"Generations" War for Cybertron: Siege Greenlight with Dazzlestrike Toy Review

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War for Cybertron: Siege

General Information:
Release Date: June 2019
Price Point: $24.99
Retailer: Amazon Exclusive
Accessories: Hand/Prime Armor, Orange "Flame" Blast Effect, Dazzlestrike Battle Master


Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • Build the ultimate battlefield - the generations War for Cyber Tron trilogy introduces an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). featuring classic G1 characters, War for Cyber Tron: Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobot and deception battle to control Cyber Tron.
  • 5.5-Inch scale Autobot green light figure with 1.5-Inch dazzlestrike figure - this articulated deluxe class wfc-s15 Autobot green light action figure features classic conversion between robot and cybertronian car modes in 14 steps. Perfect for fans looking for a more advanced converting figure. This deluxe class Autobot green light figure also comes with a battle Masters figure called dazzlestrike, available with this figure. The dazzlestrike figure converts from robot to weapon mode in 5 steps.
  • Customizable weapon load out – the highly intelligent and blunt Autobot resistance fighter, Autobot green light, gears up for battle with the customizable C.O.M.B.A.T. System. The deluxe class wfc-s15 Autobot green light figure features multiple C.O.M.B.A.T. System weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom weapon configurations in Bot and vehicle modes. The figure comes equipped with a weapon accessory and a battle master's figure, dazzlestrike, that converts into a weapon called the shadowsteel ice blade.
  • Expandable weapon selection - War for Cyber Tron: Siege weapon accessories are compatible with figures across the War for Cyber Tron: Siege line. Compile an arsenal of additional weapon accessories from other War for Cyber Tron figures, or use battle Masters, micro master, and Deluxe class weaponizer figures to build bigger mission loadouts. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).

In 2018 the "Power of the Primes" line finished off the "Prime Wars Trilogy" which had begun with "Combiner Wars". To kick off a whole new G1 inspired series of "Generations" figures, a new line known as "War for Cybertron: Siege" started in late 2018 (with a planned wide release in 2019). The traditional Deluxe Class of figures continues in "Siege".

Recent years have seen a massive expansion of exclusive Transformers figures. While the Platinum Series from years ago was kind of all over the place, more recent exclusives have focused on bolstering the ranks of "Generations" collections everywhere. A surprise addition to the "Siege" line is Greenlight, a character first introduced in the Generation One cartoon episode "The Search for Alpha Trion". She was actually unnamed for years until a Timelines story gave her a name and it has stuck ever since. This exclusive figure was packaged with a Battle Master and sold exclusively on Amazon (and as of this writing, only to Amazon Prime members but that could change).

As with most exclusives, Greenlight and Dazzlestrike are both redecos (and in Greenlight's case, a retool) of previously released figures. Greenlight is a redeco/retool of the sculpt that has been used for Moonracer and Novastar. This same sculpt was later heavily retooled for "Siege" Chromia. Even though Greenlight is part of "Siege", the sculpt has been kept much closer to Moonracer and Novastar in design, retaining the "Combiner limb" capability which Chromia does not have. Dazzlestrike is a straight redeco of Lionizer with no tooling changes. Check out my original reviews for an in-depth look at the figures. This review will focus on the changes made for this release.

Since Greenlight and Dazzlestrike are a special set, their packaging is much bigger than your typical Deluxe "Siege" box. The design is similar however. There is a large window in the front, allowing you to see the figure (in robot mode) along with Dazzlestrike in beast mode, Prime Armor and the Blast Effect. The box has the familiar "Siege" design complete with a black background, the "Siege" logo on the bottom and the vertical "Transformers" logo to one side. The angled side of the packaging shows off artwork featuring Greenlight and Dazzlestrike heading into battle.

The back of the packaging shows Greenlight in robot and vehicle modes, but makes no mention of her ability to form limbs for a Combiner. her transformation is listed as having 14 steps. Dazzlestrike is also shown in both modes with a 5 step transformation. The cosells listed are Blowpipe and Firedrive. Greenlight is also pictured holding Firedrive with Blast Effects attached. Interestingly, the Greenlight shown on the box has different forearms than the figure included in the box. In the photo she has the same forearms as Moonracer and Novastar, with a 5mm port in it. However the final product does not have the port.

In a fun extra, shining a black light on the packaging will reveal Cybertronian glyphs. Input them on Hasbro's "Teletraan-1" web site and you get a translation. In Greenlight's case her glyphs translate to "LANCER". Enter the code in the Teletraan-1 site and it unlocks Greenlight's profile. It features brief information on the character and also includes two wallpapers, one of which features a Combiner schematic for "Orthia" who is comprised of Elita-1, Moonracer, Novastar, Greenlight and one "classified" member. However, the code to get this wallpaper already gives away the game. The term "Lancer" is the name of another female Autobot from "The Search for Alpha Trion"! This strongly hints that a Lancer figure may be released in the future which has many fans all sorts of excited.


Dazzlestrike is almost a straight up re-release of Lionizer in terms of his plastic colors. The main body is black while the head and blade/tail are silver. However, this figure features several deco elements not found on the original figure. First, his eyes are painted blue instead of red, which aligns more with how Autobots looked in the G1 cartoon. His head had some white deco on it above the eyes. Meanwhile, the tail/blade section features several sections painted green, matching up with Greenlight herself.

My copy of Dazzlestrike has nice and tight joints and the blade and head lock into place nicely in weapon mode. The new Blast Effect included in this set looks like a flame effect, but his official description (see above) lists his weapon mode as a "Shadowsteel Ice Blade" so make of that what you will. Either way, the Blast Effect attaches nice and firm to the blade and it looks fantastic.


Robot Mode:
When Greenlight was first announced, it was easy to see that the figure had been given a new head sculpt. Surprisingly, upon closer inspection the designers did more than that! Here's a rundown of the changes made to the sculpt:

  • The head is an all new piece. This rather unique design features an oval helmet section with what look almost like feathers on the sides. There is also a thin crest in the center on top, adding to the bird-like appearance of the head design. This design is based on the character's appearance in the G1 cartoon.
  • The forearms have been retooled, eliminating the 5mm ports on the sides and altering the shape somewhat. They still feature two fairly large fists with 5mm ports and panels that stick up on the sides.
  • Parts of the torso have been retooled. The differences are rather subtle, but if you compare Greenlight side by side with her predecessors you will find some details are very different. For instance, Novastar has two angled lines on either side of her chest, similar to details from the Autobot symbol. Greenlight does not have this design but instead has designs that look more like a stylized letter "S". Her mid-body area is also a bit different, featuring different line designs than those on Novastar.
  • The robot feet have different line designs on them than previous releases, giving them a more curved look like a pair of boots.

I have to admit I was very surprised to see this much work having gone into retooling the figure. The designers could have easily just given this figure a new head and called it a day (and I still would have bought the figure) but the extra effort makes it more worth it!

Using her G1 animation model as a starting point, Greenlight features a combination of white, green and light yellow plastic. The paint colors follow suit, creating a very unusual deco pattern for a Transformers figure. Usually Transformers stay in the realm of blues, reds, blacks and silver colors. This is quite a departure and it looks great. I appreciate that white and yellow paint are used in ways to make this figure resemble the animation model a bit. I also dig the big red Autobot symbol on the torso. Instead of a white or silver and red tampograph, it looks more like it was painted on, similar to how it looks in the animated series.

Greenlight has fourteen points of articulation in this mode. Several of these including the shoulder and elbows are ball joints, allowing for a good range of motion. In addition to the 5mm ports in the fists, there is another on her back that can be used to attach any accessories with 5mm ports. Unfortunately the decision was made to remove the 5mm ports from the forearms, a decision that kind of mystifies me since it would have added to the "Siege" play pattern. Unlike Moonracer or Novastar, Greenlight does not come with any blaster accessory, depending on Dazzlestrike as her weapon instead. She also includes Prime Armor. This piece is cast in white, green and light yellow and can form the fist of a Combiner.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach any accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each foot up.
  4. Push the feet together.
  5. Swing the arms up.
  6. Rotate the top half of the body around to one side.
  7. Swing the back panel out.
  8. Swing the chest panel forward, tuck the head in, then swing the chest panel back into place.
  9. Swing the rear wheel well panels down.
  10. Swing the arms back, overlapping the flaps from the forearms onto the wheel well panels.
  11. Rotate the legs section around.
  12. Swing the back piece down to form the middle of the vehicle.
  13. Attach the Prime Armor to the port in the back of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
The vehicle mode has no significant tooling changes other than the loss of the 5mm ports on the arms. Part of the reason I wish Hasbro had kept these in is that they added some play value to this mode. Now you pretty much have to depend on using the Prime Armor's "thumb" attachment points to connect extra weaponry, which detracts a bit from the play value of the vehicle. That said, I was glad to see the Titan/Prime Master pegs have been kept intact, allowing the little figures to ride on this vehicle.

From a color standpoint this mode reveals a lot of translucent green, and it looks great. The green and white color combination is really clean and somewhat retro looking. There is a good amount of paint used in this mode from the back to the front, something I am very appreciative of. I was particularly impressed by how much paint was applied to the center section which would have just been one chunk of translucent green plastic otherwise.

Transformation to Leg Mode (Starting in vehicle mode):

  1. Push the front of the vehicle mode down and swing it back. Connect it to the thighs using the tabs from the front of the vehicle and the attachment points on the thighs.
  2. Swing the middle section of the vehicle up, swing down the 5mm port under it, then swing it back into place.
  3. Swing the robot fists back.
  4. Swing the Combiner connection piece up.
  5. Attach a foot piece to the bottom.

Leg Mode:
Greenlight's leg mode is a good shape with a good thickness to look like a limb that can support a Combiner. It really helps that the front of the vehicle folds back, making the base of the leg nice and solid looking. The Combiner peg is nice and solid both on the hinge and swivel joint. Thanks to Greenlight, Moonracer and Novastar all utilizing the same basic design, they make for very uniform looking limbs.

Transformation to Arm Mode (Starting in vehicle mode):

  1. Detach the Prime Armor if attached.
  2. Swing the middle section of the vehicle up and against the back.
  3. Rotate the lower half of the vehicle (the robot legs) around to one side or another (depending on which arm you want it to form).
  4. Swing up the Combiner connector piece.
  5. Transform the Prime Armor into its fist form and attach it to the 5mm port at the wrist.

Arm Mode
Arm modes are not always the easiest ones to pull off. Depending on the form of the figure's vehicle or robot mode, they can wind up looking too chunky or obtrusive. However, Greenlight's arm mode works out perfectly. The top part of the arm is nice and thick, like a powerful looking bicep. Then the forearm is smaller and more narrow. Sure the fist is kind of big (but not comically so) but I think overall the arm mode looks good.

The only shame with this mode is the loss of the 5mm ports. Without them, you cannot attach additional weaponry to "beef up" the weaponry on this limb.

Final Thoughts:
There was a time getting any female Transformers character in toy form was considered near impossible or very rare. To now have one that is part of a group (and one this obscure to boot) is amazing! That said, the Moonracer/Novastar (and now Greenlight) sculpt is not exactly a fan favorite. People seem to like it more for who it represents than what it actually is, and this version will not change anyone's mind. Plus, releasing the same sculpt (even if retooled and repainted) a few times within the span of two years can turn some fans off. Personally I think it is great and I snapped it up right away when it was released.


  • More retooling than just the head.
  • References an obscure G1 character.
  • Nice and unusual deco.
  • Good play value.
  • Inclusion of a Battle Master was a great idea (with a new Blast Effect to boot!).


  • The base sculpt is still awkward in its own ways.
  • The new forearm design was a big mistake. It takes away functionality and hampers the vehicle mode a bit.