"Robots in Disguise" (2015) One Step Changer Steeljaw Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Steeljaw General Information:
Release Date: March 2015
Price Point: $10.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None

*Images and text below from Amazon.com:
The One-Step Changers are 2-in-1 speed-changers, and your Steeljaw figure is one of them! He's the same savage warrior as always, but he converts in just 1 step from robot mode to muscle car mode and back. Can his Autobot enemies keep up? Not with you in charge! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

The One Step Changers were introduced in the "Age of Extinction" toy line as a simplified alternative to larger, more complex Transformers figures. The name is a bit of a misnomer in some cases but for the most part, a majority of the transformation is accomplished in one movement. The second wave of these figures only featured one Decepticon: Steeljaw.

Like the "Age of Extinction" One Step Changers, these are packaged in bubbles on small cards. Artwork is on the left side and the Transformers logo is on the right. This version uses the same artwork as both the Legion and Warrior Class Steeljaw figures, though on the Legion Class the art is reversed. The back does not feature any tech specs information, instead using the space for the instructions and multi-language legal information. It's a shame but Hasbro seems to be refocusing any efforts at more traditional packaging into the "Generations" segment, which I get since I'm guessing they're assuming most of the kids getting these will wind up just throwing out the packaging.

Vehicle Mode:
Steeljaw transforms into a stylized SUV in vehicle form. His robot mode features many wolf like features, and those carry over into his vehicle mode. If you look at the overall shape it looks like a wolf in vehicle form. The front of the vehicle has two pieces of armor over the grille that resemble fangs. The vehicle lines sweep backward to the rear where the rear wheel wells end at points that evoke the points of the cheeks on the wolf-like robot mode head. A pair of thin, triangular panels on top of the cabin section also help evoke the feel of a canine. At the same time the vehicle has some sleek, futuristic stylings such as the angled windows and front end.

Steeljaw is mostly metallic blue in this mode with some parts cast in black such as the wheels. The windows are painted metallic black and he has a Decepticon symbol on top of the cabin section that you can scan into the "Robots in Disguise" mobile app. The front end is also painted black. Unfortunately this is where the decos stop. The shame is certain details like a raised Decepticon shield on the grille and headlights are left unpainted. This gives Steeljaw a very "unfinished" look in this form.

The vehicle rolls on all four wheels and works just fine. That's about it in terms of functionality in this mode.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Hold on to the front of the vehicle then pull it back. As you do so the vehicle will unfold with the arms swinging out and the legs swinging down.

Robot Mode:
Compared to his Warrior and Legion counterparts, Steeljaw's robot mode looks a bit more animalistic than I expected. This is due in part to how severe his rear legs are angled back. Sure the other versions of the character have this feature too, but the angles just don't look as severe - and this is a good thing. It gives him a very interesting profile. Yes this is robot mode, but the animal influences are immediately obvious. Also bolstering this look is the robot head which has a wolf-like appearance including huge triangular ears, triangular "fur" sections on the cheeks and a wide nose. Looking at the back of the vehicle most of the vehicle's top section winds up forming the "tail" of the robot mode. While the panel is flat, you can see the sculpted details of the tail sections inside the panel. At first, I thought this was excessively long, a design compromise necessary due to the One Step Changer feature. However, when I finally saw Steeljaw at a profile view from the TV show, I realized that his tail really is long in the show and the length of this tail is probably more true to the animation model than the previous two versions of the character! Overall the sculpt looks good though a bit less bulky than the Warrior and Legion Class versions.

All the vehicle mode colors carry over here along with a couple of new ones. The metallic black is used on his chest (which is a faux vehicle mode windshield). White is found on the face, mid-body and thighs. The eyes are painted yellow. With the relative lack of deco in the vehicle mode, it was nice to see the white used in three different sections of the robot mode.

Most One Step Changers have limited articulation and Steeljaw is no different. Only the arms move in this mode, swinging up and down. His fists are designed to accommodate 5mm peg weapons, but if the weapon is big enough his arm can't stay up. For instance, one of the larger Construct-Bot blasters caused the arm to swing down, but a BMOG weapon did not.

Final Thoughts:
One Step Changer Steeljaw is probably in "third place" between the Legion and Warrior Class figures in my book. He's not a bad toy mind you, but I wish the deco was stronger in vehicle mode and that the robot arms could stay up better while holding weapons. Recommended mainly for younger kids who want a "quick change" version of Steeljaw.

Steeljaw (On Card)
Steeljaw (Official Photo Robot Mode)
Steeljaw (Official Photo Vehicle Mode)
Steeljaw (Scan of Card - front)
Steeljaw (Scan of Card - back)
Steeljaw (Scan of Insert)
Steeljaw (Vehicle Mode)
Steeljaw (Vehicle Mode, side)
Steeljaw (Vehicle Mode, back)
Steeljaw (Vehicle Mode, front)
Steeljaw (Vehicle Mode, angle view)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode, side)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode, back)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode, close up)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode, focus on head)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode, angle view)
Steeljaw (Robot Mode, holding weapons)