Robotmasters Toy Review: Road Rocket

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Robotmasters Transformers

General Information:
Release Year: January 2005
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $20 (Depending on Import Retailer)
Accessories: The Sacred-Cut Sword Armorkiller (Blade Weapon), Chromium Shot (Rifle)


Road Rocket was originally a Generation 2 Transformer, part of a pair of warriors known as the "Laesr cycles". The idea were two opposing warriors, one Autobot, one Decepticon who had light up weapons and transformed into motorcycles. The figure was later used for Robots in Disguise Sideways. This review will cover the changes made to the figure from that review, so check out Sideways' review for more details on the figure.

Tech Specs (Translated by Doug Dlin):
Name: Road Rocket
Function: Assassin


  • Came from the planet Chaar to act as a bodyguard for G1 Convoy and company.
  • Devotes himself to ninja training deep in the mountains of Japan to increase his abilities.
  • Average speed is 380 km/h, but can use ninjutsu to boost top speed to 620
    km/h for up to 8 seconds.

    Weapon(s): Turbo LED Chainsaw

    Rank: 8 Power: 8 Defense: 8 Stamina: 9 Speed: 9

    Robot Mode:
    Road Rocket's deco pattern is more intricate than those of his predecessors. His primary plastic colors are yellow, silver and black. This sculpt has always had strong primary plastic colors, but the real detail comes in the form of the paint details.

    Starting with the head, Road Rocket's eyes are translucent blue. The helmet section of his head is black while the brow above his eyes is painted white. His mouthplate is dark blue, giving him an array of dark colors to contrast with the rest of his robot form.

    Road Rocket's chest piece is painted metallic silver. The "V" shaped piece is painted red. His lower arms are cast in yellow plastic, but they are painted metallic red with black paint used on the fists and the sections in the middle of the arms. On the right arm there are two tube like parts inset in the arm. These were left yellow, which offers a nice contrast between the red and yellow.

    Road Rocket is every bit as functional as his predecessors. I did notice his right leg is a bit more loose on the section where it slides up and down to extend for the robot form. He stands fine, but that particular section is more likely to slide down than the other leg.

    By pressing the button on his back, you can light up Road Rocket's arm mounted weapon just like his previous incarnations. The saw weapon is now translucent blue instead of clear plastic, but the lighting effect still looks great.

    Vehicle Mode:
    The basic sculpt for Generation 2 Road Rocket was altered for its Robots in Disguise release. This version is based on that tooling, and was altered once again for this release. On the section behind the handlebars, there is a panel held down by a screw that covers the battery compartment of the figure. On previous versions of this figure, this panel was solid and flat. Here, a small slit has been created to allow the insertion of a plastic tab that prevents the battery contacts from touching the internal conducting metal, preserving the battery for a longer time. To use his light up abilities, you need to pull this tab out. There is also a sticker with Japanese writing on it, most likely a note about the battery compartment.

    Being the third release of this figure, the designers seemed to make it a point to give this version the most detailed deco out of the three. Road Rocket's primary color is yellow. Black is also used on parts such as the wheels and the rear wheel cover. His windshield cover is translucent blue. The piece that makes up the readouts and handlebars are cast in grey plastic (along with the kickstand).

    Silver is used a lot for the lower section of the vehicle mode. The sides of the wheels, the parts connecting the wheels to the central body and even small details on the engine cover are painted metallic silver. On the right side, where the main exhaust pipe is located, the silver is not just applied all over the place. There are spots left black to give more detailing. The front wheel cover has a black stripe on it with an Autobot symbol painted in the center. Running along the sides of the vehicle are orange flames. The seat is painted a grey blue color, which blends with the windshield.

    The handlebars are just the right size for the fist holes on Cyberjet sculpt based figures such as R-Blade. Although it was never advertised, many have speculated that the Cyberjets (who were also part of Generation 2) were designed to be able to act as riders on the Laser Cycles. This bolsters that idea.

    Final Thoughts:
    This is easily my favorite version of this sculpt. Its colors are vibrant and its deco is superior to Generation 2 Road Rocket and Robots in Disguise Sideways. For an import figure, $20 is not bad at all (and some retailers have since reduced him down to $15). Highly recommended.