"Robots in Disguise" (2015) Legion Class Springload Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Springload General Information:
Release Date: November 2016
Price Point: $8.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None

Official images and text in italics below from Amazon.com:
Welcome to the incredible world of Transformers robots. It is a world of high technology, ancient history, and a battle that has spanned the entire galaxy and millions of years. Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, battles the tyrant Megatron and his evil Decepticons for the fate of freedom across the universe. There's a Transformers figure for every kid or collector. From big converting action figures to miniature battling robots to figures that change between modes in 1 step, you can team up with Transformers toys to create your own incredible adventures. Whether you're defending Earth with the Autobots, or conquering space with the Decepticons, the action is up to you. Transformers is a world-famous entertainment brand with 30 years of history, blockbuster movies, hit television shows and countless novels and comic books. With Transformers robot toys, you can create your own chapters in this epic, ongoing story. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. This copy is intended as placeholder text only and is not representative of individual items in the line.

"Robots in Disguise" has introduced many unique characters in its time on television, and one of them is the Decepticon Springload. Originally imprisoned on the Alchemor this character was freed in the ship's crash and wanders around hoping to find the legendary city of "Doradus". There was a One Step Changer version of Springload previously, however its vehicle mode was completely different than the cartoon model. This Legion Class figure has been designed to represent that character as he appears in the cartoon in both forms, making it unique (thus far) in the "Robots in Disguise" toy line.

Springload is packaged on a blister card. The bubble is formed around the figure roughly in the shape of the figure. The packaging features artwork for the character in front and instructions on the back followed by a ton of legal information. The artwork is based on the promotional art for the character as he appears in the cartoon. I do wish the "Robots in Disguise" packaging had some type of tech specs, but to be fair, most of the target audience is more likely to rip the figure out and toss the packaging away than to save it so I can understand why it doesn't have any bio information at all.

Beast Mode:
Springload is an "Amphiboid" who resembles an Earth frog. For a Legion Class figure this guy is incredibly show accurate. He has a wide, roughly oval shaped head in the front with two large eyes that have brows sculpted above them. The inside of his mouth features sharp looking teeth and even his signature tongue (which he uses as a weapon) is sculpted inside the mouth. His two front legs are long and end in rectangular fingers. Sculpted into the base of each front leg (the "shoulder area" if you will) are fake wheels that represent the character's vehicle mode kibble from the animation model. Like the cartoon model his central body is made up of the vehicle mode's cabin and hood sections while his rear legs angle back and end in tires set horizontally. It's a really unique, crazy and cool looking beast form and I am very happy with how much the designers managed to replicate it.

The main plastic color on this figure is a bright, metallic green with smaller parts cast in black. The green matches nicely with the green used in the cartoon. A teal color is used for details on his front legs and his back. His rear section has metallic green paint on it. Smaller sections such as the fake wheels on his "shoulder" area are painted black. His eyes are a nice, bright red with black outlining them. Not only does this replicate a detail from the animation model, but it really makes the red color pop against the black and green. The finishing touch on the figure is a scannable Decepticon symbol on the back of the figure for use with the official "Robots in Disguise" app. Overall I'm very pleased with the deco on this figure. Sure there are some bits that could have used additional deco (such as the rear legs), but given the scale of this figure and price point, the designers did an impressive job.

There are seven points of articulation on this figure, mostly focused on the legs. His mouth can also open and close. The only weakness I found is that the lower part of the mouth can pop off. The first time I moved it (out of package) it popped off, though it was a breeze to snap it back into place and it has not come off since. Interestingly, there are holes on the sides of the figure that look like they can fit 3mm peg weapons, but in fact they are too small to do so.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  • Swing the front legs up.
  • Rotate the front legs so the feet are in line with the head.
  • Swing the front arms in to partly cover the head, then push the two panels for the vehicle's rear section together.
  • Swing the rear legs down.
  • Rotate each rear leg so the front wheels face outward.
  • Swing the rear legs up.

Vehicle Mode:
Unlike his One Step Changer counterpart this version of Springload transforms into a pickup truck, just like his animation model. The vehicle has a blocky design with a front end that angles inward towards the front, a cabin section that angles back and a truck bed with a flat door on the back. For the most part the vehicle is show accurate but in this scale sometimes sacrifices are made in the design and in this case the beast mode head winds up peekin gout from the truck bed. It does shatter the illusion of a "robot in disguise" to a degree but it's also kind of hilarious at the same time because it looks like Springload is peaking out from behind the truck like he's hiding in it!

This mode is mostly green plastic with black plastic used for the wheels and front wheel wells. The windows are painted black with a nice matte finish. The hood is painted green and the grille is silver. The teal seen in the beast mode is found on the top of the vehicle along with his scannable Decepticon symbol. Overall it's a nice paint job for a Legion Class figure. I think it works to the advantage of the toy that such a large portion of the vehicle mode is also part of the beast mode so they can share deco.

Final Thoughts:
Springload was a surprise because he had not been previewed anywhere before his release. I had thought fans were stuck with the One Step Changer being the only version of the character in toy form but this figure represents the character much better. Recommended if you're looking for a show accurate version of Springload with an interesting transformation.


  • Show accurate design in both modes.
  • Good deco in both forms.
  • Fun and unique transformation.
  • Cool alternative to the typical "humanoid robot to vehicle" Transformer.
  • Some deco points are missing when compared to the animation model.
  • Lower jaw piece popped off during initial review (but has not done so since).
  • Beast mode head "peeks out" from truck bed in vehicle mode.
  • No places to attach Cyberverse weapons.