Dark of the Moon Legion Class Bumblebee Toy Review

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Dark of the Moon

General Information:
Release Date: April 2011
Price Point: $4.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


As part of the "Dark of the Moon toy line release, several price points have been rearranged and renamed. One of them was the line that fans have known for years as the "Legends" class. This line of smaller sized Transformers figures spread across many segments of the Transformers over the years including the movie line, Animated and Classics. Now the class has been renamed as the "Legion" class, with Ratchet being one of the early "Dark of the Moon" releases in this line. Instead of serving as a standalone class of figures, these toys are being placed in a new context, as part of the "Cyberverse", a line of Transformers focused on creating a small world/universe of play at a lower price point than deluxe and ultra sized figures. Included in this line will be "Commander" Class figures, slightly larger figures with weapons that interact with the smaller figures as well as transformable bases, echoing the Micromaster bases from Generation One.

Bumblebee is one of the staple characters of the Transformers line now, which thrills the nine year old in me to no end since the character was ignored for many years. If past years are any indication, we'll see tons of Bumblebee figures in the Legion Class. One of the first is the upgraded version of Bumblebee from the new film.

Robot Mode:
At first glance, I almost thought this sculpt was a simple retool of the Bumblebee figure from "Revenge of the Fallen", but I'm mostly convinced it is in fact a whole new sculpt that uses almost the same exact transformation as the one from "Revenge". Almost every part on the upper body is different than the previous Legends Class figure. For instance, the chest is made up from the front of the car, so it reflects the new Camaro's more aggressive, angular design. The right arm actually has Bumblebee's forearm deployed in its cannon form, rather than the fist form. The left arm has a hand that ends in a "C" shape, to accomodate him holding a weapon from the larger Commander Class figures. I really dig the fact that his right arm is in the "cannon" form as it's fun to imagine him not only using that, but say Optimus Prime's gun in his other hand as he goes blazing into battle!

The lower body is where Bumblebee looks more like the previous versions. This includes the circular "light" detail on his waist section in between the legs. His knee armor comes up to a point and his feet have angled sections that stick out to the sides. Smaller details include tubes and circles sculpted into the legs.

Bumblebee is cast in two primary colors: metallic yellow and black. The yellow plastic really evokes the "Oooh pretty" reaction as it has some metallic flake inside of it, giving it a wonderful color. The black parts are where you'd expect them, specifically on the wheels and his highs, offering some nice contrast (and "bee" themed colors). His paint decos are done up in black, silver and blue. The black is the most used color, which you'll fond on his chest on the front and top. His face is painted silver along with an Autobot symbol on the top of his chest. The eyes are painted blue. A touch of black paint is used on his waist piece between his two legs. It's a simple, but effective color scheme that looks cool.

Bumblebee has eight points of articulation. I admit to being a bit generous here. I'm counting the ability of his ankles to move but this is really a function of his transformation. Still, this allows his legs to be posed in different ways than some of the previous Bumblebee Legends Class figures. As mentioned earlier, he can hold a Commander Class figure's weapons in his left hand, adding to his play value.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing each foot up against the lower legs.
  2. Connect the two lower legs together.
  3. Swing the chest panel up to form the front of the car.
  4. Point the robot arms down and then swing them in.

Vehicle Mode:
In "Dark of the Moon", Bumblebee still a Chevrolet Camaro, but this time he's the updated model with an extra body kit added on. This new look for Bumblebee is extra aggressive, with slightly more bulky looking front end and a high back end (including an angled spoiler). Overall, the vehicle looks less smooth and more blocky in some respects than its predecessor. It's still a sleek vehicle, but definitely one that reflects the character maturing.

The only thing that is a bit weird is the gap that is formed in vehicle mode on the side doors (look at my photos to see what I'm talking about). I'm not sure if this is just my particular one or a quality assurance issue with the figure. No matter how much I fiddle with it, the gap is there and that is the main straike against this figure.

Some of the little details on this figure help distinguish it from its precessors. This includes an angled spoiler in the back, a row of details underneath the grille that make him look bulkier as well as a Chevrolet logo, license plate area and exhaust pipes in the back. Very well done on that count.

Bumblebee shows mostly yellow plastic in this form, with black plastic used for his wheels. The yellow plastic dominates the vehicle, just like the previous versions of the character. Black paint is now seen as two stripes running from the hood to the back of the vehicle. Black is also part of the spoiler. The windows are all painted in a metallic grey, which is a bit darker in tone than the silver paint used for the Autobot symbol.

Final Thoughts:
Sure it's not the first time we've seen Bumblebee in Legends/Legion Class form, but I really like the small touches that have gone into distinguishing this figure from its predecessors. The colors look great and the sculpting is spot on. Recommended with only a bit of reservation due to the strange gap in vehicle mode.