Transformers Prime Cyberverse Megatron Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: March 2012
Price Point: $7.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Sword weapon


*Images with asterisks* and text below in italics from The Official Transformers web site:
Sneaky MEGATRON always has a plan. He builds his plots, layer on layer, for months or years – and all with one goal: To take over command of the DECEPTICONS and finally destroy the AUTOBOTS once and for all.

Add the ultimate DECEPTICON villain to your TRANSFORMERS adventures with this intense Commander Class MEGATRON robot-to-vehicle figure! In robot mode, your evil MEGATRON figure will lead his DECEPTICON allies (other figures sold separately) against their AUTOBOT enemies. But if they get him on the run, convert him to spaceship mode so he can make his escape! Figure converts from robot to vehicle and back! Convert your MEGATRON figure to spaceship mode. Comes with mini-DVD that has a full TRANSFORMERS PRIME episode!

Figure comes with DVD. Series 2 004 MEGATRON DECEPTICON Leader

MegatronWhen it comes to the Cyberverse, larger characters have a special class all their own: The Commander Class. When you're a leader of the army that basically laid waste to thousands of Autobots, you've earned the right to be in this class - and that's where we find Megatron in the first wave of Commander Class figures in the "Transformers Prime" section of the Cyberverse!

Megatron was released in two different types of packaging. The one I got had only the figure. Later releases included a "mini-DVD" with an episode of the "Tranfsormers Prime" series on it. These had different inserts, but the card and bubble designs were largely the same.

Robot Mode:
At the risk of being a bit less informative than usual, I'd suggest glancing a bit at my notes about Megatron's "Transformers Prime" design in the reviews for both the Deluxe version and Voyager class version reviews. To sum it up, Megatron embodies a combination of elements from both his Generation One and live action movie counterparts. The aesthetic really leans towards the live action movie with tons of sharp looking armor sections including his chest armor, shoulder armor and his helmet. The Generation One elements come into play with the cannon on his right arm, vent like details on his torso and the gun grip style designs on his legs. This particular iteration of Megatron doesn't have a lot of extra bits and pieces to account for, so he winds up looking very thin and sleek, much like his appearance on the television show. Kudos to the designers for that!

The figure also succeeds in having some nicely sculpted details. This includes the intricate hinge and line details on his hands, the details sculpted into his chest and arms as well as the finely sculpted details on his face down to the ridges around his mouth. I'm especially fond of some of the details on the back of the figure, which is cast in translucent plastic. There you'll find lots of angled and curved sections that overlap with some ridged tubes in the center in between the two shoulder joints. The overall effect gives him the look of an armored knight, which fits the more warlike aspect of the character.

Megatron is cast in silver, dark silver and translucent purple plastic. The lighter silver color makes up most of the figure, with the darker silver used on parts like his thighs and shoulder joints. The translucent purple is mostly concentrated on his torso section. You can see most of it on his back. The intention of having this area translucent is to provide a connection point for upcoming playsets with light up features. Connect, light up the playset and Megatron will look like he's "glowing" with power. His sword weapon is also cast in translucent plastic, making it look like it's full of "Dark Energon" as well. Visually the colors contrast very well and are quite striking. The silver is also reminscent of G1 Megatron's colors (yep kiddies, Megatron was silver long before the live action movies!).

Silver, gunmetal, metallic purple and red are the paint colors used on this figure. The silver is found on his face along with red eyes. Purple and gunmetal are used on smaller details such as the engine details on his forearms and his hands respectively. The purple also comes into play on his cannon, knee armor and the sides of his legs. In the center of his chest is a silver Decepticon symbol outline that gets its purple color from the translucent purple plastic. Overall he looks fantastic and I'm really happy with this deco.

Megatron has ten points of articulation in robot mode. This includes several ball joints including his shoulder and elbow joints. This gives him a good range of motion despite the relatively small number of articulation points. The only part I miss is head articulation, but it's not something all Commander Class figures have so I'm not entirely surprised. The real fun with Megatron comes with the number of places you can attach weapons. He comes with a translucent purple blade, representing the sword that pops out of his arm in the TV show. To mimick this effect, the sword has a peg at the back that can attach to a hole right next to his right hand. He also has a connection point on the underside of his left forearm. You can attach Legion Class weapons to the cannon barrel itself, the side of the cannon and to a peg on the cannon. There are also holes found on his legs (one on each lower leg). To top it off, Megatron can hold Cyberverse weapons in both of his hands and store an extra weapon via a peg on his back. That interactivity is key to the whole concept of the Cyberverse, so I love how much you can do with this figure.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the blade weapon if attached.
  2. Swing the robot arms back.
  3. Swing the silver chest panels down.
  4. Split the front half of the torso from the back half and swing it up.
  5. Swing the cannon down and connect the peg on it to the hole on the left forearm.
  6. Swing each lower leg up, extending it and then folding it back in.
  7. Rotate each leg around, then attach the clips on his toes to corresponding slots on the translucent panel under the arms.
  8. Attach the sword to the cannon.

Vehicle Mode:
While I've really enjoyed the robot mode of this figure, the vehicle mode is probably it's weakest point. Much of it winds up looking rather unfinished due to the small size and price point. His hands stick out the back, his head is fully visible in the middle and his legs don't split, so the wings they wind up forming are rather chunky looking. Overall, he does manage to create the overall appearance of Megatron's vehicle mode from the television show, but it's really only an approximation.

Little new details is revealed in this form. You do get a better look at the patterns on his translucent chest plate area and inside the lower legs you'll find some additional details not visible in robot mode including circles and tubes. Color-wise, there is also nothing new revealed, you just get to see a bit more translucent purple plastic and gunmetal.

Thanks to the positioning of his legs, you can now attach weapons to the underside of each wing, which is a neat little feature and definitely enhances his play potential. Of course, his best connection point is the top of the cannon. If you choose weapons that have additional connection points you can really load him up!

Final Thoughts:
Commander Class Megatron has a really strong robot mode, a fun transformation and he has a great color scheme, but things fall a bit flat with the vehicle mode, though not enough to make me dislike the figure. Recommended but with reservations.