Transformers Movie (2007) Stockade Review

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Stockade Box Art
General Information:
Release Year: January 2008
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $9.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None


Tech Specs:
Drawn to Earth by a DECEPTICON homing signal after the final battle for the AllSpark, STOCKADE quickly hooked up with STARSCREAM and a few other surviving DECEPTICONS. He's a simple guy, content to follow orders from whoever's in charge, as long as those orders involve kicking AUTOBOT tailpipe. Back on CYBERTRON, he was an enforcer, threatening neutrals into staying neutral, and punishing those who seemed to have a problem with their audio receptors. With STARSCREAM building a base of power on Earth, STOCKADE has more than enough work to keep him occupied.

Strength: 8  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 8
Rank: 4  Courage: 8  Firepower: 5  Skill: 7

Towards the middle of the Transformers film, the secret government group known as Sector 7 is introduced. As they come to Sam Witwicky's house, they pull up in a series of GM Yukon SUV vehicles. These vehicles become a critical part of a chase scene where the Autobots rescue Sam and Mikaela from the clutches of Sector 7. As part of the extension of the Transformers line into the Allpark Power sub-line, Hasbro took the Yukon and used it as a basis for a new Decepticon.

Vehicle Mode:
To avoid licensing issues, the designers at Hasbro changed Stockade's vehicle mode so that it evoked the Sector 7 SUV's from the film while not being an exact replica of the Yukon itself. Three sections stand out as having been inspired from the Yukon. First, the front grille has a trapezoid shape with the wider part on top. Second, there are rails running along the top of the vehicle that resemble those found on a Yukon, and finally there is a small visor piece that hangs from the rear of the vehicle going over the rear window slightly. If you want to stretch it, the rough placement of the windows is also very similar to the Yukon, with the driver and passenger windows being slightly more angled than they are in real life.

Differences definitely abound however. On the front grille there are smaller grille pieces on either side, something the real life GM vehicle does not have. On the sides of the Yukon are strips running across the doors, and these are absent here. At the rear of the vehicle the rear lights wrap around from the sides to the back, something the Yukon does not have. even smaller details differ such as a triangular vent above each front wheel and the shape of the section where the trunk handle would be.

I think it is important not to hold the lack of resemblance to its source inspiration against the figure. Clearly it had to be changed to allow it to be a non-GM vehicle based Transformer, and in some ways I prefer the way this vehicle looks. Many of the sections such as the extra grille pieces in front and the triangular vents on the side and the angled front end look really nice and somewhat more futuristic than the more rounded Yukon. You can almost see this as a vehicle that would evolutionize from today's SUVs. There are also plenty of smaller details worked into this mode including the gas tank cover, door handles and even round circles to indicate individual lights on the rear lights.

The doors do not open on this vehicle mode, but the rear trunk/storage area cover does. Pull each half up and it looks like an opening to store things - except for the robot parts that get in your way.

Stockade is cast in black, translucent blue and silver plastic. The black makes up most of the vehicle with translucent blue used on the windows and headlights. The silver plastic is seen on the top of the vehicle on the rails, though more will appear in the robot mode. Silver and red paint details are used from the front to the back. On the front the grille is colored silver with a small Decepticon symbol in the center (note: the shape of the space the symbol is on is actually shaped wider, allowing for an Autobot symbol to be painted there if Hasbro decides to do a redeco). The triangular vents on the sides and the door handles are also colored silver, with a Sector 7 symbol on both the driver and passenger side doors. At the rear the lights are painted red except for triangular sections on the back which are painted silver. The sides of each wheel are painted silver as well. The color scheme is very simple, but it is meant to be considering it represents a vehicle from a super secret government agency.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the rear trunk cover up.
  2. Swing each car door out and back against the rear wheels.
  3. Swing the front of the vehicle down to reveal the robot legs.
  4. Split the front of the vehicle in the middle.
  5. Swing each half of the vehicle's front section back.
  6. Swing down the robot feet and extend the black heel pieces out.
  7. Split the cabin section in the middle and swing each half out to the sides.
  8. Swing each robot arm section back at the elbow so it can bend forward.
  9. Swing the panel from the rear of the vehicle back and the robot head will Automorph up.
  10. Swing the windshield pieces on his forearms back.

Robot Mode:
There are certain Transformers from the movie universe that evoke characters from previous generations. When I first fully transformed Stockade into robot mode, my brain instantly said "Wheeljack? Is that you?" Two features of this character really evoke the famous G1 "mad scientist". First is the head design, which looks very similar to Wheeljack's head sans the "ears" that stuck out on either side. He has a high central crest, narrow visor eyes and a segmented mouthplate with lines running horizontally. The other feature that reminded me a lot of Wheeljack are his arms, which are rather monstrous in size compared to the rest of his body. The original Wheeljack had rather large forearms as well (though proportionally speaking, not quite this large). Together these features evoke the character (though I wonder how much of it is intentional).

As mentioned above, Stockade has some unusual and powerful looking proportions. His torso, head and legs are all in proportion, but his chest extends out very wide, leading to his oversized arms which reach to about knee level. This gives him a slightly ape like appearance that looks fantastic. Since the figure does not include any melee or ranged weapons, it is cool to see the designers made him look intimidating through this design.

While he does not appear in the movie, Stockade certainly has the movie aesthetic, albeit with a bit more traditional Transformers aesthetic thrown in for good measure. His head, arms and legs for the most part are standard Transformers designs, but with a very high level of detail. In particular I am very fond of the details on his forearms and the layered plates that run down the front of his upper and lower legs. I also dig the design of his upper body. If you look at the chest in particular, the parts there angle downward with spikes, looking like armor plates warping around his inner body to form armor. Behind that are tech details including tubes and bolt details. His design is simply a feast for the eyes detail-wise and I'm very happy with it.

In addition to the colors from his vehicle mode, dark grey makes an appearance here on his head, forearms, waist and thighs. His upper arms and lower legs are mostly made up of silver. The paint deco on this figure is minimal, something I can forgive considering his high level of detail. Silver is used on his mouthplate and a Decepticon symbol on his left leg. Light blue can be found on his legs, forearms and chest. This color is of course a cmmon feature of the various "Allspark Power" figures since it represents the Allspark energy.

Stockade has twenty two points of articulation in this form, above average for a deluxe sized figure. Thanks to his action feature being build into his forearms, nothing keeps the rest of his body from moving at the normal points. He has head and waist articulation with six points of articulation on each arm including fingers that can swing out, with two fingers sculpted together on each hinge. For his action feature, slide the silver rail pieces on his forearms back and his fists stretch out forward for a knock out punch action. It's a fun feature that also looks very cool and not goofy at all.

Final Thoughts:
Stockade defies my expectations in a couple ways. Normally I don't like figures that don't come with weapons and/or have a good chunk of paint applications on them. However the sheer strength of this sculpt and its posability outweigh those two potential deficiencies and in fact I don't even miss them. This is an excellent example of a deluxe sized Transformers figure for any line, not just the movie toys. Highly recommended.