Transformers Movie (2007) Jolt Review

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Movie 2007

Jolt General Information:
Release Date: 2008
Price Point: $10.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Wal-Mart Exclusive
Accessories: Cyber Key, Missile launcher, Missile


Tech Specs:
Shortly after the final battle for the Allspark, Jolt sought out Barricade for advice. Brought to life by the energy bursts thrown off the Allspark during the fight, he wanted to learn the finer points of lying and trashing stuff. After Barricade was done beating on him, Decepticon Frenzy made fun of him for a while, and slashed his tires. That was his first, and only, lesson, and he took it to heart.

Strength: 4  Intelligence: 6  Speed: 8  Endurance: 6  Rank: 2  Courage: 8  Firepower: 7  Skill: 5

In 2005, the Japanese "Galaxy Force" toy line was released ahead of the US release of the "Cybertron" series. This included many toys that would eventually be released as part of the "Cybertron" toy line outisde Japan. Among the figures in this line was Autovolt, a stylish Autobot whose vehicle mode was based on the Bugatti Vayron sports car. In "Cybertron", the toy was released with minor changes as "Crosswise". Later, the sculpt was used again to create Smokescreen, a homage to the G1 character of the same name. More recently, this base sculpt was given a new head sculpt and released as the Botcon 2008 exclusive "Shattered Glass" versions of the Autobots Jazz and Ricochet.

When Hasbro wanted to bolster the 2007 line of live action movie universe figures, they took some figures from the "Armada Trilogy" and gave them new decos as "movie universe" characters. Among them were Air Raid and Crankcase. Jolt was one of these figures. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. You'll want to check out the reviews for both Autovolt and Smokescreen.

Vehicle Mode:
As mentioned earlier, Jolt transforms into a car inspired by the Bugatti Vayron sports car. Sure it's not an exact replica, but the very distinct front end including the curved part in the center and very rounded front along with a beveled curve towards the rear wheel well all give it away. The result is a very sleek and exotic looking vehicle. No sculpt changes were made to the figure for this release so the vehicle heavily relies on the deco to distinguish it from its predecessors.

Jolt's primary color is purple with some black plastic and a smokey grey translucent plastic for the windows. The purple looks pretty sweet as it has a nice metallic shine to it. In addition to these plastic colors is a translucent purple "flame" in the back (that doubles as a missile). Silver is the primary paint color used in this form along with purple. The silver is used for detailing running from the front headlight area of the vehicle all the way to the area right near the rear wheel wells. The sides of each wheel are also painted silver and a silver Decepticon symbol graces the center of the hood. The purple paint is used to color the parts of the translucent plastic that are meant to be the frame of the cabin section. This includes the top of the car and some of the parts on the side windows. The details don't stop there as the gas tank covers are also painted silver and the rear lights are painted red. Overall Jolt looks really cool in this form and quite distinctive from the previous versions of this sculpt.

For those curious, this color scheme is no accident. Jolt shares the purple and silver colors with a Decepticon from the "Generation 2" series though that design was a bit more flamboyant with blue flames.

Jolt comes with a "Planet X" style Cyber Key cast in translucent purple plastic. Push it into the slot at the back of the car and two rocket pods deploy near the rear of the vehicle. These are cast in black with silver missiles painted in. It's not a functioning launcher but it looks great and adds a fun feature. You can also fire his missile in this form, giving this visual embelishment a functional reason to exist as well. I really appreciate the designers making the vehicle mode so fun and not just something to roll around.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the engine/spoiler piece.
  2. flip the car over and swing down the robot legs.
  3. Flip out the robot foot pieces.
  4. Pull the rear sides of the vehicle outward and swing them down.
  5. Pull up the windshield piece.
  6. Swing each robot arm out to the sides along with the car doors.
  7. Flip up the robot head.
  8. Swing the robot head/chest section into the main body, using the pegs on the silver hinge sections to lock it into place.
  9. Straighten out the robot arms, and rotate the car doors so they are not in the way.
  10. Place the weapon in either fist.

Robot Mode:
There were no sculpt changes made to this figure in robot mode, so it is a testament to the strength of the deco when I say it really does look like a completely different character than Crosswise or Smokescreen. The largely purple colors evoke a Decepticon while the newly revealed grey and black plastic parts help offer some color balance. The grey is used on smaller sections like his upper arms and thighs while the black forms a bulk of his mid-body, waist area and feet. Aside from the paint colors carried over from the vehicle mode, Jolt shows off a lot of silver deco. You'll find it on his face, forearms, waist area and knees. There are even small red spots on the circular parts on the top of his head and on the sides of his lower legs. With the metallic purple as their base, these colors are all very iconic Decepticon colors and it helps define the character.

Almost all the joints on this figure are still nice and tight with the exception of the hip joints. I found them to be slightly more loose than other releases of this figure that I own, but your mileage may vary on that. The Cyber Key gimmick works perfectly, activating the rocket launchers so they wind up on either side of his head. In spirit Jolt (and his predecessors) all utilize a very classic Transformers design and it looks great.

Final Thoughts:
Jolt has been off the market for quite some time now. He's not terribly pricey on ebay (with one loose one going for about $15 and a packaged one for about $30) but there's a good chance you may own this sculpt many times over already. The figure itself however is really cool looking and fun to play with. More importantly, as a redeco it succeeds in looking like a different character than its predecessors. Recommended!