Transformers Movie (2007) Cyberslammers Bumblebee Review

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Transformers Live Action Movie

Cyber Slammer Bumblebee
General Information:
Release Year: May 2007
Retailer: General release (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys 'R' Us etc.)
Price: $7.99 (Depending on retailer)
Accessories: None


Bumblebee is carded with a bubble that wraps the sides around to the back of the card, similar to the rest of the movie line so far. The front has the figure in robot mode with a cardboard insert that tells you to "Slam it down and watch it go!", indicating the play pattern of the figure. Bumblebee does have box art of the full figure that evokes memories of the artwork from the Throttlebot packaging of Generation One. His cosell on the bottom is Barricade where you also see the "Saleen" logo referring to the modified version of Barricade's vehicle mode. On the back of the card Bumblebee's play pattern is shown again and the following text is off in the corner: "Robot warriors from the other side of the galaxy are here! Team up with the heroic Autobots or race into action with the evil Decepticons as both sides battle for the Allspark!" The GM logo is listed along with Hasbro, the Transformers Collector's Club and Dreamworks pictures.

Vehicle Mode:
Bumblebee's Cyber Slammer form represents his 70's Camaro mode. This figure is clearly meant for a younger set than the mainline figures (ages 3+ according to the packaging) with condensed proportions that make him shorter and a bit thicker than the deluxe Bumblebee figure. This makes him easier to grip and pick up for younger kids. However he retains a lot of the details that fans have come to recognize on this vehicle. He has the characteristic W shaped front (although here it is less pronounced) with a grille and a bump on the hood indicating the engine area. Other details included are the handles on the doors, sideview mirrors and the rear bumper sculpted with the middle level sticking out a bit. I was glad to see the detail level on here. It's simple, yet just right to properly represent the movie character.

The base plastic color of this form is yellow. Black plastic is used for each wheel. Silver paint decos are found on the front, the wheels, the door handles and the rear bumper. Black paint is used for the stripes that run from the front of the car to the back. The windows are painted metallic blue, similar to the deluxe version of the character in the main line. The blue seems a lot more vibrant than the one used on the deluxe figure however and it looks really nice. His license plate is white with the letters "BUMBL-B" printed on it. The rear lights are painted red. While the figure lacks the "damage" patterns from the deluxe version, there really is no need for them here. Part of the appeal of the figure is its bright and clean look.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
There is a switch on the bottom of each Cyber Slammer figure that controls what mode the figure stays in. To keep him in vehicle mode you keep the switch pushed forward. If you push it back, then let the car go it automatically rolls forward and the cabin and doors swing up to reveal the robot parts. The front section slides in a bit as well. The rear tires are plastic, but they have a rubber strip around them that help provide traction for the vehicle to roll forward. You really don't need to slam the figure hard. Really if you just flip the switch and let the vehicle roll forward it will do the same thing.

Robot Mode:
I cannot help looking at this figure and thinking of one of Cyber Slammer Bumblebee's G1 predecessors. In some ways he reminds me of Goldbug, the G1 Throttlebot who was Bumblebee with a new body and identity. On Throttlebots, the front of the vehicle became the legs and base that the figure would roll on while most of the upper body detail was formed from the cabin section of the car. This simplistic style works very well for a figure aimed at a younger audience.

Bumblebee's sculpt takes elments of the movie model and simplifies them. The head sculpt is slightly more rounded and wide-eyed than the movie model, but it definitely has all the requisite details including the antennae on his head, the tubes on the sides of his mouth and eyes. The chest section has the angled fender pieces representing the front grille. On the sides are the sections representing the headlights. His arms have fists clenched and bent at the elbows. The bottom section is just the condensed lower section of the vehicle. The head sculpt is the most detailed part of the robot mode and it looks interesting. He's meant to be cute, and he sort of is - but the eyes are set in a rather fierce stare that makes him look like he is really serious about something.

The primary plastic color of the robot parts is still yellow. Black is used on details like the fists and waist as well as detailed sections of the head. Silver is used for detailing near his mouth as well as the chest. An Autobot symbol is tampographed on the top of his chest.

Bumblebee has three points of articulation in this form. His head can turn side to side and his arms can swing up and down. However, the arms are spring loaded so they don't really pose. They move up and then when you let go they snap back into place.

Final Thoughts:
Cyber Slammers Bumblebee is a fun figure that manages to work out a good combination of using movie design elements and looking bright and friendly. Highly recommended.