it's sometimes nice to have a version of a character that doesn't have accessories to worry about or overcomplicated gimmicks in robot mode that don't work 100% correctly.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Fold each forearm up against the upper arm.
  2. Swing each foot piece up.
  3. Push the legs together in the middle.
  4. Lift and pull down the back half of the body (including the back of the robot and the head).
  5. Push up each arm to form the wheels for the front of the vehicle.
  6. Swing the panels on the sides forward to form the doors.
  7. Push the hood/front of the truck piece over the arms and head and push it in to lock it into place.

Vehicle Mode:
For all three live action Transformers movies (released thus far), Ironhide transformed into a GMC Topkick, a gigantic pickup truck befitting the rough and tough warrior. For his Activators release, Ironhide is a "cute" version of the Topkick, which has many of the requisite details while sporting some exaggerated proportions in the process.

First, the proportions. Basically take the real Topkick and "squish" it and make it a bit fatter on the sides and you have Activators Ironhide in vehicle form. Most of the main details of the vehicle are present. This includes distinctive details such as the large bumper in the front, the smokestacks behind the cab which angle out to the sides, the GMC logo on top of the grille and even the shape of the rear lights on the vehicle. An added detail is a circle with an Autobot symbol on the top of the cab. This is the button that activates the transformation mechanism (though even after that initial release some further parts need to be moved around).

In addition to silver, some red and black paint applications make their way to this form. The black is used on the windows, which shows the majority of the plastic is actually a slightly lighter shade of black. Silver is used for the grille, the sides of the wheels and the smokestacks. Red is used to paint the GMC logo in the front and the Autobot symbol on the top of the vehicle. Could the designers have put more paint on this figure? Sure. The headlights are unpainted (which is unusual) but overall the paint job looks good.

Final Thoughts:
Older collectors will probably want to shy away from this Ironhide. He really is meant to be a compact, self contained figure that kids can take with them anywhere and have a complete Transformer on hand. If you're looking for a highly detailed/sculpted version of the character, you should aim for the larger sized figures. That said, this figure looks great and is fun to play with, so that's kudos in my book!