Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Commander Class Trailcutter Toy Review

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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

General Information:
Release Date: March 2013
Price Point: $9.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: "Howler" Missile launcher, Missile x 1


*Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
Trailcutter is a skilled wilderness warrior with an impenetrable force field!

Predacons beware, because this Trailcutter figure is just the wilderness warrior to take them on! This Autobot commando can convert to SUV mode or convert to robot mode and unleash disaster with his Howler missile launcher! Keep converting him back and forth so his enemies can’t keep up!

Includes figure and accessories. Commander Class Series 3 005 Trailcutter Autobot Commando. Ages 5 and up.

TrailcutterThe "Beast Hunters" Cyberverse line continues in the first quarter of 2013 with the introduction of Trailcutter into the line. Based on the "Generation One" Autobot known as Trailbreaker, the name "Trailcutter" has been used since that time mostly due to trademark reasons. A couple years back Trailcutter was released as a Legends Class figure in the "Reveal the Shield" toy line. This time out he's upsized as a Commander Class figure! This figure is a redeco and retool of the Commander Class Ironhide figure, so check out that review for details on the design. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Robot Mode:
Trailcutter is no simple redeco of Ironhide. Several parts have been replaced with the goal of making the figure more like he's armored up for combat with the dreaded Predacons! Here are the parts that have been replaced/retooled:

  • The head sculpt is a new one, featuring "visor" style eyes with a crest and mouth section that could easily be a mouthplate as well. This somewhat resembles "Generation one" Trailbreaker's head with the visor eyes, but it's a big longer and mean looking than G1 Trailbreaker.
  • Each of the shoulders are all new pieces with a piece that overlaps on top of the shoulder. The panels are wider, covering more space and making his shoulders look wider than Ironhide.
  • The panels on either side of the head with the headlights on them also have blasters mounted on top. These give Trailcutter shoulder mounted weaponry which looks great.
  • Behind the head is a panel with three circles in it that are based on an accessory that came with G1 Trailbreaker (and was later featured in "Reveal the Shield" Trailcutter).
  • The forearms have panels on them that swing in. These panels are different than Ironhide's complete with blade weapons on them.
  • The panel on the upper back of the figure is different than Ironhide's. There's a hole in the center allowing for weapon storage and the sides have raised, tube details that are part of the weaponry detail in vehicle mode.
  • The chest panel on Trailcutter is a windshield with two windows separated by a bar in the middle, which differs from Ironhide's which is one smooth piece.

The cumulative effect is a very different looking figure. I was actually surprised how many parts had been swapped out/changed. I'm quite impressed. I think the head sculpt could have been a bit less threatening looking, but I guess Trailcutter isn't going to look very happy when fighting Predacons! The weapon he carries has three blades as a barrel of sorts. Add that in with the blades on his forearms and the cannons over his shoulders really help differentiate him even more from Ironhide.

Trailcutter is mostly cast in black plastic. The panel on his back (where you can store the weapon) and the weapon are all cast in silver. This sounds plain, but he has quite a few paint applications to give him detailing. This includes copious use of silver and red on his shoulders, arms and legs. The shoulder cannons are painted silver with a bit of gold on his headlights. A small Autobot symbol is found right under his chest and the outer parts of his front-facing torso panel are painted silver. The windows on his chest are light metallic blue. The outer parts of his forearms have yellow details on them, adding a nice splash of bright color. Overall his deco looks great. I'm quite impressed at the amount of deco used and the call backs to G1 Trailbreaker.

All the joints on this figure are just as tight as those on Ironhide. The shoulder cannons being on hinged pieces work nicely because now you can use that as "aiming" the cannons. His weapon works using a "pressure marble". The missile is held in with a sphere in the launcher. Press the back hard enough and the pressure builds up until the missile launches. With the new back panel mentioned above, Trailcutter winds up having five potential connection points for weapons, the fists, the forearms and the hole on the back. Functionally it's a fun figure that's quite different from Ironhide.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Remove the missile launcher for now and set it aside.
  2. Swing the red panels on the arms out.
  3. On each arm, rotate the wheels so they are facing out to the sides.
  4. Swing the headlight panels on either side of the head up.
  5. Move the arms out to the sides and up.
  6. Rotate the upper body section around.
  7. Push each arm in, forming the top and front of the vehicle.
  8. Swing the headlight sections down.
  9. From each robot shoulder, swing the top panels out and connect them together.
  10. Push the robot feet up, then swing them inward.
  11. Connect the two legs together.
  12. Swing the legs in.
  13. Attach the weapon to the back or sides.

Vehicle Mode:
Trailcutter's vehicle mode is similar to some of the Deluxe "Beast Hunters" Autobots in that he has both armor and weaponry that looks like it was added on to the vehicle after its initial construction. However, these do not seem to have an "animal" theme. Instead it looks more like something out of a "Mad Max" or "Death Race" movie. Most of the parts that were change din robot mode now carry over here, but here's a rundown of what's different from Ironhide's vehicle mode:

  • The cabin section has two large blades sweeping back on the top along with a hatch at the top and some machinery on the other side. As mentioned before, his windshield is made up of two windows in front rather than one long piece.
  • The hood has two cannons pointing forward (these were the shoulder cannons).
  • The headlight sections are more angled than the curved ones on Ironhide.
  • The front of the vehicle has a spiked scoop, presumably allowing him to ram down enemies!

Trailcutter still mostly shows off black in this mode, but the yellow lines only hinted at now get emphasis on the sides of the vehicle. They start wide behind the front wheel wells and then get thinner towards the back. You also get to see four of his windows painted metallic blue and parts of his tuck bed and the cannons in front are both painted silver. I really appreciate the homage to G1 Trailbreaker with the yellow stripes on the sides. He looks great!

Trailcuter has five connection points for Cyberverse weapons: two in the truck bed, two on the doors and one on top of the hood. The missile launcher really protrudes in the front, so I prefer hooking it up to the sides.

Final Thoughts:
Trailcutter is an awesome figure. He manages to be a fun retool and redeco while paying homage to a classic character (just as Ironhide did). His aesthetics may not be for everyone, but he's cool in my book. Recommended!