Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacon Rippersnapper Toy Review

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Beast Hunters

General Information:
Release Date: July 2013
Price Point: $5.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Electrocharge Bow


*Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
This sarcastic savage loves to pick fights he can finish with a single shot from his powerful Electrocharge Bow! Autobots beware, because this Predacon Rippersnapper figure is one mean Predacon! He's terrifying whether he's in dragon or robot mode. And if he needs more than Predacon power, he's got a deadly weapon in his Electrocharge Bow! Keep converting him back and forth so his Autobot enemies can't keep up!

Includes figure and accessory. Legion Class Series 3 009 Predacon Rippersnapper Predacon Grunt. Ages 5 and up.

RippersnapperIn the "Beast Huntersa" series, clones of ancient Transformers have been created to find the Autobots who have been in hiding on Earth. This new iteration of "Predacons" are part of the "Predacon Alliance", a whole new faction of Transformers borrowing a name from the "Beast Wars" era. Some of these warriors draw their inspiration from Generation One, specifically the team known as the "Terrocons". These five Decepticons each transformed into a robot and monster. When necessary they could also combine into a giant robot named Abominus. History repeats itself once again as Terrorcon inspired Predacons join Predaking's forces.

One of the Predacons in this team is "Predacon Rippersnapper", a character based on the Generation One character of the same name (though in G1 he was just called "Rippersnapper"). Along with Hun-Gurrr, he is one of the only members of this team who share names with his G1 counterpart.

Robot Mode:
Like many of the "Terrorcon" based Predacons, Rippersnapper borrows some design aspects from his G1 counterpart. His head design evokes G1 Rippersnapper's head, with a crest on top and a mouth with a pronounced chin. His chest design has panels on the sides with a depression in the middle. In both cases, these design aspects are inspired by the G1 figure, but they are much more angled, curved and sleek. I especially like the chest panel details which have four layers of armor paneling overlapping. Another similar design aspect are the lower legs, which each have one of his beast mode arms on them. G1 Rippersnapper also had beast mode limbs on his legs (though they were the lower limbs, not the upper limbs as they are here).

The official Hasbro description mentions Rippersnapper is a "Grunt" and his shape shows it. His upper body is rather wide, with brutish looking arms leading to a rather narrow waist and small legs. This is quite different than the G1 version, who was pretty thick on the top and bottom of the figure. I really like the design of this figure. The details are angled and sleek but their sharp points allude to his deadly nature.

Rippersnapper is cast in green and silver plastic. The two colors balance out nicely, with the grey used for chunks of the torso and lower legs. His arms and legs mostly have green plastic. Green, yellow and red paint are used to provide extra detailing. His yellow paint is found on his face and chest. His eyes are painted red. Green paint is found on areas like his feet and waist. A small Predacon symbol is painted in black on the right side of his chest. This color scheme is largely based on his G1 counterpart in theme, but the silver replaces grey on G1 Rippersnapper and the green replaces blue.

There are six points of articulation on this figure, including two on each leg and the ability for his arms to move up and down. He uses the same "bow" weapon that came with other figures such as Airachnid and Windrazor. He can hold the weapon in his hand or attach it to his shoulders. The only part you want to be careful with are the halves of the beast mode head on his legs.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon if attached.
  2. Rotate the lower legs forward.
  3. Swing the halves of the beast mode head in.
  4. connect the halves of the beast mode head together.
  5. Swing the back piece up and connect it to the back of the beast mode head.
  6. Swing the chest piece forward and up.
  7. Rotate the head into the chest piece.
  8. The weapon can be attached to the sides of the mouth or legs.

Beast Mode:
The Generation One Terrorcons largely became ambiguous monsters sometimes based on real life creatures. In the case of G1 Rippersnapper he was largely based on a shark,complete with an oval shaped head with a point at the end and dangerous looking teeth. On his back was a shark-like fin, but the rest of him made him look like a mutant of some sort complete with arms and legs that could've come from a dinosaur. For this new incarnation of Rippersnapper, the same basic design elements are intact. His head does have a shark-like appearance to it complete with the scary looking teeth. His back does have a fin-like section on it (though it's wide instead of thin). He also has dinosaur-like arms and legs.

Where Predacon Rippersnapper differs from his G1 counterpart are the finer details. G1 Rippersnapper was very smooth and sleek looking in many respects. Predacon Rippersnapper on the other hand has layers and ridges running down the body from the head to tail, which evokes some of the "dragon" like influences of the Predacons in the "Beast Hunters" line. The tail in particular looks nasty with sections that angle upward into spike-like details. This would be a nasty Predacon to tackle, that's for sure!

The coloring from the robot mode carries ove rto this form, with the green and silver distributed fairly evenly throughout the body. The yellow paint is used heavily on the upper body, painting the sides near the mouth, the main body and eyes. Green paint is used on the top of the head leading to the back. Overall the color scheme looks great and I was pleased to see this much paint detailing in this form.

There are four points of articulation in this mode, with the legs having ball joints at the hips and the arms able to move up and down. You can attach the bow weapon to the side of his legs or put it in his mouth on the sides.

Final Thoughts:
Predacon Rippersnapper is a fun figure and a great homage to G1 Rippersnapper. For those curious, I plan on addressing his transformation into a limb of Abominus in a separate Abominus review, so keep an eye out for that. The only caution here are the flaps that make up the beast mode head, be careful with them as I could see them coming off with too much pressure. Other than that, this figure is recommended!