"Q Transformers" Hot Rodimus Toy Review

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Q Transformers

Hot Rodimus General Information:
Release Date: December 2014
Price Point: $7.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: None

The "Q Transformers" toy line takes its character assortment from various "Transformers" toy lines from over the years. Part of the first wave of this line includes a classic Generation One character: Hot Rodimus! He has popped up repeatedly over the years in the "Transformers" toy line and even has a Legends Class version coming up in 2015 as part of "Combiner Wars".

The "Q Transformers" are small Transformers figures, true to the "Choro Q" toys that inspired them. Each figure is in a bubble that slides into a cardboard backing. The packaging is about 4 inches (approximately 10 centimeters) high and almost 3 inches (approximately 7.6 centimeters) wide. The cards are all the same. The background has pictures from the animated "Q Transformers" shorts with the "Q Transformers" logo on top. The card is the same on every "Q Transformers" figure but the insert that comes with the figure features the toy inside and the name of the character.

Vehicle Mode:
All the "Q Transformers" figures represent a cute version of a real life vehicle. Since the original Hot Rodimus became a fictional vehicle, the designers chose the Toyota 86, otherwise known as the Scion FR-S in the United States. A lot of the features of the real life vehicle have made their way into this sculpt including:

  • The vehicle is squat looking including a front end that's longer than the back. It has an oval shape that comes to points in the front under the grille that look almost like mandibles on an insect.
  • The vehicle has curved, three sided headlights with an indentation on the design at the bottom.
  • There is a small oval on the front portion of the hood where the Scion symbol would be.
  • Below each headlight is an extra set of vertical lights.
  • At the edge of each front wheel well is a small light.
  • The rear section has an additional oval section above the license plate.
  • There are two ovals representing the exhaust pipes in the back.
  • The shape of the rear lights are angled in towards the middle and curve outward.

I am very impressed with how much of the real life Toyota's vehicle has worked its way into this sculpt. Some of the smaller details including the light on the front wheel well and the distinct grille design surprised me. The vehicle is cute looking because of its proportions for sure, but there's a coolness to it that comes shining through.

Hot Rodimus' colors have varied from portrayal to portrayal (indeed, he looked almost purple in some of the 80's comic books). In this case the colors seem mostly inspired by Rodimus Prime's colors as opposed to Hot Rod's. Most of the vehicle is orange and his wheels are black. Gunmetal grey is used on the windows, the grille and the lights under the headlights. The headlights and the oval symbol have been painted grey while the sides of the wheels are painted silver. A bit of red is used on the rear lights. Now, these colors alone can point to Hot Rodimus as the inspiration, sure - but the deco that ties it completely together is a flame detail on the hood coming to three points on each side. Right in the middle is a red Autobot symbol. This detail ties everything together and pays homage to Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime nicely.

Hot Rodimus is about 1.5 inches (approximately 3.8 centimeters) long and about .75 inches (approximately 1.9 centimeters) wide.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Turn the vehicle over and swing down each robot leg and straighten out the feet.
  2. Split the rear section of the vehicle and swing the halves forward.
  3. On each of the rear vehicle halves, swing out the robot arms.
  4. Swing down the cabin section to reveal the robot head.

Robot Mode:
Since the transformation scheme of the Q Transformers are the same across the line, the basic body design of each Q Transformer figure is the same. The head is large and the limbs are small, completely out of proportion with the torso which is mostly formed by the front of the vehicle mode. This means a bulk of the newly revealed details come from the head, arms and legs.

Hot Rodimus' sculpt has a lot of the key details from the G1 Hot rod design. The most distinctive element is his head. He has a curved helmet section with a crest on top. The face is smooth, lacking angled lines under the eyes making him more of a Hot Rod homage than Rodimus Prime. Another detail borrowed from G1 Hot Rod is the forearms which have curved sections leading to the wrists. His legs also have the distinct angled shapes making up the lower legs. He looks great and I really love the way the designers made it a point to include these details in the sculpt.

The orange panels make up a lot of this mode, but the head is red with silver detailing and blue eyes. Silver parts are used for the panel under the head and the shoulder connection points. Silver is also used for the thighs while black makes up the lower legs. He looks fantastic and I was particularly glad to see the silver and black parts used for the legs. Since the deco on the vehicle mode makes up so much of the robot mode he looks fantastic.

Since they all have the same body structure, Q Transformers also share the same articulation. Altogether there are seven points of articulation on this figure. That includes the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and head.

Final Thoughts:
"Q Transformers" are a very specific type of figure. It's not really aimed at the "Generations" collecting crowd and is meant to be a cute curiosity to supplement your collection. That said, I am really impressed by the attention to detail and deco on this figure. I've always loved the deco for Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime and this figure looks great. Its attention to detail and deco are awesome. Highly recommended!

Q Transformers Hot Rodimus (On Card)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Official Photo Robot Mode
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Official Photo Vehicle Mode
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Vehicle Mode
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Vehicle Mode (Side)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Vehicle Mode (Back)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Vehicle Mode (Front)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Vehicle Mode (Angle View)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Robot Mode
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Robot Mode (Side)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Robot Mode (Back)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Robot Mode (Close up)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Robot Mode (Angle View)
Q Transformers Hot Rodimus Robot Mode (Posed)