Toy Review: "Robots in Disguise (2015)" Clash of the Transformers Megatronus vs. Optimus Prime Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

General Information:
Release Date: June 2015
Price Point: $19.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: Toys R Us Exclusive
Accessories: Tank Turret (for Megatronus)

Official images and text in italics below from Toys R Us Australia:
This Optimus Prime vs. Megatronus figure pack pits the leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons against each other in the next generation of Transformers combat. On one side is Optimus Prime, with new white armor that shows his valor whether he's in mighty bot mode or heavy-duty semi truck mode. On the other is Megatronus, and his black armor shows his evil as he converts from robot warrior mode to hardcore tank mode!

In the latter half of 2015, Hasbro launched a sub-line of Toys R Us exclusive figures for the "Clash of the Transformers" line. Interestingly the Toys R Us Australia web site lists the product as "Clash of the Primes" (which is not entirely wrong based on Megatronus' origin). Toys R Us Australia received these figures first, with a later release in the U.S. revealed at Botcon 2015. Most of this line features redecos of previously released figures, but new sculpts for the character of Megatronus were introduced in this line.

This two pack features Optimus Prime and Megatronus in Legion scale. The Optimus Prime figure is a redeco of the Legion Optimus Prime figure released earlier this year. Megatronus is a brand new sculpt.

This set is carded with a bubble separating the Optimus Prime figure from the Megatronus figure. The artwork on the packaging shows Optimus with a different helmet design than we saw early in the "Robots in Disguise" cartoon. Megatronus' art is based on his animated appearance. Blue and purple "energy" crackles between the two. Above the Transformers logo on the right is the "Clash of the Transformers" title. The back of the packaging shows off both toys in both modes and then information about the mobile app on the right. The bottom is filled with legal information in different languages. There is no bio information on the packaging.

Megatronus Review

Robot Mode:
I am going to admit that during the time frame I am writing this I have not watched any of the TV Show episodes with Megatronus in them, so most of my exposure to the character has been through screen captures online and this figure. It is important to keep in mind that Megatronus is not Megatron from "Prime" in a new form. Instead he is a different character altogether (I'm being vague to avoid spoilers for some folks). His form is a very streamlined one. He has wide shoulder armor, two huge chest panels with a space in the middle, raised knee armor and pointed feet. His head design has three points on top, echoing the look of the Decepticon symbol. He also wields a cannon much like "Prime" Megatron.

This figure has all the details mentioned above. While much of the design is flat, there are some smaller, intricate details such as grooves on the helmet section of the head (again, calling back to details from the Decepticon symbol). His chest has angled layers of armor and his knee armor has grooves on the side that angle downward. This matches up nicely with screenshots I've seen of the character (as well as his appearance in the "Robots in Disguise" mobile game). The only real design embelishment is the cannon, which here is made up of the entire tank turret section. On the show it appears smaller. Here it's the turret and there's a blade underneath it, making it a mash up of details. To me it still looks like an intimidating weapon so I like it.

Megatronus is cast in purple and black plastic, which is quite appropriate as they are iconic Decepticon colors. The black and purple colors alternate, but the black is the most heavily used color. Metallic purple paint is used to paint details on the cannon, chest and lower legs. Silver is used on the cannon, the forearms and chest. His face is also painted silver and his eyes are red. Metallic purple is used on several parts including the cannon and legs. It's a really gorgeous color and I like it a lot. A scannable Decepticon symbol is found on the right shoulder.

Overall the deco on this figure is very nice and matches up with many details of the cartoon character.

There are five points of articulation on this figure: the shoulders, the waist and the hips. The hip and shoulder joints are ball joints, so his range of movement is very good in those places. Surprisingly he has waist articulation, which I really wasn't expecting. The cannon/turret can be removed from the ar and placed on his other forearm or hands.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  • Detach the cannon/turret and set it aside for now.
  • Raise the arms up to the sides.
  • Rotate the waist around.
  • Swing the legs up.
  • Swing the arms down, fitting them into the grooves on the sides of the treads.
  • Attach the turret to the top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Like many recent "Megatron-inspired" toys, Megatronus is a tank in his vehicle mode. The tank looks like something out of a science fiction movie instead of say, an Earth based military. It's an "H" tank with treads extending forward and back with a turret section in the middle but gaps between the treads in the front and back. The tank is wide and there are a lot of cool details including tread lines in the front, a blade under the cannon and faux "wheels" sculpted into the sides of the vehicle. He lacks some of the details from the animation model including drills in the front and rocket launchers on the sides, but in a Legion Class figure such design sacrifices are not unexpected.

All the colors from the robot mode carry over here. The newly revealed tread sections are black. The purple and silver from the lower legs adds a splash of color to the back of the vehicle while the purple on the cannon keeps the front from looking dull.

The turret can be technically be positioned in almost any direction since the accessory detaches and reattaches. If you just want to turn it, the robot feet get in the way a bit. In a nice, unexpected touch the piece the turret attaches to can swivel up and down a bit, giving the cannon a bit of extra play value! The holes on the sides of the treads allow you to attach 3mm peg weapons such as those from "Cyberverse" toys. The treads don't work (of course), instead the vehicle rolls on four small wheels on the bottom. Be careful with what you roll this guy around on however. The scannable symbol winds up on the bottom of the vehicle so you could scrape it if you're not careful.

Optimus Prime Review

Robot Mode:
While the package art for this figure shows a slightly different design for Optimus (sporting armor seen in the TV show) the sculpt of the Legion Class Optimus Prime figure was not changed for this release, so really you're getting this two pack for Megatronus with Optimus as a bonus.

Optimus Prime may just be a redeco, but the designers seemed to have worked hard to pick some eye catching colors. This time out this sculpt has been cast in a pearl white, metallic black and solid black color combination. The white makes up the chest, back and arms. The lower body is a combination of the metallic and solid black colors. It's a subtle difference, but if you look at the legs under a certain light, the legs are clearly metallic while the wheels are a flat black color.

Both colors contrast really nicely against each other and I'm glad they went the extra step to choose distinct types of black color. A final detail is found on the left shoulder: a scannable Autobot symbol meant for use with the "Robots in Disguise" mobile app game.

The paint colors on this figure include red, gunmetal grey, silver, metallic blue, light blue and white. The paint applications are used strategically. There isn't a ton of paint on this figure, but where it appears it looks great. The red is used on aprts of the shoulder and chest, hinting at the primary color most Optimus Prime figures use. Gunmetal grey is used on the window on his chest as well as the hands. Silver is used on the face and thighs. The metallic blue is used on the helmet portion of the head, which looks fantastic. The light blue paint is found on the forearms, which I believe is meant to represent some type of armor or extra power (based on screen captures I have seen from the show once Megatronus shows up). Finally the armor on top of each foot is painted white, contrasting really nicely against the black plastic.

Overall this is a very nice color scheme and it's quite distinctive. I can't say there are many Optimus Prime toys with this color layout.

All the joints on this figure are nice and tight, which isn't a huge surprise since this tooling hasn't been used all that much.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push the robot legs together.
  2. Swing the waist/hips up along with the legs.
  3. Push the robot head back.
  4. Swing each arm up.
  5. Push the arms together.
  6. Push the arms down against the legs.
  7. Push the back piece from the robot mode down to form the front of the vehicle.
  8. Tuck the head under the truck cab.

Vehicle Mode:
The vehicle form shows off a nice split between the black and white sections. The front is white, a bit of black breaks up the area leading to the back and then the rear section is white on the top half and black on the lower half. The only real deco here is gunmetal on the windshield, and that's it. This is kind of disappointing. This being a redeco, I was hoping for at least one more paint application.

Final Thoughts:
This two pack is worth whatever U.S. retail price will be (probably hovering around $18 I imagine) since you're getting two Legion Class figures, and they're exclusives to boot. Megatronus is the big selling point here and while Optimus looks great in robot mode, his vehicle mode is pretty dull. Recommended if if you want Megatronus in this scale. If not I recommend you aim to get the larger Megatronus figure instead.