Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Scale Windrazor Toy Review

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Beast Hunters

Windrazor General Information:
Release Date: March 2014
Price Point: $15-30 (Depending on country and retailer)
Retailer: Limited Release (Primarily in Asia and Europe)
Accessories: Mace weapon


In 2013, a Legion Class team of Predacons was released featuring five Transformers who could combine to form the powerful Abominus. One of these Predacons was Windrazor, a homage to the G1 Terrorcon known as Cutthroat. As part of the last wave of "Beast Hunters" action figures, several toys from the Legion Class were "upscaled" into Deluxe Class figures. This was a bit of an experiment, to see if there was market appeal for "Transformers" figures with simpler transformation schemes. A similar philosophy was applied to the "upscaled" version of the Commander Class Optimus Prime figure as a Voyager Class figure. Windrazor was one of the Legion Class figures that received this treatment. I do recommend reading Legion Class Windrazor's review before this one since it will cover the figure's design in depth. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

It should be noted that distribution of these figures was somewhat limited due to them being sandwiched between the Christmas season of 2013 and the upcoming "Age of Extinction" toys. These figures were found in various places including the UK and parts of Asia. My particular set came from Singapore courtesy of fellow fan Brandon Masagung. BWTF thanks Brandon for his efforts in getting me these figures.

Beast Mode:
Unlike his Legion Class counterpart, Deluxe Scale Windrazor is packaged in beast mode. I really liked this as this is one of the more unique beast modes in the "Beast Hunters" line and showing it off in the bubble really catches the eye. I really dug this figure as a Legion Class, but as a Deluxe sized figure a lot of the details on the beast really pop. His wings of course dominate when he's folded up in the packaging, but you also get a good look at his head and neck, which has nice layers of bone-like detail.

One of the perceived dangers of the "upscaling" of Legion Class figures is the chance that details will look too blocky or thick once the figure is made larger. Fortunately that does not seem to be the case. All of the details from the Legion Class figure are not only present but they're nice and crisp. Some of my favorite details include the somewhat irregular set of panels that form the "membranes" of his wings and the bone-like armor that moves up in layers on his neck. I also dig the way his beak and teeth look a lot more frightening in this size scale than the Legion Scale. Even the claws on the wings look more formidable here than they did in the Legion Class.

Not everything is perfect of course. Part of the design of the figure involves the robot hands being visible in beast mode. In the Legion Class scale, they kind of took a back seat to the rest of the wings. Sure you could see them, but they didn't feel like the stuck out too badly. In this scale they have the opposite effect. The hands are really nicely detailed, with each finger segment sculpted beautifully - but that also means they are super obvious in this mode, which doesn't look that great. Also, the beast mode feet have claws on them that are squared off, so they look a bit more blocky than I would prefer. I admit I'm totally nitpicking here, but I think it's important (and honest) to acknowledge the limitations of "upscaling" a figure and how perception and expectation of a sculpt changes depending on the scale of the figure.

Like Twinstrike, the way the colors are laid out on this figure differ from its smaller counterpart. The figure is cast in three colors: light yellow, metallic purple and a light green color. The layout of these colors differs from the Legion Class figure, with the most obvious difference being the tail. On the Legion Class figure, the body and tail were green. Here the main body and upper legs are green, but the tail itself is metallic purple. Paint-wise there's more variety here than we saw in the Legion Class. Metallic purple is the most heaviy used color. It's used on the inside sections of each wing, so it really dominates the visual of the figure when the wings are fully spread out. It's also used a bit on the head for the crest detail. Gold is used for the parts of beast used for fighting including the upper beak and the claws on the wings and feet. A bit of red is used for his eyes and black is used for a tampographed Predacon symbol on the left arm. Overall the colors look good, but they would've been much better if a bit of the green section had been given some color.

The term "upscale" is slightly misleading. There are many structural changes made to this figure that differentiate it from the Legion Class version:

  • The sections with the wings are very different than the Legion Class. That one had a ball jointed shoulder/upper arm piece connected to a ball joint at the arm's elbow. In this version, the shoulder piece only forms a small part of the upper arm and it's a hinge joint with a metal rod holding the arm in. This then connects to a swivel joint above the elbow, leading to a forearm piece that is solid and set at a slight angle.
  • The legs connect at the hips using the same basic design as the shoulders, a hinge joint with a metal pin holding them in place. The joint is a bit obscured by the armor details which overlap the joint slightly.

The result of these changes is a stable figure, though I do confess missing the articulation on the arms a bit. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it is significant.

In this form, Windrazor has nine points of articulation. This includes three in each arm and the joints and the hips. I am not counting the ability of the wings to expand. Each wing can spread out to give Windrazor an impressive wingspan. Instead of upscaling Windrazor's Legion Class weapon, the figure now includes a mace weapon with a long handle. The end has a ball with spikes on it and a 5mm peg. This allows the weapon to store in this form on the various 5mm ports found on him. There are six in total, four on the wings and two on the legs. The weapon does look a bit awkward attached to him, but at least it allows you to keep the accessory with the figure in this form. You can also kind of utilize the underside of the tail as a weapon attachment point in the back. Swing the tail up and slip the weapon into the groove in the center. It's actually kind of awkward looking but it is an alternative to attaching the weapon to the wing.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the weapon if connected and set it aside for now.
  2. Swing the lower legs up.
  3. Swing the yellow pieces connected to the shoulders forward.
  4. Collapse the wings.
  5. Swing each arm down and rotate the shoulders so the arms are positioned correctly for the robot mode.
  6. Push the beast mode head and neck down into the chest while simultaneously swing the robot head forward.
  7. Swing the tail up.
  8. The weapon can be placed in either hand.

Robot Mode:
Much like the beast mode, there are a lot of details that come out in robot mode that really look great. The layered armor that forms the sides of the torso, the shoulder armor and even the fingers on each hand are nicely sculpted. There's a visual symmetry and complexity that you can appreciate much more in this size scale than the Legion Class. I am happy to report that "upscaling" did not mean the loss of definition in terms of smaller sculpted details. The head is a good example of this where his thin crests, eyes and mouth details are all nice defined and look great.

There are really no surprises color-wise in this form. The green color is a bit more of a presence here than in the beast mode since it makes up most of the torso. A black Predacon symbol is found on his left forearm and the head features gold and red for the face and eyes respectively. Since the plastic color breakout varies from part to part (purple shoulders against yellow forearms etc.) the overall effect is good and doesn't look boring at all.

Windrazor has ten points of articulation in this mode. There are three on each arm and two on each leg. These points of articulation are different than the Legion Class version since most of them wind up being swivel and hinge joints as opposed to the ball joints used on the Legion Class figure. There are six 5mm ports on the figure, one on each wing and two on each leg. This allows you to really upgrade Windrazor with weapons with 5mm pegs. Some have wondered if this figure would be able to combine with other "Abominus" team members if they all were upscaled. I would say no. The pegs on the inside of each leg that would've allowed Windrazor to connect to Hun-Gurrr have been removed, replaced by small, circular details.

Final Thoughts:
The "upscaled" toys were a bit controversial. Some feared toys that would look like knockoffs, but I have to say Windrazor doesn't look like that at all. The changes to the figure clearly show an effort to make this figure a solid toy (literally and figuratively) and I dig the inclusion of a new weapon. If you would like to add to your Predacon army, this is a worthy addition - keeping in mind that it is a somewhat limited release. Recommended!