"Robots in Disguise" (2015) Warrior Class Fracture Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Fracture General Information:
Release Date: November 2015
Price Point: $14.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, Walmart, Target etc.)
Accessories: Cannon

*Images and text below from ToysRUs.com:
Decepticon Fracture is one of the most feared bots in the universe. The clever bounty hunter lives by one rule: no rules apply. He'll do whatever it takes to bring in his targets, and he uses the most advanced weapons and tracking technology in the universe to hunt them down.

Transformers Warriors Class figures are made for fans of classic Transformers conversion play. This Decepticon Fracture figure changes from robot to motorcycle and back in 11 steps and features snow camouflage armor for stealth missions in Artic environments. It comes with a blaster accessory and works with all Mini-Con Weaponizers figures. Each Mini-Con Weaponizers figure converts from robot to a unique weapon in a single step. Add a Mini-Con Weaponizers figure to the battle and imagine Decepticon Fracture just got mightier. Mini-Con Weaponizers figures are each sold separately and subject to availability.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise figures unlock content in the Transformers Robots: in Disguise app. Scan the Decepticon shield on this figure to unlock Decepticon Fracture and a blaster. Download the app, scan the shield to activate the code, unlock, and play. App content is for ages 9 and up. See below for app details.


  • Transformers Warriors Class Decepticon Fracture figure
  • Changes from robot to motorcycle and back in 11 steps
  • Works with Mini-Con Weaponizers figures (each sold separately)
  • Scan the figure to unlock content in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise app (see app details below)
  • Unlocks Decepticon Fracture figure and a blaster in the app
  • Figure scale: 5 inches

Decepticon Fracture was introduced early in the "Robots in Disguise" series. This fierce bounty hunter carried on the tradition of fierce, independent Decepticons like Lockdown. I already reviewed the previous versions of this character (the One Step Changer and the Deployer) but this version is perhaps the most traditional kind of figure with a vehicle to robot transformation (and back!) without any spring loaded gimmicks or smaller 'bots hanging off of him.

Decepticon Fracture is packaged on a blister card. The backing card has artwork that looks like the cartoon character. This is the same artwork used on both the One Step Changer Fracture and the Deployer Fracture. If you are facing the card you will see the red "Transformers" logo set vertically on the right with the "Robots in Disguise" logo above it. The figure is packaged in robot mode inside the bubble. The insert has a photo of the vehicle mode and the art for the character on the side. The back of the packaging has photos of the figure in both modes indicating 11 steps to transform the figure. It also has the instructions to the side.

Robot Mode:
With the Deployer and One Step Changer versions of Fracture, the design of the figure largely centered around some type of action feature. However with the Warrior Class version the designers had freedom to make this figure look more like its animated counterpart. Thanks to that, there are plenty of details from the animation model that you'll find there. These include:

  • The head sculpt is thin with a "mohawk" type crest on top.
  • The shoulders have sharp looking blade-like designs on the front and back, with torpedo like designs in between (representing the Mini-Cons he launches in the series).
  • The hands are partly open, with fingers that look like they have claws.ffd
  • The chest has a chest section that sweeps up, with a section going down the middle leading the waist/hip section.
  • The waist/hip area has two thin panels that come up on the sides.
  • The knee armor comes up over the thighs a bit and the sides have points at the top.
  • The feet have spikes sticking out of them.

Color-wise the animated Fracture was mostly shades of purple, lavender, grey and red (with some black). The figure itself has slightly different colors. There is much more metallic lavender plastic including the shoulders and forearms. The torso, head and lower legs all have a dark, metallic purple. Meanwhile, other parts such as the upper arms, fists and feet are cast in black. The color combination looks fantastic even if it's not 100% "show accurate". The metallic colors are beautiful and the black offers nice contrast against them.

In terms of paint there is not a lot, but it is used well. Silver can be found on the face, shoulders and knee armor. Red is used on small details like thin rectangles on his legs and the eyes. To be fair, Fracture did not exactly have a ton of details in the show, so this figure actually winds up capturing most of them.

There are nineteen points of articulation on this figure. This includes five in each arm and four in each leg. He also includes a cannon accessory that can be attached to a hand or the left forearm as a blaster. You can also have him hold a 5mm peg in the middle of the cannon to wield it more as a melee weapon! This piece is cast in black with red details on the barrel painted in. It is uncommon for accessories to be painted so this is a nice exception to the rule.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon and set it aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each hand into the forearms.
  4. Push each foot up into the lower legs.
  5. Swing the wheel on the back out, then swing it forward.
  6. Straighten out the front wheel and rotate it around.
  7. Swing the wheel assembly forward so the head swings down, forming the front of the vehicle.
  8. Swing the shoulders up and push them together behind the seat.
  9. Slide the tab on the inside of the right leg into the slot on the inside of the left leg.
  10. Push the halves of the rear wheel together.
  11. Swing the legs up. There are two small holes on the back of each lower leg. These connect to small pegs on the back of the vehicle seat.
  12. Push the arms in to form the sides of the vehicle.
  13. Fold the weapon in half by swinging the halves together on the central hinge. Attach it to the left side of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Fracture was first introduced with a Cybertronian hovercycle mode, but in time he would take on an Earth-based motorcycle mode. This figure represents that version of the character, complete with wheels in the front and back. This vehicle mode has several of the key details from that design including a small oval on the "windshield" area, angled parts sticking out in the back behind the seat and handles that stick out to the sides, making that section look almost like a bull's head. He even has some smaller details such as three distinct vertical rectangles on the bar that connects to the front wheels.

The lavender and purple metallic plastic colors blend nicely here, alternating from part to part. There are black and red paint details from front to back on this figure, and I found myself very happy to see some details standing out in this mode more than the robot mode (ex: the front section has a red line painted in the middle and the pointed sections in the back have red on the sides). Overall the vehicle looks nicely detailed for a Warrior Class.

This mode allows you to attach weapons with 5mm pegs to the left side. There is also a kickstand on that side, allowing the vehicle to remain upright (albeit at a slight angle). Yes, it is possible to have some other figures riding on top of the vehicle but you have to take the weapon off first.

Final Thoughts:
Warrior Class Fracture is a really great example of the cool kind of figure this class can create. Good sculpt, good articulation, nice deco and a cool weapon. I don't even mind that he's not 100% show accurate. If you're into the "Robots in Disguise" series at all, this guy deserves a spot in your collection!

For those interested in purchasing this figure, it has been off the market for quite some time but you can still purchase the Japanese version for a not-too-insane cost ($25.99 at the time I am writing this) via BWTF Sponsor BigBadToyStore.


  • Good sculpt.
  • Good deco.
  • Good articulation and joints are nice and tight.
  • Cool dual-purpose weapon.
  • Unusual vehicle mode.


  • Some colors and deco are not 100% screen accurate.