Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Battlemaster Class Optimus Prime Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: September 2013
Price Point: $39.99
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Blaster Cannon, Dragon Smashing Sword
Optimus Prime


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Optimus Prime amps up his firepower to take out Predaking! With his spinning cannons and dragon-smashing sword, nothing can stand in his way! The battle between Autobot and Predacon is never over, and this Beast Tracker Optimus Prime figure is the next generation of awesome beast-hunting action. He's a hardcore Autobot with spinning weapons and a blaster cannon, and his dragon-smashing sword will make any Predacon think twice before taking him on. You can convert him from robot mode to vehicle mode, and you can weaponize him in either mode. Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his Predacon enemies dish out. 4-in-1 Beast Tracker Optimus Prime figure has regular and weaponized robot and vehicle modes. Spinning weapons! Dragon-smashing sword! Blaster cannon included!

Figure comes with accessories. Ages 5 and up. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

In late 2012, Hasbro released Weaponizer Optimus Prime, a new class of figure that was large (akin to the old "Ultra" size scale) and featured cannons that deployed at the push of a button. Since most sculpts will always see a redeco of some sort, it's no surprise this sculpt was reused as part of the "Beast Hunters" line. Instead of calling it a Weaponizer again, a new Class of Transformer was introduced, the "Battlemaster", a reference to the inclusion of a melee weapon in the form of a large cleaver like sword. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. Definitely check out my Weaponizer Optimus Prime review for details on the sculpt and action features.

Robot Mode:
At first glance, this Optimus Prime looks much different than his Weaponizer predecessor. This is owed mostly to the color green, which replaces all the red plastic on the previous version. However, as you look over the rest of the figure you realize not that much has changed. The blue parts such as his head and lower legs are still blue, just a different, less bright shade. The parts that were silver are still silver and the parts that were gunmetal have been lightened up a bit, but still have that same type of industrial machinery type of feel. His chest panels also remain translucent blue, though they seem a bit lighter than the previous release.

The paint decos on this figure are also very similar in both colors and patterns to the previoius release. Silver is used on the chest panels, knees and lower legs. Yellow is used on circles on his mid-body area along with the rectangular button that is part of his action feature. A bit of blue is found near the hips, matching the blue color of his head and lower legs. Green paint is used on the middle of the waist area and grey is used for detailing on the head. One detail that stands out and was absent from the previous release is a tampographed Autobot symbol on the right shoulder. I found Optimus' lack of symbols in robot mode odd in the Weaponizer release so I'm glad he has one now.

The cannon action-feature of this figure still works just fine. Pressing the small button near his left side hip deploys two cannons that spin like gatling guns and wind up on either side of his head. It's a very dramatic effect and I dig it. Optimus also includes the blaster from the previous version of the figure. He also comes with a large sword that features a broad blade and a serrated edge. Near the hilt are two 5mm pegs that allow you to attach additional weaponry to the sword and its handle fits nicely into Optimus' hands. While this sword shares the design of the sword included with the "Ultimate Optimus Prime" figure from the "Beast Hunters" line, it is not the same sculpt in a different scale as the weapon attachment points are different. Both the sword and the blaster are cast in silver plastic. Note: the light up feature from the previous version of this figure has been eliminated from this version. The packaging makes no mention of it and I don't see any lights coming on when I activate the cannons. For those worried about stability, don't be. This figure still stands really well thanks to the wide feet and heel pieces and the joints are all nice and tight. He's still back heavy, so leaning him back even a little will cause him to flop over that way.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Remove the Blaster Cannon and Dragon Smasher Sword and set it aside for now.
  2. Point the robot feet down.
  3. Connect the legs together in the middle.
  4. Swing the chest panels out and then swing the arms back.
  5. Push the robot head down.
  6. Separate the grille section from the wind vane on the back.
  7. Unfold the grille section and swing it forward.
  8. Swing the wind vane section up.
  9. Swing each of the robot arms back and connect the two chest halves together.
  10. Swing the forearms up, then fit them into the corresponding grooves in the back of the legs.
  11. There are tabs on each forearm, fit them into the slots on the back of the robot legs.
  12. On the wind vane piece, swing out the sections with the smokestacks, then rotate them around.
  13. Swing the wind vane down over the top section of the cab.
  14. Swing the small silver panels on the lower part of the section you just pushed down forward, locking the parts in place.
  15. The Blaster Cannon and Dragon Smasher Sword can be attached to the holes on the sides of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Like the robot mode, the vehicle mode makes its greatest visual impact due to the green plastic color that makes up half the truck. The other half is mostly blue with some silver parts. The front grille is also silver. The same decos from the Weaponizer version of the figure carry over here. This includes yellow on the headlights and the row of lights above the windshield. The edges of the windshiled are painted silver and a tampographed Autobot symbol graces the middle of the grille section. The smokestacks are painted grey, just like the previous release.

In this mode, you can still use the cannon gimmick. Swing down the grille panels and press the grey button above the row of lights on the wind vane. The cannons shoot out and rest on the grille panel so they can point forward. He retails the 5mm ports on the side of the vehicle, so you can attach both weapons (and more if you wish) to the sides, giving him additional firepower. Sadly, the sides of the wheels remain unpainted.

Final Thoughts:
If you look back at my Weaponizer Optimus Prime review you'll note the MSRP on this figure was $29.99 (US). Now look above and see the price for this figure and you'll not it's $39.99, a full $10 more than the previous release. I already mentioned in my earlier review that the figure was barely worth $29.99, but to add $10 to it, remove the electronics and just add a sword and an "okay" deco is simply not worth it in my book. I personally waited until I had enough discounts from Toys R Us (between a 20% coupon and R Reward points) to knock this down to about $25 before I was willing to buy it. It's not that it's a bad toy per se, it is fun, it looks imposing and has a fun gimmick. It's simply not worth the amount of money being asked, especially if you consider its a redeco, not an original sculpt and there have been no tooling changes (new head etc.) to make the price increase worthwhile. Not recommended unless you're a completist and even then I strongly recommend getting it on sale if you can.