"Robots in Disguise (2015)" Dragonus Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Dragonus General Information:
Release Date: August 2015
Price Point: $4.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: Claws x 2, Flames x 2, Blaster, Helmet, Axes x 2

Official images and text in italics below from Amazon.com:
Unleash a surprise Transformers attack with this small but mighty Dragonus figure! When he’s in covert mode, his enemies will pass him by without a second glance. But in a single step he converts to mighty dragon mode with a blaster! Deploy him for attacks out of nowhere, and his Autobot enemies won’t know what hit them!

Mini-Cons were first introduced as part of the "Armada" toy line. These small robots connected to larger Transformers providing extra power and abilities. Years later in "Robots in Disguise" Mini-Cons have returned, but in a different form than before. Previously Mini-Cons became everything from vehicles to weapons to tools. This time out Mini-Cons are either torpedo or saw blade style weapons in their alternate form. The Mini-Cons are launched into battle using "Deployers" such as Drift.

Dragonus is packaged inside a blister pack with a cardboard section that folds over the bubble. The figure is set against a tree shaped like the Decepticon symbol with all the accessories attached. On the side of the packaging is art featuring Dragonus being "deployed" and transforming. The back shows off the figure in its various forms including his beast mode with all accessories attached. Below that is legal information in several languages and a blurb for the official "Robots in Disguise" app.

Beast Mode:
Dragons are kind of a rarity in the Transformers line. Nowadays beast modes are less common than they were in the past so they're even harder to come across, so it was really fun to see one wind up as a Mini-Con. Dragonus is designed to look like a dragon that is flying. His head is set pointing forward, his wings are spread out and his tail is set straight behind him. It's a really neat design that reminds me a bit of the likes of Ravage and Laserbeak from Generation One. There are details that suggest an organic design translated into mechanical parts. These include his snout, ears (or horns if you prefer) and structures on the wings that look like bones. Even the curvature of the tail looks like an organic beast turned metallic. The center of the body has some nice layered armor details too and the wings are designed to look like four segments of armor have been put together to form them. Overall it's a really cool little design.

Dragonus is cast in light green and metallic copper plastic. The green makes up most of the figure with the copper color on the sections of wing that connect the main body to the outer wings. Copper paint is used to color the head. The back of the figure has a scannable Decepticon symbol that unlocks the character in the "Robots in Disguise" mobile app. All the accessories are cast in translucent purple. Not only is that an ideal color for a Decepticon, the color looks great against Dragonus' green color.

There really is no articulation to speak of with the "Robots in Disguise" Mini-Cons. Instead the main play feature in this mode comes from snapping on the various accessories that come with the figure. These pieces include:

  • A helmet that attaches to the head giving him horns set higher on the head and even an addition horn on his nose along with two large teeth.
  • Two claws that look like extensions of the claws attached to the wings.
  • A blaster that mounts to his back, giving him some firepower in this form (other than, presumably, an ability to breathe fire).
  • Two axe weapons that attach to the sides of the wings, making them extra deadly.
  • Two flame pieces that make it look like the back of his wings have fire coming from them.

Transformation to Weapon Mode:
Detach all the accessories and set them aside. Push the wings in to cover most of the body and then swing tail under.

Weapon Mode:
The Decepticon Mini-Cons in "Robots in Disguise" transform into torpedo like weapons to be launched from Fracture. Since the figure has to fit its alt mode parts inside, it's not exactly a tube shape. Instead, it's more like an oval that comes to a point in the front. With so many of his parts looking like armor panels overlapping, you can see how this guy would pack a punch on impact.

Almost all the accessories can attach to the figure in this mode except for the helmet. Just don't try to launch the figure with them attached, it won't work.

Final Thoughts:
Dragonus is a cool little figure. I like his unusual beast mode and the figure looks great. If you're into this play pattern at all this guy definitely deserves a spot in your collection.

Lion Figure

If you purchase all four figures from the first wave of "Robots in Disguise" Mini-Cons, you can use some of their accessories to form a fifth figure in the assortment: a lion! Here are the parts you'll need to assemble this guy:

  • The helmet from Slipstream.
  • The back armor piece from Slipstream.
  • The blasters from Sawback.
  • The blasters from Divebomb.
  • The blade weapons from Dragonus.

The assemble the lion figure do the following:

  1. Attach the two blasters from Divebomb together.
  2. Push the combined blasters into the slot on Slipstream's back armor piece.
  3. Slide the other end of the blasters into Slipstream's helmet.
  4. Attach Dragonus' accessories to the back.
  5. Attach Sawback's accessories to the front.

This is a neat little figure. The lion mane is really impressive looking and I love the way the blades on the legs sweep backward. The combination of translucent colors looks really cool. Functionally there's not much to do with the figure. You can manipulate the legs a little but that's about it. Still, for an "extra" it's a neat little figure.