Transformers Prime Decepticon Rumble Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: September 2012
Price Point: $14.99
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Piledriver Cannons x 2


  • On Card (Official Photo)*
  • Vehicle Mode (Official Photo)*
  • Robot Mode (Official Photo)*
  • Scan of card (front)
  • Scan of card (back)
  • Scan of Insert
  • Vehicle Mode
  • Vehicle Mode (Side)
  • Vehicle Mode (Back)
  • Vehicle Mode (Front view)
  • Vehicle Mode (Angle view)
  • Vehicle Mode (Weapons attached)
  • Vehicle Mode (Weapon attached, side)
  • Vehicle Mode (Weapons attached, back)
  • Vehicle Mode (Energon weapons attached)
  • Robot Mode
  • Robot Mode (Side)
  • Robot Mode (Back)
  • Robot Mode (Close up)
  • Robot Mode (Focus on head)
  • Robot Mode (Angle view)
  • Robot Mode (Weapons attached)
  • Robot Mode (Weapon Attached to back)
  • Robot Mode (Weapons attached to piledrivers)
  • Robot Mode (Focus on shoulder weapon)

    *Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
    Cause total chaos with DECEPTICON RUMBLE. Chaos and destruction are all that DECEPTICON RUMBLE lives for. His powerful pile drivers send shuddering shockwaves through the earth strong enough to knock AUTOBOTS from their feet, collapse buildings, and open chasms in the ground. He opens every DECEPTICON assault with an overwhelming seismic assault that can send entire armies sprawling. Along with his love of destruction goes a sarcastic sense of humor that he uses to issue a steady stream of insults against any enemy unlucky enough to get within earshot.

    Converts from robot to vehicle! The destructive warrior DECEPTICON RUMBLE converts from cool tuner car to a sarcastic anarchist and back. His pile drivers snap on to get him ready for any battle situation you can imagine. Battle him against your other TRANSFORMERS figures!

    Includes: Converting DECEPTICON RUMBLE action figure and 2 snap-on pile drivers.
    • Pile drivers snap on to robot mode!
    • Level 2 – Intermediate conversion difficulty
    • Includes DVD with full TRANSFORMERS PRIME episode, "Loose Cannons"!

    Ages 5 and up.

    RumbleRumble is one of the characters that has been part of "Transformers" lore since the beginning. Originally introduced as one of Soundwave's cassette minions (later called "Deployers"), he was a loud, brash Decepticon famous for his ability to create earthquakes. For years, fans of Generation One would also debate what his colors were thanks to the toy being black and red while the cartoon showed him as blue (thus switching the colors between him and his twin, Frenzy).

    In "Transformers Prime", Rumble is reborn as his own Decepticon (no relation to Soundwave is mentioned on his packaging other than being a Decepticon). Rumble came out as one of the later waves of "Transformers Prime" figures in 2012, which unfortunately had a side effect of making him relatively hard to find. Even online he sold out dramatically fast and some dealers at New York Comic-Con were asking up to $25 for him! There were two versions released: one without a DVD packed in and one with the episode "Loose Cannons". The toy itself wasn't changed however. This review is from one packaged with the DVD.

    Vehicle Mode:
    Instead of his traditional mode as a data storage device (aka a cassette), Rumble is a compact car in the "Transformers Prime" universe. His vehicle mode is a compact car, somewhat resembling (but not necesarily based on) a Renault Clio. This isn't the first time the character Rumble has been a car. In the Alternators toy line he was a Honda Civic in vehicle form. This isn't the most impressive or sporty vehicle mode, but it definitely fits a character that was once rather small and a cassette, with emphasis on the "compact" nature of the alternate form. The vehicle starts low in the front and then slowly angles upward at a curve towards the back where there's a spoiler angled upwards. Sure he's not a super car, but at least he can get around now on his own in his alternate form!

    The car mode has some nice detailing on it including a raised spot for a faction symbol at the center of the grille, the headlights, indentations on the hood and lines on the doors. He does have the requisite rear lights and license plate slot cast into the plastic as well. Overall it's a nice looking car mode, but it's also a very friendly looking car, so much so that it looks more like it would fit an Autobot than a Decepticon (but that could just be me).

    Rumble is made up of blue, black and translucent red plastic. The blue plastic makes up most of the vehicle, with the red making up the windows/cabin cover section. The wheels are cast in black. There's a lot of blue on this vehicle form, and it may look like very little paint is used but in fact there's quite a bit - it's just not obvious at first. A lot of blue paint is used on the translucent red plastic pieces, filling in the details for the top and edges around the window sections. This blue matches up very nicely with the blue plastic on the rest of the figure. This is a section with a lot of surface area, so this is a good amount of paint. The other paint applications include black on the front headlights and grille (with a small purple Decepticon symbol in the middle) and gunmetal grey on the bumper. The back has a tiny purple Decepticon symbol in the center.

    While these details are cool and most welcome, unfortuantely they're not enough. The headlights being black obscures the sculpted detail instead of highlighting it. The wheels on the sides are not painted (which sadly is becoming more common in the line) and even with the Decepticon symbol in the back, the rear section looks barren. The rear lights at least are begging for paint applications. He winds up looking rather bland after you look at the vehicle mode long enough, which is a shame because the core of a good deco is there.

    Rumble has two holes located over the rear wheel wells. Each of these accomodates a 5mm peg weapon. In this case, he comes with two large cannons that also look like gigantic (relative to the vehicle) rocket boosters. Attach them and he winds up looking a lot like a vehicle right out of science fiction. The weapons are cast in black, but unlike the Hasbro "stock photos" there are no blue details painted onto the weapons (another unfortunate cost cutting measure).

    Transformation to Robot Mode:

    1. Detach the weapons if attached.
    2. Pull out the side panels, which will bring half of the doors and the rear wheel wells out.
    3. Rotate the panels from the step above around.
    4. Push the front end of the car down.
    5. Pull the robot feet up.
    6. Push the halves of the grille/headlights sections to the sides of the legs.
    7. Straighten out each leg.
    8. Swing the cabin section of the vehicle up.
    9. Split the cabin section into its two halves.
    10. Swing the cabin section halves down.
    11. Push the panels on the back together.
    12. Swing the window sections on each arm up.
    13. Attach the weapons to the hands.

    Robot Mode:
    Unlike some of the other "G1 inspired" characters in this series, Rumble's robot mode bears little to no resemblance to his G1 counterpart. he has really wide shoulders, a stylized face with a mouthplate on it and a torso that resembles a face with two big eyes on his chest. In fact, unless you told me this was Rumble, I'd have a very hard time guessing it without looking at his weapons (more on that in a bit). None of this is to say Rumble is not a cool looking robot. In fact, he's downright creepy looking. His narrow eyes and upswept head design gives him a decidedly insectoid and evil appearance. His torso looks like a gigantic, stylized, creepy skull and even his feet are interestingly shaped, with a sharp point in the middle instead of the more common rectangular feet found on Transformers. While his vehicle mode looked "friendly", his robot mode looks decidedly unfriendly! On a totally odd note: his head design actually reminds me a bit of Punch/Counterpunch with its antennae on the sides, mouthplate and so on. Add to that some of the color notes below and I wonder if in some odd way, the designers were doing a semi-Punch/Counterpunch homage with this figure!

    This mode features a lot more black plastic than the vehicle form. Most of his parts are still blue, but his head, upper arms, thighs, knees and feet are all black plastic. Part of his chest is translucent red, making the "eyes" on his chest look even more creepy. He also uses red plastico on the head, allowing for a limited degree of "light piping". Whereas his vehicle mode was rather limited in color, this mode partly makes up for it. Yellow, gunmetal and red paint is distributed throughout the figure. Yellow is the color that pops the best. It's on his shoulders, waist and knees. Gunmetal provides some nice "machine" coloring on his mouthplate, chest and the middle of his body. A bit of red is used for a coil design on his mid-body area. He looks great and the yellow as an unexpected touch (in that sense, his colors faintly echo those of another G1 character, Nightbeat the Autobot Headmaster!). A bit of black paint is used for his hands, which are actually cast in blue plastic. I'm happy to see the hands colored (otherwise it would look quite plain) but unfortunately this has the bad effect of paint scraping off if you attach weapons to him and remove them often so be warned.

    Rumble has sixteen points of articulation in robot mode. This includes three points in each arm and four in each leg. He does have waist articulation (rare nowadays) but it's limited by his waist armor. His weapons are designed to be cannons in this form, but they're also shaped to look like piledrivers at the end, which provides his only real design link to the original Rumble. The weapons overlap a lot onto his forearms, giving him the appearance of arms that have "transformed" into piledrivers (like G1 Rumble). Each of the cannons have a 5mm hole on the ends, allowing you to attach additional weaponry. He also has 5mm holes on the back of his shoulders, allowing you to store the weapons there where they wind up looking a bit like rocket boosters. There is one other design aspect that calls back to G1 Rumble. The panels from the side of the vehicle wind up on his back in this form. Each of these has a weapon barrel sculpted into them that are shaped similarly to the barrels of G1 Rumble's weapons. Indeed, you can swing these panels up a bit (you have to move the shoulders out of the way first) giving him "back pack" weapons, similar to G1 Rumble. The shame is that these barrels aren't painted so you could easily miss them.

    Final Thoughts:
    The strength of this figure lies in the robot mode, which looks creepy and has some interesting homage characteristics. I like his cannon/piledriver weapons too. My only complaints are the need for extra decos in vehicle mode and his unpainted weapons. A good figure overall and recommended.