"Robots in Disguise" (2015) Galvatronus Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Menasor General Information:
Release Date: September 2017
Price Point: $29.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: Blaster

Official images and text in italics below from Amazon.com:
Unleash the power of 5 Transformers figures at once and create a Galvatronus Team Combiner figure. Click each smaller figure together in one easy step to create this menacing Decepticon super robot. Combine forces and join the battle with these figures based on the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series.

  • 5 Decepticon figures combine forces to create the mighty Galvatronus figure
  • Figures click to combine in 1 step
  • Mix and match with other Team and Crash Combiner figures (sold separately)
  • Scan the shield on the figure to unlock Menasor in the app (details below)
  • Be a part of the Transformers Combiner Force

This Galvatronus Team Combiner 5-pack features Cyclonus, Skyjack, Treadshock, Cyberwarp, and Riotgear figures. Figures combine in 1 easy step: just click each figure to the correct portion of the main Cyclonus body while it’s in robot mode. Figures convert between robot and vehicle modes in anywhere from 1 to 8 steps. Kids can scan the Decepticon shield when the figures are in combiner mode to unlock the Galvatronus character in the mobile app. Team Combiner figures work with other Team or Crash Combiner figures, so kids can build their own Combiner robot (additional figures sold separately).

Team Combiner figure collections turn up the awesome by combining recognizable characters from the Robots in Disguise cartoon series into larger, standalone, multiple-figure powerhouses. Containing teams of individual figures that unite into a super robot figure, the Galvatronus and other Team Combiner sets take the Autobot vs. Decepticon fight to a whole new level (additional sets sold separately).

The Decepticons are always looking for new ways to defeat their forever foes, the Autobots. The skilled fighter and super-smart schemer Cyclonus might have found a way to do just that. Using the power of mind-control, he forces friend and enemy alike to combine with him. This time, he’s chosen 4 other Decepticons to form the mighty Galvatronus, a Combiner unlike any the Autobots have seen before. Galvatronus is bigger, meaner, and more capable than almost any other Decepticon Combiner, especially with Cyclonus at the helm. Bumblebee and his team will need everything they’ve got and then some to take down this towering foe.

The theme for late 2016 and 2017 in "Robots in Disguise" is "Combiner Force". Taking a page from "Combiner Wars", this line focuses on various gimmicks that involve "combining", though the definition is a bit loose. Mini-Cons attaching to larger robots is considered "combining" for instance. However in the most "pure" expression of combining Transformers, five packs of combining robots were released in mid-2017. A later wave released in September added on the powerful Galvatronus, who was comprised of five Decepticons who had almost managed to conquer Cybertron and end Optimus Prime and his warriors once and for all!

Normally my reviews start with whatever mode the figure is packaged in. However, Cyclonus is basically packaged in "torso" mode with the other members of the team in vehicle form near him as if they are in mid-combination. For the sake of simplicity, I will be reviewing Cyclonus in a more traditional "vehicle to robot" layout. The smaller figures will each get their own brief reviews since they are very simple figures.


Vehicle Mode:
In the "Robots in Disguise" cartoon, Cyclonus transformed into a sleek, Cybertronian vehicle with what looked like "X-Wing Fighter" style wings. Some of his styling seemed to borrow from his G1 counterpart complete with a pointed nosecone and sleek looking wings. All this makes the design of this vehicle mode a bit odd.

Instead of the "X" design, this vehicle looks more standard with a large middle section, a long nosecone section and just two wings going out to the sides and two small vertical stabilizers in the back. There is some stylized bits here including small wings pointing forward on each wing and two small pointed fins sweeping back near the cockpit section. I like the look of the vehicle, and it definitely evokes the original character but it really does not match up particularly well with his animated counterpart.

Cyclonus is made up of a really beautiful metallic purple color and some metallic black parts. The only deco in this mode is some black on the cockpit window. It is a shame he does not have some pink accents for the "lights" shown on the animation model, but most of the simpler "Robots in Disguise" figures lack such detail so it is no surprise.

The middle section of the vehicle features a 5mm port on top of the cockpit, allowing you to attach weapons from other figures. Interestingly enough, the blaster included with the figure does not have a 5mm port, so you have to attach it to the back of the vehicle using the tab on the bottom of the blaster and its corresponding slot in between the two vertical fins.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon if attached and set it aside for now.
  2. Separate the rear section into the robot arms and swing them out.
  3. Rotate the wing sections/robot arms forward.
  4. Swing the arms down.
  5. Swing the wings back.
  6. Rotate the lower part of the body around.
  7. Lift up the panel with the cockpit window on it.
  8. Split the front of the vehicle in half, then swing each robot leg up at the hips.
  9. Rotate the lower legs around and swing the feet up.
  10. Swing the back panel up.

Robot Mode:
In the "Robots in Disguise" cartoon Cyclonus looked giant and bulky with lots of angled panels. It's a great look with some detailing that calls back to G1 Cyclonus (especially the head sculpt). This figure reflects some of this design aesthetic, but not the sheer bulk. I believe this is a bi-product of the size the figure has to be in order to serve as Galvatronus' torso and of course to maintain a specific price point.

Like the animation model, this figure has shoulder armor that comes up to points on the top. His head sculpt has the familiar "rabbit ears" and high central crest. The chest has two beveled panels on either side while the knee armor is pointed, looking a bit like parts of the Decepticon symbol itself. Finally the wings on the back add some extra angles and sleekness to the robot mode. It looks good, but I cannot help but think how cool a bulky 3 Step Changer or Warrior Class figure would have been. My biggest beef here is the lack of hands. His arms literally just end in stubby forearms, like his hands were cut off or something. There are not even fingers sculpted into the wrist area to "fake" hands and of course without hands this means he cannot hold his weapon.

This mode shows off the metallic purple and black plastic along with some silver parts on the arms and thighs. His face is painted silver and his eyes are painted red. The left shoulder has a scannable Decepticon symbol on it that you can use with the official "Robots in Disguise" app.

There are nine points of articulation on this figure. However, they are not all particularly useful. For instance the lower legs can swivel, but they cannot bend at the knees. He has elbow articulation, but the arms only swing in and not up. That said, this is fairly par for the course when it comes to the figures that form the torsos in these boxed sets, which is unfortunate.


Vehicle Mode:
Cyberwarp's vehicle mode appears to be a Cybertronian hover vehicle. She has a very unique design, with a cockpit section in the middle to the back, a sloped section in the front and hover fans on the sides with small wings in front. The rear section has a spoiler over it. It really does look like an alien vehicle and the aesthetic has hints of a vehicle that may have appeared on Cybertron in Generation One. It looks a lot like the one on the TV show though of course the animation model is thinner since it can "cheat" some of the bulk found in a real life figure. I really like its design.

Cyberwarp is made up of two shades of metallic blue plastic, one lighter than the other. The lighter blue makes up most of the vehicle with the darker blue making up the sides. There is a fair amount of paint on this vehicle. The sides have green on them and the wings have some metallic light blue parts in the front. The interesting thing is that Cyberwarp had yellow coloring in the cartoon while her fellow team member had green. It looks like at some point these character colors were swapped for for the release of this figure.

The top of this vehicle has a 5mm port, allowing you to attach weapons from other figures.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the top of the vehicle back.
  2. Swing the robot feet up and push it against the lower legs.
  3. Swing the front part of the vehicle mode back.
  4. Push the robot arms back.
  5. Swing the robot arms up.

Robot Mode:
Cyberwarp's robot mode features several details inspired by her animation model. This includes the shape of the head sculpt (which looks heavily inspired by the Decepticon symbol, complete with several points rising up to the top), the hover fans winding up on her forearms and the general shape of her shoulder armor. That said, she does not quite have the bulk of the animation model. Unlike many of the G1 "female Transformers" designs, Cyberwarp was bulky and powerful looking relying mostly on the design of the face and her voice actor to convey that she was a "female" Transformer.

This figure is mostly metallic light blue plastic while his arms are a darker shade of metallic blue. The thighs are silver, offering a nice break between the blue parts. The face is painted silver with red eyes. The shoulders are painted green. Once again it looks like Skyjack's colors were mixed up with Cyberwarp. In the TV show her shoulders were clearly yellow.

The only articulation on this figure are the arms, which are on ball joints so they have a good range of motion.


Vehicle Mode:
Riotgear's vehicle mode is a four wheeled, all terrain vehicle. This figure lines up very nicely with the animation model. This includes four large wheels with thick treads on them, a curved center section and a distinct pair of circles on either side. Unlike the animation model, this figure does not have any weapons mounted on the top, though the vehicle does have a 5mm port on the top that allows you to attach weapons from other figures. Overall the vehicle mode looks cool and very much like something you would expect to come out of a science fiction story.

This mode mostly shows off metallic purple plastic. The wheels are cast in black. Red paint is used for stripes that go from the back all the way to the windshield section. Near those are two "L" shaped pieces that are also painted red. The purple and red colors are mostly based on the animation model. Perhaps the biggest difference between the animation model and this figure are the wheels. In the animation they were a light grey instead of black. Of course, there are a lot of red line details present on the animation model that do not appear here, but for these simplified figures this is to be expected.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Stand the vehicle up on the back.
  2. Swing the arms out.

Robot Mode:
While he may lack his animated counterpart's bulk, this Riotgear figure does borrow a lot of of the design elements from that model. This includes the head featuring a thin crest on top, the chest having layers of angled panels on either side, a belt "buckle" that resembles the Decepticon symbol and the shape of the knee armor with two points sticking up on the top. It is a cool looking design and it is one of the many I wish I could have seen in a larger, more complex size class.

Like the vehicle mode this form is mostly metallic purple plastic. The lower legs are blue plastic. Silver is used on the face and mid-body. Red paint is used on to paint in the eyes and parts of the torso. This is not a lot of paint, but it is just enough to make the robot mode look interesting.

The only articulation on this figure is the ability of the arms to swing out to the side a tiny bit.


Vehicle Mode:
Skyjack is a redeco and retool of Cyberwarp. Her vehicle mode is almost exactly the same as Cyberwarp's in terms of both design and plastic colors. The only real difference is the coloring on the sides. There you will find several sections painted yellow. Interestingly yellow was the color seen on Cyberwarp in the cartoon while green was seen on Skyjack, so this figure shows again how the colors between the two characters were swapped for these figures.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the top of the vehicle back.
  2. Swing the robot feet up and push it against the lower legs.
  3. Swing the front part of the vehicle mode back.
  4. Push the robot arms back.
  5. Swing the robot arms up.

Robot Mode:
This is the mode that helps identify who this figure is via the one retooled part: the head. The head sculpt is based on Skyjack's animation model down to a curved section on top, a small crest that looks like part of the Decepticon symbol and angled panels that extend out to the sides of her head. The rest of the figure is the same as Cyberwarp in terms of sculpting and the plastic colors used. Yellow paint is found on the shoulders, continuing the theme of swapping colors with Cyberwarp.


Vehicle Mode:
Treadshock is a redeco and retool of Riotgear. In vehicle mode the two sculpts are the same. The plastic colors are laso the same. The only difference in deco are green paint applications replacing the red ones on Riotgear.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Stand the vehicle up on the back.
  2. Swing the arms out.

Robot Mode:
Treadshock features a new head sculpt based on the one seen in the "Robots in Disguise" cartoon. While he has a tall crest on the top of his head like Riotgear, he also has horn-like bits that extend out to the sides and up. The rest of the figure is the same as Riotgear in terms of sculpt and plastic colors. His face and mid-body are painted silver. The eyes are painted red. Offering color continuity with the vehicle mode, the jagged panels on his torso are painted green.

Transformation to Galvatronus (Starting in Vehicle Modes)

  1. Starting with Cyclonus, swing up each wing.
  2. Swing the panel with the cockpit windows up.
  3. Split the front section of the vehicle in half, then push the thighs up into the hip area.
  4. Rotate the lower legs around (so Cyclonus' feet point back), then swing the feet up.
  5. Split the rear of the vehicle and swing the robot arms out to the sides.
  6. Press the black button in the middle of the figure to reveal the Combiner head.
  7. Rotate the lower body around.
  8. Rotate each arm around, then swing out the Combiner connection port from each forearm.
  9. Swing each forearm up over the shoulder sections, forming the shoulder area for each arm.
  10. Swing the back panel up.
  11. Take both Riotgear and Treadshock and swing the lower leg panels up, then swing the front of the vehicle up.
  12. Attach the Riotgear and Treadshock as legs.
  13. Take both Cyberwarp and Skyjack and swing the top of the vehicle mode forward. Then swing the sides of the vehicle down. Attach each arm to the shoulder clips.
  14. The blaster can be held in either hand.


Galvatronus appeared in the last episode of "Robots in Disguise" as the final "Big Bad" that the Autobots have to defeat. This figure is largely based on that design, and for the most part the designers succeeded. The head sculpt is basically a bulked up version of Cyclonus' own head which winds up looking a lot like the Decepticon symbol mashed up with a face. His torso is wide and has a vertical armor panel in the center with flatter sections on the sides. Each of the arms is curved on top, which gives him a sleek look and the designers basically used Cyberwarp and Skyjack's arms to give the illusion of added bulk on the forearms (which is a great idea). The legs are nice and thick and having the wheels so prominent matches up with the way Galvatronus was shown in the cartoon (he even uses the wheels to move at one point like he was roller skating). In another cool touch the "hands" formed by the front of Cyberwarp and Skyjack's vehicle modes wind up looking like the claw-like hands Galvatronus had in the cartoon. I really appreciate the way the designers did their best to take aspects of the animation model and find ways to recreate them in this form.

There are no color surprises here, but you do get a lot of Cyclonus' purple color in the middle. Red lines are used for some fine detailing on the torso. His face is painted silver and the eyes are red. Thanks to the various paint decos on the limbs, he gets a splash of color from each, giving the character some added visual appeal.

There are twelve points of articulation on this figure, but they are not all exactly meaningful. For instance, the lower legs can swivel outward, but they cannot bend at the knees. The arms can swing in at the elbows, but not upward. I will however give kudos for the ankle tilts on each leg which allow the figure to stand with its feet flat if the legs are separated a bit. A few more points of articulation would have been great, but were not expected on a figure of this class. You can store the blaster on the back and if you have Menasor, Galvatronus can use his sword.

Final Thoughts:
There are aspects of the individual robots in this set that I like, especially the vehicle modes. However, the real reason to get this set is the combined form, which would be fun to pit against your Ultrabee. I also like the way the combined form looks. The colors are very Decepticon-like and the design looks like a machine built for battle. That said, I would try to avoid paying full price for this figure. If you can get $5 or more off, then it would be worth it to have this guy as a fun "deskbot" or for a younger fan to get used to combining figures. I like the figure, but I recognize its limitations.


  • Easy to assemble with quick transformations.
  • Scales nicely as a "giant" with Legion Class figures.
  • Sculpt looks great in combined form.
  • Great choice of colors.


  • Individual robot forms are not very impressive.
  • Not a lot of articulation.
  • I really wish Cyclonus had actual hands.