Transformers Movie (2007) Final Battle Jazz

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Transformers Live Action Movie

Final Battle Jazz package art

General Information:
Release Year: September 2007
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target etc.)
Price: $9.99
Accessories: Missile launcher, missile x 1, shield
Difficulty Level: 3


Tech Specs:
As mechanical beings, most TRANSFORMERS can take an amazing amount of damage and still operate at peak efficiency. AUTOBOT JAZZ is no exception. Battered and blasted, he's still ready to bring the fight to the DECEPTICONS, and keep pounding away at the evil robots until either he or they are destroyed. He is still a force to be reckoned with, equipped as he is with a powerful new weapon that fires bladed crescents of elemental energy sharp enough to slice through solid titanium.

Strength: 6  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 7
Rank: 8  Courage: 9  Firepower: 6  Skill: 5

During the course of the final battle in the Transformers film, the robots all take a brutal amount of hits and damage. Traditionally Transformers figures are made with nothing but the most pristine decos. They have rarely shown battle damage in deco or sculpt, but in an effort to expand the Transformers Movie toy line, Hasbro took a cue from their Star Wars line and created another version of Jazz showing him damaged as a result of his final battle.

Robot Mode:
Final Battle Jazz is a rather extensive retool of the first Jazz figure. His head and legs have both been extensively redone, with the rest of the body left the same as the first figure.

The head has been given a "battle damaged" look with a retooling of the right side of the head. The horn/fin sticking out appears worn with small parts sticking out in the front, almost as if the armor on top has been melted off. On the edges of the "helmet" to the right side are worn, cracked details. His visor eyes have been given a series of cracks that extend from the right side to the middle in widening pattern. This replaces his previous tech detail in that eye. Overall it is a very effective sculpt change. The damaged parts have been colored black, looking like they are scarred from battle. Light blue is used on the parts that stick out and the edges, resembling electricity sparking on his sounds.

A similar retool pattern is used on the legs. Starting at the top of the legs, each has two armor panels that angle out to the sides. On the first figure these were smooth, but here the middle has a triangular section painted black with line details painted blue, again looking like armor has been taken away. What is cool however is that the damage details are not identical on both sides. On the thighs for instance, the right leg the damage appears more concentrated on the inner part of the leg whereas on the right the damage details are larger and seem largely to be on the outer portion. The lower legs are even more wrecked, with the triangular knee armor piece practically torn off and melted on the right leg and the one on the left leg just scrunched up completely. Even the pistons/tubes on his legs are damaged, with one on the left leg separated in half. You definitely get a sense that Jazz has seen better days when looking at these details.

Just as black and blue are used for the head's damage details, the same was done for his legs. Anywhere there are damaged details the underlying layer is black with light blue on top. Perhaps in an attempt to make it easier to see the Autobot symbol on his waist has been painted black this time instead of white. On another note, the deep translucent blue color from the first Autobot Jazz has been replaced with a more aqua-marine blue color.

The other new feature of this figure is the weapon. Gone is the telescoping antennae like "sword" from the first figure. Instead, Jazz now has a staff/cannon weapon that is based on the crescent weapon he carries in the film. While the film showed a fairly small weapon, this one is taller than the figure itself when the missile is inserted. It connects to his hands via pegs and can be hold with him pointing it forward or holding it upwards like a staff. The weapon itself is a long staff with a thick barrel full of tech details including tubes and layers of rectangular details. The end is slimmer and doubles as a rifle barrel when you mount the weapon on his left arm (thus pointing this end forward). Towards the end where the missile is inserted is a crescent shaped piece that folds back to give the weapon a more sleek look. This detail comes directly from the weapon used by the character in the movie, but there the weapon was nowhere as long as this. The missile itself is cast in translucent blue plastic and is shaped like a blast of energy. You fire it by pressing the trigger along the top of the staff section.

Vehicle Mode:
At first glance, it would be very easy to dismiss the vehicle mode as being exactly the same as the first release of this figure. Indeed, I'm sure that's why the figure was packaged in robot mode as opposed to vehicle mode. However, upon closer examination, there are three distinct differences between this version of the figure and the first:

  • The translucent plastic used for the windshield and windows is a much lighter blue than the strong blue used on the first Jazz figure in this line.
  • The wheels had silver trim painted on the first release of this figure, this version does not have these paint applications.
  • On the sides of the vehicle towards the front, the first release of this figure had small orange paint details right at the edge where the wheels are. This figure lacks those details.

Essentially, the goal seems to have been to make the figure look more dull, perhaps a result of his battling Decepticons. These changes are really minor, especially compared to the changes made to the robot mode.

Fold the end of the staff weapon in and rotate the clip piece to attach it to the spoiler. This weapon looks fantastic in this mode and definitely serves the purpose better than the curious "antenna sword" included with the first Jazz. Not only does this fire a projectile, but the contrast between the smooth lines of the car and the heavy tech detailing on the weapon is really cool as it reinforces the idea that Jazz is "more than meets the eye". Like his prior weapon, this one attaches to the spoiler, which is on two hinges, allowing you to aim the weapon forward or up.

Final Thoughts:
I really applaud Hasbro for actually retooling this figure extensively and giving him a new (and much cooler) weapon to boot. They could have easily just painted black and blue spots all over and called it a day. However, if you're a completist one can get tired of this sculpt pretty quickly between the original, Final Battle, Target redeco and the upcoming Premium edition. I'd say if you're a huge fan of Jazz, then I recommend this strongly. Otherwise you'll probably want to skip it and wait for the Premium edition or snag the ultra spiffy Target version. I give this figure a high mark however for having extensive retooling and a new weapon.