Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Skylynx Toy Review

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Predacons Rising

General Information:
Release Date: August 2013
Price Point: $12.99
Retailer: Target Exclusive
Accessories: Discs x 2, Mace weapon


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SkylynxAs part of their campaign to wrap up the "Beast Hunters" series, a direct to DVD movie titled "Predacons Rising" was produced, intended to wrap up the storyline that ended in season three of "Transformers Prime".

As part of this release, a series of figures were given new decos and released at Target stores as an exclusive line up of toys, centered around the Predacons as a faction. One of these new Predacons was Skylynx. While the name has its roots in an Autobot character, this time out it refers to an evil Predacon following Predaking! This figure uses the Skystalker sculpt as its base. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Robot Mode:
In the Generation one era, Sky Lynx was a large Autobot who transformed into a shuttle that allowed him to transport other Trasformers around. This time out, he's a Predacon dragon (which you could argue is somewhat related to G1 Sky Lynx's bird-mode), but really their strongest connection are the colors of the character. In G1, Sky Lynx was mostly white, blue and red. This Skylynx (note the name is one word versus two) is also white, red and blue. However, the shades of the colors are very different and the proportions of the colors are more weighted towards the red and blue. The plastic colors on this figure are pretty sweet. The white has a pearlescent quality about it and the dark blue is metallic. The dark red plastic is also metallic. Overall, this elevates the figure's appearance above being just a set of flat colors. His accessories are cast in gold plastic and really look striking against his wings. Gold is also an appropriate color to use as there was vacuum metallized gold plastic on G1 Sky Lynx. These are fantastic base colors to use for the figure.

There are quite a lot of paint applications used on this figure. The colors used are gold, white, red, dark blue and metallic blue. The gold is used the most. You'll find it on the blue portion of the wings, the "rib cage" like details on the chest, the shoulders, waist and knees. There's even a gold Predacon symbol on his left shoulder. The turbine like details on the sides of his hips are also painted gold. This sounds like an overwhelming amount of gold, but in fact the details are small enough that they don't overwhelm the figure at all. The dark blue is used on the middle of the chest. That section is overlapped by the "bone" like details that are painted gold. The color combination is really nice, contrasting well from one color to the other. White is usedo n the upper legs, giving some brightness to that section of the robot. Meanwhile, the head has metallic blue details on sections like the crest and mouthplate while the eyes are painted red. Overall, this is a very intricate color scheme and I think it looks fantastic.

Skylynx's joints are all nice and tight, not shocking given the figure has only been released once before in the U.S. I imagine the tooling is still solid. There are no mold changes, but the colors are so different he looks like another character altogether, not Skystalker masquerading as someone else. His wing "launchers" still don't have any type of launching mechanism. The "launch" happens by basically manually sliding the discs out of the wings. His tail/mace weapon snaps on to his hands nicely and holds securely.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach the mace weapon and snap it on to the end of the tail.
  2. Swing the robot head up, forming the beast mode head.
  3. Extend the beast mode neck forward.
  4. Swing the torso/chest area back.
  5. Swing the legs back, and bend the various hinges to create the rear beast mode legs.
  6. On each forearm, swing the claws around to form the front claws.
  7. Bend the robot arms to form the front beast mode arms.
  8. Slide the waist sections out to the sides.
  9. Swing the beast mode tail back then down, so the base is in between the two halves of the waist.
  10. On the back of each rear leg, swing out the blade like piece.

Beast Mode:
Skylynx's beast mode is mostly made up of parts of the robot mode, especially the arms and legs so the colors dn't offer any real surprises. You do get to see the dragon neck, horns and head now. The neck and head are white while the horns are red. His eyes are gold. The tail is white except for the tip, which is blue with white spikes. Other than that all the other parts were visible in the robot mode to some degree. That said, it's still a very striking set of colors and the way the figure is positioned, you see the turbine details on his wings and hips better, drawing emphasis to those key details. This also gives the wings more emphasis since they are relatively tall and long when compared to the rest of the figure.

There were no changes made to the sculpt for this figure. However, the color scheme is so different that it manages to look distinctive from its predecessor.

All the joints on Skylynx are tight and he stands and poses without a problem. The disc launcher (such as it is) works fine too, as do the swivel joints on the wings.

Final Thoughts:
Skylynx is an excellent redeco that also pays proper homage to the G1 character of the same name. I loved the sculpt of the figure as Skystalker and I love it here even though no significant changes were made. Be warned, you may wind up chasing after the item at inflated prices since it is a Target exclusive, but at current retail price it's more than worth it!