"Robots in Disguise (2015)" McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

General Information:
Release Date: April 2015
Price Point: $2.00 (some restaurants may have asked more)
Retailer: McDonalds
Accessories: See individual sections below

Over the years, "Transformers" has appeared in fast food venues as promotional items, usually in concert with a new series or movie. In April of 2015 a series of figures was released based on the newly launched "Robots in Disguise" cartoon and toy line. These figures did not transform but rather each featured unique action features. This review will take a brief look at each of these figures listed below in alphabetical order.

Based on his appearance in the cartoon series, Bumblebee has a really wide and thick upper body. His legs are set in a squatting position so he winds up looking a lot more brutish than the character actually appears to be on the show. He has distinct "wings" on his back, but instead of looking like they are formed from car doors, they really do look like wings on an insect coming to four sharp points. The nicest detailing is on the torso, where layers of angled armor from the vehicle mode overlap. Height wise the figure is about 3.8 inches tall (approximately 9.6 centimeters) and about 2.25 inches (5.7 centimeters) wide.

Bumblebee is cast in yellow and black plastic. He has black paint on his chest, grey on his thighs and yellow on the lower legs. A red Autobot symbol is also found on his chest and his face is painted white with blue eyes. The upper body looks rather plain, but that's mostly because the yellow color is light and makes the parts kind of blend into each other visually.

Bumblebee includes a translucent blue sword that fits into his right hand. When you twist the waist, the arm swings down, creating a sword strike motion! The motion works nicely and you can move the arms up and down to adjust his strike. A word of caution: be sure to push the sword handle all the way into his hand otherwise the sword will go flying when you activate the action feature!

This Decepticon has not yet appeared on U.S. airwaves, so I was surprised to see him being part of the set instead of say, Steeljaw. That said, he's so goofy looking that I am very happy he's part of this set. From what I can tell he's mostly the front of a car on two small legs with two huge claws on the sides. His design makes him look like a gigantic crab alien, and he looks great. Among my favorite details are hints of wood paneling on his "ears" (most likely the car doors) and his eyes resting on stalks in front of his windshield. The button that activates his action feature has a Decepticon symbol cast into it. He's one of the craziest designs for a Transformer in a while and I think he's hilarious.

Clampdown is cast in two shades of brown, purple and orange plastic. A reddish-brown is used on most of the middle of the body. His "ears" are more of a wood-like brown. The purple and orange are used for his arms. His teeth are painted white and his eyes have yellow on them. The bumper section under his mouth is purple.

There are two point of articulation on this figure: the arms. However, he needs to balance on at least one arm to stand. His left arm has a string attached to his claw. When you push the button on his arm, his claw launches! It is of course tethered by the string. That's not all however. The claw on the left arm can open up and lock in an open position. Inside is a button. Press it and the claw closes shut. I was surprised the figure had two action features. This is one of my favorite figures in the group.

The Mini-Con is no tiny 'bot in this set. He is about 3.75 inches (about 9.5 centimeters) tall and 2.2 inches (5.5 centimeters) wide. He has a lot of the cute robot's features including his friendly face, high middle crest and he rests on wheels (with a panel in the front that helps keep him balanced). His arms are way oversized to accomodate the action feature on the figure.

Fixit is cast in orange, silver and black plastic. The orange makes up most of his body with silver used for smaller parts like the shoulders and hands. Black is used for the wheels with rubber on the edges of the wheels. His face is painted grey with blue eyes, matching his animated appearance. A red Autobot symbol is is painted onto the left side of his chest.

Fixit's action feature involves his arms. Roll him along a surface (aided by the rubber tires) and his left hand and right arm drill move in and out. I have to admit the action looks a bit scary, like Fixit is reaching out to "get you" but then again I think that's the point!

Fracture himself is a very basic figure. He's one of the smallest and thinnest of the set. He's about 3.2 inches (about 8.1 centimeters) tall and about 2.5 inches (6.35 centimeters) wide. His sculpt is nice, featuring lots of angled sections on his shoulders and legs. His posed with one leg behind him and one in front, as if he is bracing for action.

Fracture is entirely cast in a dark lavender color. Purple paint is used on his waist, thighs and knee armor. His face is painted white with red eyes. The middle of his torso has black paint with a purple Decepticon symbol painted on top. It's actually a pretty nice paint job for a simple figure like this. Like the layering of the purple on top of the lavender plastic.

The weapon included with Fracture is a cannon with three prongs at one end and a huge barrel at the other. The cannon is cast in translucent purple. Inside of the barrel is a small bulb. Push the other end in and it lights up orange and then red. There is actually a switch to turn off the light up feature. There is a small groove on the handle of this weapon that can attach to the tab near Fracture's left shoulder or the one on his back. Fracture also has three points of articulation: the arms and his waist. I dig the cannon light up feature. I didn't expect electronics with any of these figures (even simple ones).

Being the only beast-based member of the Autobot team it was no surprise Grimlock would appear in this set. Grimlock is sculpted in his beast mode with his mouth open, breathing fire while his tail is curled to the right. He has all his key detail sincluding the layers of armor on his head, the plates running down his back and the round sections on the side of his legs. The sculpt looks great and represents the character very nicely.

Grimlock is cast in green, black and grey plastic. The colors are mixed throughout the body, with black and green being the main colors. A bit of yellow is used for the trigger on his back that activates his action feature. Light grey is used on the top part of his head. Red is used on the side of his left leg for his Autobot symbol. The missile in his mouth is cast in translucent orange. There are no surprises in this color scheme but the colors are varied enough that they look good.

Grimlock has a whopping four points of articulation (whopping for this set anyhow). You can move his arms and legs, allowing you to have him either upright in "80's Dinobot" fashion or leanding over in a more modern T-Rex position. His action feature is interesting. On his stomach is a switch. Flip it to "0" and pressing the button fires a missile. Switch it to "1" and now his mouth lights up! With the missile inside his mouth it extends the lighting and looks fantastic. I was surprised by the two action features. They really make him more fun than he would be otherwise.

Optimus Prime
The Autobot leader returns as part of this Happy Meal set, which should surprise nobody really. His design is interesting, featuring a really tiny head, a wide chest and shoulders leading to a narrow waist which then opens up into wide and long legs. He has some cool detailing including the angled design of his chest and the faux wheels behind his head. He even has wheels on his legs. He is positioned with one leg back, as if he is bracing himself for battle! It's a bit tough to see, but he also has sculpted Autobot symbols on his shoulders, eliminating the need for painting the symbol as a paint application. Interestingly, he has a third Autobot symbol sculpted into the button on his back that activates his action feature!

Optimus is cast in red, grey and blue plastic. The dark grey plastic is used for the back. Dark grey paint is used on the mid-body area while light grey is used on his face, waist and thighs. Oddly, a third shade of grey is used on his fists. His eyes are light blue and his "helmet" section is dark blue.

Optimus includes a translucent blue blade weapon attached to a "chain". A weapon similar to this was seen on the TV show, so it's neat to see that kind of continuity between the show and Happy Meal toys. You can attach this weapon to his left fist (which is sculpted at a really painful looking angle). Press the button on his back and the fist spins around, causing the weapon to spin. It looks great and I can imagine kids using this to cut down armies of Decepticon figures! Optimus has three points of articulation: the arms and his waist.

Sideswipe's design is largely based on his animated appearance, so he's relatively sleek looking complete with angles on his chest, a thin waist and thighs. His arms and lower legs are relatively thick, and he has his distinctive "hair" like design on the top of his head. The button on the back that activates his action feature has a small Autobot symbol sculpted onto it, a touch I really like. It's a cool looking sculpt, but the position he has been put in looks awkward at best. He has one foot set back and one going forward in what I think was meant to be an attacking or bracing pose but it looks odd because he winds up leaning to one side. Perhaps a crouching position or even just a wide legged stance would have been better.

Sideswipe is cast in red and black plastic. The red makes up most of the figure with black used on his arms. His face is painted light grey with blue eyes. Black paint is used for the mid-body and thighs. An Autobot symbol is outlined on white on his chest. It's a good deco, not the best but definitely fitting for the character.

Sideswipe has two points of articulation: his arms. The main action feature is built into his left arm. The hand can spin around when you push the button on his back. He comes with a translucent blue, double bladed weapon that fits nicely into the hand. The spinning feature is fun and I can see it knocking over other "Transformers" figures with ease.

The first Decepticon encountered by Bumblebee's team is one of the nicer sculpts in this group of toys. He has most of the key details of the Chompazoid including his big, oval shaped head with serrated teeth, a wide and thick front section with a smaller rear area. He reminds me a lot of a bulldog in that respect. There are some smaller details too like the base of each leg having a gear-like detail on it. He even has a little tail at the back! Since he's on all four legs, he doesn't have any weird poses. He's straight up standing on all fours and the sculpt looks great.

Underbite is cast in purple and grey plastic. The grey is mainly used for his lower jaw. Some light grey is used for the top "beak" on his head and his mid-section. His eyes are painted red and he has a Decepticon symbol tampographed to the top of his head. He really looks great. I grant he could use a few more paint details on his legs but that's really about it.

Underbite has a very unique action feature. Instead of relying on spinning weapons or torso twisting, he pounces! Push the rear legs down (basically sitting him down on his rear end) and his mouth opens. Then he slowly moves up and then jumps forward a bit and his mouth chomps closed. It's a really great feature that fits the character nicely. This is one of my favorite pieces of the set.