"Transformers Prime" Beast Hunters Abominus Toy Review

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Beast Hunters

Abominus General Information:
Release Date: July 2013
Price Point: $29.95 (Average retail at time of release for all five Terrorcons)
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Affliction Hammer/Cannon weapon, Dragontooth Saw weapon, Electrocharge Bow, Piston Hammer/Cannon weapon, Tornado Bow

Back in 2013, the "Transformers Prime" segment of the Transformers line began to wind down with the introduction of "Beast Hunters". Borrowing a bit of inspiration from the "Beast era" of Transformers and "Prime", the story focused around Predacons rising up again on Cybertron after being extinct for eons. Many toys were developed that never appeared on the television show (another thing the line had in common with the Beast-era). Among the Predacons were new versions of the G1 Terrorcons. Back when this line first came out I reviewed all five Terrorcons, but never got to review their combined form: Abominus. I do recommend checking out my individual Predacon Terrorcon reviews before diving into this one:

Abominus was the name of the Combiner giant formed by the Terrorcons in Generation One, so this Old Skool fan was very happy to see the name carry over into this line. However, it is important to keep in mind that all five Terrorcons on this team are Legion Class figures. Generally when you have a Combiner, you want the torso section to be larger than the arms and legs for the sake of proper proportions (or as close to them as a Transformer can get). However that is not the case here so Abominus looks very odd and out of proportion. The main problem with this combined form is that your eyes kind of don't know where to "lock" onto. Usually with any Transformers Combiner your mind makes sense of the combined form by placing a head, fists and feet as visual anchor points. Even if all the parts look like cars and jets slapped onto a torso they make sense in context. With Abominus there are no extra parts to attach. Instead, you are asked to interpret say, Twinstrike's beast mode heads and front legs as long "fingers" of a gigantic hand. Windrazor's beast mode head winds up being the other hand. Perhaps the most coherent "anchor point" is Rippersnapper's legs forming one foot. The result is an almost confusing mass of limbs and beast mode parts.

In terms of colors, Abominus winds up being a nice callback to G1 Abominus. The G1 Terrorcons were not exactly a color coordinated lot. For the most part each member of the team had their own color scheme and then you slapped them all together into a vaguely pastel, brightly colored combination. The same can be said here. You sort of get some symmetry with the arms since Twinstrike and Windrazor both use shades of green and yellow (or beige in Windrazor's case), but the purple on Blight versus the grey and green on Rippersnapper are simply different. The good thing is that Hun-Gurrr has a lot of grey and that helps serve as a neutral canvas for the stronger colors used on the figure. The only newly revealed part in this mode is the head which has elements of G1 Abominus' head design on it including a central crest and antennae like protrusions sticking up. The head is red plastic with the face painted grey and the eyes done up in yellow. The chest plate is actually Hun-Gurrr's tail, which is cast in red plastic with grey in the middle.

Functionally Abominus has about nine points of articulation. I say "about" because I'm including Twinstrike's "finger limbs" and Windrazor's head, but really all the individual parts can move in this form, and that is part of the problem. For instance, when standing there is a tendency for the arms on Blight to shift and the feet on Rippersnapper to split. This leads to some instability, but if you fiddle enough he can stand, but it is not 100% solid.

Thanks to the way the individual robot limbs are exposed, you can easily attach all of the individual team member weapons to the Combiner at one time. You can even attach all the weapons to one another using Hun-Gurrr's weapon as the core to form a large super weapon!

Final Thoughts:
Hindsight is 20/20, and it is important to keep in mind that this figure was created in a time frame long after the Combiners of the "Energon" era and before "Combiner Wars" was in the planning stages. In many respects this was a gutsy experiment in Transformers design and I give Hasbro a lot of credit for the attempt. Unfortunately I cannot heartily recommend this set for the combined form but I do really like the figures individually and as consolation prizes go, that's not bad.