"Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Dinobot Slash Toy Review

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Age of Extinction

Slash General Information:
Release Date: June 2014
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks above and text in italics below from Amazon.com:
Dinobot Slash is back, and he's faster than ever! This Dinobot Slash changer fights his enemies every time he can, and he converts so fast they'll never be able to keep up. Pull him to convert him from mighty robot mode to dino mode in just 1 step, then convert him back again when the battle calls for it! Decepticons will never be able to handle your fast-changing Dinobot Slash figure! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

As part of its drive to appeal to different segments of the toy buying audience, Hasbro has introduced different sub-lines of "Transformers" figures for the "Age of Extinction" toy line. One of these are the "One Step Changers". As the name suggests, the idea behind these figures is the ability to transform the figure in one step, keeping them in spirit with G1 toys like Jumpstarters and Battlechargers. Among the second wave of these "One Step Changers" is Dinobot Slash, a newcomer to the Dinobot legacy. I have already reviewed the Deluxe Class version of this character, so if you're looking for a more complex version of this character in toy form, check that out.

Beast Mode:
Dinobot Slash is a raptor in his beast mode. Unlike the more 90's take on raptors who were more reptilian looking, Slash's design is based on the more modern look of raptors who are believed to have been covered in feathers, looking more like birds than lizards (disclaimer: I know dinosaurs are not lizards). This design represents a fully mechanical dinosaur, so instead of organic designs and realistic looking feathers, Slash has a series of blade like structures on him that substitute for the feathers. You'll find these running along his back, on both arms and even on the back of the hip sections. In concert with his many layers of armor plates and forward leaning posture, there is a very dynamic look to this figure even though he doesn't have any posability to speak of in this mode. It's a real triumph of sculpting to give a figure the illusion of movement when nothing on the beast mode can actually move.

Among the smaller details I really like on this figure is the sculpt of the head. The line cuts on his skull and the sharpness of the teeth all somehow make this version look more viscous than his Deluxe counterpart. The way the area around his eye socket is sculpted gives him an extra fierce appearance. In terms of sculpt he really does look fantastic.

Slash is cast in light blue, light green and silver plastic. The blue is used on the back and arms along with sections around the hips. The green is used on the rest of the figure. A bit of silver pops up in the back at the base of the tail section. Paint applications are done up in metallic green, silver and light blue. The green is particularly nice. It's used on the underside of the beast mode from the belly to the neck. It's also used on the "feathers" on his arms. Silver is used on the large claw on his feet, his teeth and the sides of his hips. The blue is used on his beast mode eyes. I like the use of silver since it brings in a color that calls out his mechanical nature while the blue and green seem more like something an organic being would have. Contrasting these two sides is a great idea and the metallic paint colors are really vibrant.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Hold on to the hip armor and pull it out to the sides. As you do so the robot mode will form with the head becoming feet, the neck/body becoming legs and the robot head swinging up. Once the hip armor "locks" into place the robot mode is complete.

Robot Mode:
Dinobot Slash's robot mode is very reminscent of One Step Changer Grimlock's robot mode, especially with the way his arms are in a partly bent pose making him look like he's flexing muscles. This is hardly an accident since the two share the same transformation scheme, with the front of the beast mode becoming his legs. Of course, that's where the similarities end. The sculpt features a unique head design among the Dinobots (which still looks like he's wearing a construction worker's hat to me). The chest design includes some turbine like fans on the sides that seem to be a visual reference to a similar detail on his hips in beast mode. The more savage looking parts of him show on the arms and legs, where his "blade feathers" feature prominently. Also, his wrists have the large claws from the beast mode legs sticking out, giving him some extra offensive capability. I also dig the way there are feathers flanking his head. It adds an interesting design flair that draws the eye.

The same plastic colors that appear in beast mode appear here, but this time the silver takes center stage on his torso area. We also get to see the green sectioned off at the top while the blue dominates the bottom. Silver paint is used on the sides of the chest and the robot face. The eyes are painted metallic blue. A black Autobot symbol is stamped onto the right shoulder (in case you had any doubt as to his affiliation).

There are two points of articulation on this figure: the arms. They can move up and down and that's it. Sadly, his fists are not designed to hold 5mm or 3mm peg weapons. However, with the big claws on his risks at least you can imagine him having some weaponry on hand (no pun intended). With a "normal" figure this would be a major downer, but with a "One Step Changer" this is to be expected.

Final Thoughts:
This interpretation of Dinobot Slash is cool and I actually find its overall sculpted details more sharply defined than his Deluxe counterpart. If you're into the One Step Changers at all, this guy is definitely worth adding to your collection.