Transformers Movie (2007) Cyberslammers Optimus Prime Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie
Cyber Slammers
Cyber Slammer Optimus Prime

General Information:
Release Year: May 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $7.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None


Optimus Prime is carded with a bubble that wraps the sides around to the back of the card, similar to the rest of the movie line so far. The front has the figure in robot mode with a cardboard insert that tells you to "Slam it down and watch it go!", indicating the play pattern of the figure. It also lists his skill level for transformation as "1". Optimus does have box art of the full figure that evokes memories of the artwork from the Throttlebot packaging of Generation One. His cosell on the bottom are Barricade and Bumblebee. For licensing purposes both the GM and Saleen logos appear. On the back of the card Prime's play pattern is shown again and the following text is off in the corner: "Robot warriors from the other side of the galaxy are here! Team up with the heroic Autobots or race into action with the evil Decepticons as both sides battle for the Allspark!"

Vehicle Mode:
Optimus Prime's vehicle mode is a very simplified version of the truck seen in the movie. To make the vehicle easier for little kids to grasp and play with the nose of the truck is squashed in a bit and proportionally speaking the vehicle is wider than it is in the movie. That aside, the truck does have many of the more iconic elements that fans have come to associate with this vehicle form. He has a large front grille with a small Autobot symbol at the top. His front fender is a large rectangular piece with circles running along the bottom edge representing bolts. Running vertically on the sides are two long smokestacks and towards the back is a horseshoe shaped piece indicating where a trailer would hitch onto. Even though he is meant to be for younger kids he has small details everywhere including the wheels, the row of lights on top of the cabin and the rear where rear lights are sculpted into the mold.

Optimus is cast in metallic flake red and black plastic. Red makes up a majority of the vehicle with black used for the wheels. Metallic silver, metallic blue and dark blue serve as the deco colors. Silver is found in abundance everywhere from the front grille, to the headlights to the sides of the wheels and more. The metallic blue color is used to color his windows. The dark blue color is used for his flame details, found on the nose of the truck and towards the back of the cabin section. The use of metallic colors really adds a luster that gives the impression that this is a true mechanical being and was a good choice on the part of the designers.

Optimus has six sculpted wheels. However the ones all the way at the back do not actually roll, they are simply there for show. The middle and front wheels are the ones that actually roll the toy along.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
The key to the transformation is a switch on the bottom of the vehicle. When the switch is pushed forward the figure is locked in vehicle mode. Push the switch back and his middle wheels (with the rubber strips on them) roll and the cabin section flips up to reveal the robot. The front end of the vehicle slides towards the center as well. Transforming him back into vehicle requires pushing the switch forward again and then pushing the robot section down to lock it into place.

Robot Mode:
The newly revealed robot details in this form are simplified versions of details found on the larger Optimus Prime figures in the movie line. His head has the iconic Optimus design with the face plate engaged in "battle mode" (it seems Prime toys will be avoiding using the mouth seen in the trailers so far). His eyes are big and round with detailing inside looking like pupils, no doubt encouraged by the design of the "eye" in the promotional movie poster. The arms are fairly generic with a blocky shoulder connected to arms permanently bent at the elbow.

The chest detail is pretty good for a figure of this type. His vehicle windows are shrunk down a bit in proportion to the vehicle and they are out to the sides a bit. The center has a section that looks almost like a collar with lined parts under it that look like they could represent a grille. Small circles act as the lights in this form. The waist section connecting him to the rolling portion of the vehicle mode is sculpted with wire like details going down.

Optimus uses all the same colors from the vehicle mode with the addition of a plain light blue color for the eyes. Silver is used for his mouthplate, fists and the details in the middle of the torso. The windows on his chest are painted metallic blue.

Optimus Prime has three points of articulation in this form. This includes the arms that actually spring back into position when you let them go.

Final Thoughts:
Cyber Slammers Optimus Prime is one cute and fun little toy. It gives younger kids a chance to have an Optimus Prime toy that suits them perfectly. Highly recommended.