Transformers Movie (2007) Wreckage Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

Wreckage Box Art
General Information:
Release Year: May 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $9.99 (Depending on retailer)
Transformation Skill Level: 3
Accessories: Blade weapons x 2


Tech Specs:
Just as DECEPTICON BRAWL is the hot-blooded, indiscriminate destroyer among the DECEPTICONS, WRECKAGE is the stone-cold fighter. Though he is as capable as any DECEPTICON of wholesale destruction, he carries twin blades for a reason. That is, he likes to be up close to his target. He lives to hear the shriek of metal on metal as his swords tear through AUTOBOT armor, and the sparking sizzle of shorting electronics as wires and conduits are severed.

Strength: 7  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 8
Rank: 6  Courage: 7  Firepower: 6  Skill: 7

Wreckage is packaged on the standard movie packaging with a bubble on card that wraps around the sides. The front advertises "Automorph Technology", a reference to the parts that shift automatically when the figure transforms. Wreckage's artwork gives him the look of having mandibles with a Megatron-esque helmet section. The back pictures the figure with his weapons attached to his lower arms, describing them as "Spring Loaded Blades!". His vehicle mode is given the generic "Personnel Carrier Mode" rather than pointing out a specific model of any sort. His co-sells are Bumblebee, Jazz, Barricade, Scorponok and Brawl.

When the Transformers movie toy line was announced, some feared (justifiably) that we would only see the same movie characters retread over and over again at different scales and size points. While there is validity to that concern, Hasbro made sure to use different venues to introduce characters who will not appear in the movie, but are in fact part of the movie universe. Wreckage is one these characters who is rumored to be a character you can select in the upcoming Transformers Movie video game.

Vehicle Mode:
Wreckage is an Armored Personnel Carrier in vehicle mode. Running on eight wheels instead of treads, he evokes carriers such as the BTR-3U. Wreckage has the characteristic front end that angles downward leading to a boxy rear section that elevates above the front. While the general shape of the vehicle is simple, it has quite a bit of sculpted detail.

The front of the vehicle has a small turret mounted in the center. On either side are tube-like details representing headlights. Moving up there is a raised section where there is a five sided viewport. What I like about the front section is that not all of the details are symmetrical, indicating complexity to the machinery on this Decepticon. The middle has a cannon mounted on the top with circles sculpted into the barrel and a flat, rectangular piece at the back that could be an artillery chamber. The back section has a lot of line detail including panels that look like they could lift open for personnel inside to view their surroundings or defend the vehicle. There are also vent lines as well. All the way at the back are even more details indicating Wreckage could take on passengers including a door in the center and two fuel containers on either side. I'm very pleased with the amount of detail put into this sculpt considering the designers did not have to emulate a vehicle appearing in the movie.

In this form Wreckage is mostly white plastic with some translucent red and grey parts. A bulk of the vehicle is cast in white. Towards the center and on the ports built into the back section you'll find translucent red parts more relevant to the robot mode than this one. The cannon in the center is flat grey while the wheels are a darker, metallic grey. Grey paint applications are found all over the white parts in a camo pattern, giving Wreckage the appearance of a vehicle intended to fight in snowy conditions. The wheels are painted metallic silver on the side. I do wish there had been some more detail to accentuate the great sculpted parts on this figure, but in retrospect combined with the camo pattern he would have looked too busy.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the rear section up to reveal the robot mode weapons.
  2. Swing each side panel out and remove the weapons. Set them aside for now. Swing those panels back into place.
  3. Flip the vehicle upside down and swing back the sections with the rear two wheels.
  4. Straighten out the sections with the rear wheels to form the robot legs.
  5. Swing the robot feet up.
  6. Swing the lower robot arms down, then swing each arm up to the sides.
  7. Swing the front section of the vehicle mode down to raise the robot head and shoulder sections.
  8. Swing the grey cannon from the vehicle mode forward to lock the robot mode in place.
  9. Fold in the back door of the vehicle mode.
  10. Attach each weapon to his fist or the hole under his forearms.

Robot Mode:
While the movie robot designs are very dramatic and complicated looking, they can be a bit difficult to turn into functional toys that fit into a particular price point. However for a design that is not seen in the movie, the designers had a bit more freedom to find a middle ground between the more traditional Transformers aesthetic and the look of the robots in the movie. Unlike the somewhat odd proportions of the movie figures, Wreckage is a straight forward humanoid shaped Transformer. No hunched over parts, no strange protrusions sticking out everywhere and he has two arms and two legs. His parts all look a lot more self contained, with well defined leg and arm parts including curves at the ball joints.

Where this figure borrows from the movie aesthetic are some of the choices in how parts are sculpted. The head is an example of taking the basic shape of a tradtional Transformer (in this case very similar to G1 and Beast Wars Megatron) but his face still has a slightly insectoid look to it with a mouth that looks more like mandibles than a regular lipped mouth. While his legs are curved in overall shape, a lot of sections have very angled designs on them such as the knees and lower legs, giving more of an impression of a "plated" look with armor sections being clearly defined. He also has a panel on each upper arm pointing up that gives the movie's "paneled" appearance. Finally his feet have toes on each side and an extended heel piece in back which looks more like the "clawed feet" design seen on many of the movie designs such as Optimus Prime and Starscream.

Like the vehicle mode, the robot mode is not lacking for small details. His chest has a row of tubes leading to the front end of the vehicle. On his shoudlers are triangular sections with vent lines. Each of his arms have tubes running along the forearms and his fingers are designed in a curved pattern, not a fist but not quite an open palm. This gives them the look of him bracing for something, but they are still designed to be able to hold his weapons. Sticking out from his abdominal area is a cannon that looks a bit more 'scifi' than the one in his vehicle mode. The legs have a bit less detail, but what they lack in minute detail they make up for in an interesting overall shape/design.

Wreckage reveals a lot of flat grey plastic and metallic red parts in this form. His arms are metallic red while the elbow joints and hands are grey. His upper legs are metallic red while his knee armor and feet are grey. Metallic gold applications are used on his head, waist and feet for detailing. The cannon in his abdomen is made of translucent red plastic. A grey Decepticon symbol graces his chest panel. I personally would have preferred the Decepticon symbol be colored purple, but I think the idea was to have it blend in with his camo so it looks more realistic in vehicle form.

Wreckage has fifteen points of articulation. Technically his waist can move a tiny bit, as can the wrists - but their range of motion is limited so I am not counting them. His weapons are blades that swing out of their holsters at the push of a button. Each blade is translucent red plastic and shaped to look like a group of crystals that have been fused together. These weapons can be held in his fists or mounted on the underside of his forearms. You can also mount them on the wheels on his forearms and spin them around as a spinning blade weapon.

Overall Wreckage's robot mode is a pleaser. His proportions give him a very dynamic look and he looks like he could belong to either the movie universe or a Transformers universe such as Energon. His only weakness involves the way his upper body transforms. The cannon from the vehicle mode basically locks the upper body in place, but if you move it around at all his head begins collapsing in and his shoulders raise up. This really doesn't happen unless you start tossing him around, but it is something to be aware of.

Final Thoughts:
Wreckage is a fantastic looking figure who makes a fun toy and display piece. The slight weakness of the upper body in robot mode and the need for a few more paint apps in vehicle mode detract from him being highly recommended, but I am definitely a fan of this figure and consider him recommended!